Saturday, June 25, 2016

Joyful Noise 2016

Last year I brought this crew to Joyful Noise 2015!
They loved it and wanted to come back in 2016, so we did!

Except we(I) decided to bring six more kiddos for 2016!
They were so excited to go for the first time!
Emma, Joey and Luke stayed home with Dad.
The two little boys were not interested in going 
and Emma does not like crowds.
She gets nervous with so many people, all the loud noises 
and concerned she will lose us in the crowd. 
We try not to put her in that situation very often (except of course- DisneyWorld ;-).
The three kiddos happily stayed home with Dad!

In Mn we have 4 seasons!
Fall, Winter, Spring and Road Construction...
We left in plenty of time so we wouldn't miss our favorite artists!

Josh Wilson was first!
He sings
"That Was Then This Is Now"
"I Refuse"
"Before The Morning"
"Carry Me"
and so so much more!
He was fantastic!

Next up, my personal favorite-
Francesca Battistelli!
She is truly amazing and her songs are the best!
Each one speaks to my heart!

She sang all of her hit songs!
"If Were Honest"
"He Knows My Name"
"Holy Spirit"
"This Is The Stuff"
"Beautiful Beautiful"
"Free To Be Me"
"It's Your Life"
"Strangely Dim"
"Let It Go"
And the list goes on!

We sang at the top of our lungs,
with her!
Praising God throughout the evening!

My kiddos were in front of me and I was constantly counting heads!
We were standing in the front area near the stage!

And when she was done they set up for the Newsboys!
 They let more and more and more people into the standing area.
We inched closer and closer to the stage as the crowd pushed forward.

I was always watching my babies- I did not want to lose anyone in the crowd!
We've lost a child one time and it was awful-
 not going to let that happen again!
Thank goodness they are so good about staying close to their Momma.

It was a beautiful evening in every way!
And we were soooo close to the stage!

And then the Newsboys came out!
They put on quite a show!
With a lot of energy and a lot of base!

And then...
my kiddos felt claustrophobic and nauseous.
We felt the base throughout our bodies.
One kiddo had to go to the bathroom
 and she was doing the dance...
if you know what I mean!

We were stuck in a HUGE energetic crowd!
I prayed and thought of this song

I had to smile!
Of course this would happen, of course!

And the kids followed me out of the crowd.
We had no problem getting out because
as I walked through the massive amount of people I said,
"We have to go to the bathroom and we are going to throw up!
Thank you!"
Which was all true!
(And we may have but I promised I wasn't going to post it)

Everyone parted and moved aside ;-)

Once we did our business and recovered, 
we returned to our previous seats and enjoyed the rest of the concert from a distance!
Personally, I like the seats further back a bit better!

Honestly friends, it was a challenge to
get there on time, 
find parking,
find a place for 12 people to sit
 and put their things.

Get a small affordable bite to eat for 12
 and make sure everyone got to the bathroom.
I was so thankful to God for his kindness and
that, for the most part
everything had worked out quite well.

I was feeling thankful and a bit teary and weary.

Then one of my kiddos handed me this note from the family sitting near us.
I saw her writing notes earlier in the evening and thought
"Wow, she's multi tasking at the concert."

I had no idea I would be the recipient of such kind words!


You made my night!

Words of encouragement
are such a gift!
How did you know,
that was just what I needed!


Vicky said...

What a sweet note! I can't imagine taking 12 by myself in that crowd! You are so brave!

Judy Deaton said...

I echo exactly what Vicky said! You are my hero😃

Laurel said...

Great job, Mom! People were always surprised when I would take my 10 kids (before adoption) to events and such . . . and that I would take cross country road trips with all of them, too.

Super Sweet Note!

Thought of you a lot last weekend, as we were in MN for quick 48 hours for our daughter's wedding in Coon Rapids. Crazy whirlwind of a weekend. Wished we could have seen a few friends.

Blessings to you and the family!