Sunday, June 5, 2016

Puppy Love!

I asked for a puppy for my birthday!
EVERYONE was very happy to go 
"puppy shopping" with me!

Let's just say that
this may have been

16 brand new puppies, one 5 month old puppy and only 14 children!

The odds were in our favor!

Yes, it was suggested that we take home one puppy per child!

But that would have been a bit too expensive!

And... a little too crazy,
even for us!

Thank you "Tails of Gold" for welcoming our children
and letting us help socialize the puppies!

Our pets are a huge part of our family!

Pet therapy is so calming and comforting to 
all of the children!

The defenses and anxiety decrease 
and peace fills the spaces
when a child pets and plays with a family pet!

And then multiply it by 16 adorable golden retriever puppies!
And you have the BEST DAY EVER!

There are so many adorable different breeds
but we are 
all about "goldens"
at our house!

For some of our children that struggle with
RAD (reactive attachment disorder),
learning disabilities,
neurological disabilities,
becoming teens
and /or
are still adjusting within our family-
is so calming, so soothing and a great place for them to connect.

It was so wonderful...
we didn't want to leave!

When we knew which one was ours-
 we were all educated by the breeder!

What a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn
about puppy and doggy cares!

Our new puppy will be a family dog 
and not designated toward one child.

But, it is interesting that the child / children that need 
the "therapy moment" will seek out 
the the puppy, the doggies or the kitties.

And then we do have a few kiddos
that are just plan pet crazy!

Even one of the Momma's wanted some TLC!

They are all so beautiful!

The puppies were from two different litters!

We helped the breeder weigh and tag the puppies!

Seriously, isn't this awesome!

Every child
got to be a helper!

Thank you again,

This is a "to be continued" post!


Jenny Leong said...

Oh my! Such a lovely "golden" post. The photos with the kiddos each carrying a pup were priceless. Looking forward to read which pup was chosen.

Vicky said...

No fair! Making us wait to find out which one was chosen is cruel!;-)

Lolo said...

What happened to your other dogs? Are they OK?

Zanmei said...

"This may have been the best day of their lives!"
Yes! Doesn't take much to make children happy. Lovely photos!

From the Erben Gang..... said...

So cute!! Who doesn't benefit from pet therapy? What a small Mama! I agree with Vicky though...which one?

. said...

Thanks for including so many cute photos! What a fun outing for your family.


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