Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Happy Father's Day 2016!

Immediately following Ava's b-day was Father's day!
The party never ends around here!

After church and brunch hubby took care of the many wasp nests that were...
Thank you Honey!
I really don't like bees of any kind!

The big boys came over to watch the US Open!

The little boys
LOVE the big boys!
And vice versa!
It's an opportunity for all of them to... misbehave!

It was very warm outside so watching golf and relaxing was a perfect non active activity!

The big boys are such a blessing to all of us!
Whenever they come home all of the children announce their arrival throughout the house!
Johnny's home, Johnny's home, Johnny's home!

The kids love hanging out and watching golf with Dad on Father's Day!

And there I am... in my apron!
I am not a good cook and I really don't enjoy cooking...
too many other things to do besides cooking!

Hubby happened to pick a meal that I was kind of good at cooking.
You will never guess what meal it was...
Christmas Dinner!
Seriously... he picked what we/I make for Christmas dinner...
This was all part of his master plan to stay out of the kitchen on Father's Day.
Very tricky Hubby, very, very tricky!
You know, it didn't taste as good as it does on Christmas night.
It was just the wrong season for Honey*baked Ham, cheesy potatoes,
green bean casserole, 
salad and rolls!

Truly, it was ingenious of him to pick that dinner!
However, we have decided that next year we will do traditional summer meal!


When it was time to take a family pic...
I had a bit of a hard time getting EVERYONES attention!

Hey, you people!
Look over here!


Happy Father's Day Honey!

Joey was very proud of the gift he made his Daddy!

Most of the younger kids made a card or drew a picture!

The big boys gave Dad a gift certificate!

Some kids are really into the gift opening...

while others...

not so much!

Sarah is always so thoughtful!
And Anna is a photoboomer!

Sam is always a bundle of positive energy!

And as the gift opening winded down
this Daddy was ready to get back to watching some

Honey, I'll make you Christmas dinner anytime you want it!
I love you!
Thank you for taking this amazing God journey with me!


Karen said...

Hey, that's the exact same dinner we have on Christmas too!! Ham, green bean casserole, cheesy potatoes, rolls, (and usually cheesecake)

Jenny Leong said...

Too funny about THE dinner. Dad is such an easygoing guy with a go-with-the-flow personality. Love your family!