Friday, July 15, 2016

We Have A Baby! Updated!


And it's a GIRL!

She was born on July 2nd (3 days early)!

weighing in at 7lbs and 8 oz
20 inches long!

Oh my goodness, she is a beauty!

Caitlin's Mom was the winner of the contest!
I love how mother's know their daughters!
Way to go, Deb!

Her name is Elodie
pronounced like Melody without the M!
We love her name!

Matt and Caitlin have chosen not to have her pic all over the internet but
I did get the okay to post it here!

 She is absolutely ADORABLE!
We were just with them for the last few days!

We are so thankful for this precious treasure!

Feeling very blessed to have this moment with our grand baby and her parents!


Jo's Corner said...

Welcome Baby Elodie! And, Congrats to Mama and Papa and ALL of the Grand Parents.

Patricia Marcus said...

Congrats. So happy for you the family and the parents. Little ones are such a blessing.

Vicky said...

Congregations! What a cute name for your precious third grand baby! I'm so happy for the new family of three!

Jo's Corner said...

aww, she IS a beauty. So happy for this new life. Hugs, Jo

Chris Chan said...

Firstly Cognates the mother and father. This is a happiest day of mother parenting life.
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Nicole said...

congratulations ! She is gorgeous !
We gave that same name to our first daughter 36 years ago ;)
Elodie Joy... We thought we had invented a new name, taking Melodie (
french spelling) and taking away the "m" ;)

long last... we have seen the first "picture" of our first grand baby...
2 month 1/2 ultra sound !