Friday, July 22, 2016

Happy Birthday Ava!

Ava's birthday was in mid June!
I am so so so behind on my blogging...

Our plan was to go boating!
It was our first time out this year(mid June)!

We had an early dinner at a local restaurant on the lake!

I am always amazed when we find enough seats!
We once again met new people/friends that were so kind about our family 
and our choices for our lives!
I like to mention this because I think God places kind people in our lives to encourage us.
It reminds me to go out and encourage others!

Believe me, we often get the other reaction, 
so it is so nice when people are kind and positive to us!

Dinner was fantastic!
And we hopped back on the boat for more fun!

Some of the kids love being in the front of the boat while others love 
the "spray" of water they get on the sides!

I love these children with my heart and soul!
Everyday they bless me!

The weather began to take a turn for the worst as we boated from bay to bay.

The weather started to change while we were out on the lake.

Knees down guys!
I am a bit of a safety nut!

After a couple hours on the lake it was time to head back to the marina!
We did not want to get caught out there in a thunderstorm!

We finished off the celebration in jammies!
(I love jammies- they are so cozy!)

Happy Birthday precious daughter!
She was thrilled to get a necklace with her birthstone on it -
 a pearl!

(and now Anna wants a diamond ;-)
Ummm, we will see- yikes!
She might have to wait awhile for that one!)

Opening presents is so much fun!

Books, books and more books!
She loved them and she has already read all of them!
We love our bookworm, Ava!

With her influence and the two book studies we are in
we now have many bookworms!

I am in a book study with Sarah, Ava, Melissa and Anna!
Mia and Ellie sometimes join us when I read the books out loud to them!
We love talking about the books together!
It helps everyone to understand what they have read!

Some of the kids (Ava, Anna, Melissa and Sam) 
are in another book study from our church/school!
I like to read these books to the other children so we can all talk and share together!

Thank you Lori C for getting this going-
 it's been fantastic for our family!

Ava (and her photo bombers) chose a red velvet cake!
That's Katie and Andrew's favorite!
We may have texted them pictures of us enjoying the cake
just to make then jealous!
I'm not saying we did do that because that would be a little mean...
but we may have ;-)

Ava... you are growing up too fast!
and the same with ALL of your other sibs!

Thank you Jesus for the blessing us with this amazing girl!

This pic was taken the night before her birthday...
It WAS... of our 10 year olds.
Now she is 11...

People ask me the ages of our kids...
I am always at a loss of who is 9? who is 10? and who is 11?
Every month it changes!
So thankful that it does!
So thankful that I have this problem, that's not really a problem!


Jenny Leong said...

Happy belated birthday to Ava. She is growing up too fast. Reading your blog is a privilege. Thank you for sharing your family with us.

Angie said...

If you want a great book series for Ava and the other kids that is all about faith family and the love of God check out this site. There are just no books like this out there.
All the proceeds go to families in the process of adoption. My kids LOVE these books and have read them multiple times.

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Ava! She is so precious. Love your children and love to see how they are growing and changing. I am so glad there are many who are positive and encourage you. I am sad there are those who are negative. So sad for them. They are missing out. Hugs!

Jo's Corner said...

Happy Happy 11th Birthday, Sweet Ava!