Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Lifelong Friendship!

We were so blessed to have this wonderful family visit us in MN!
Mia and Victoria were close BFF's ( plus Caitlin) in their orphanage in China.

This is a picture of Caitlin, the nanny in the orphanage that the girls
bonded to and loved, next is Mia and then Victoria.
We do not have this pic but I was able to take a photo of Victoria's copy.
It's truly is a treasure!

All three girls were adopted within 6 months of each other.
Victoria first, then Mia and then Caitlin came home a couple months later.

It's hard for Mia to understanding all that has happened in her short life...
It's hard for her to trust but she is learning to trust.
It's hard for her to love but she is learning to love.
It's sometimes hard for her to be happy
when she's sees her friend from her orphanage 
and she sees that she is happy
she feels a little more free
to be happy!

An easy and fun way to feed 24 people!

We had a cook out-
brats, hot dogs, potato salad, coleslaw, chips, beans, grapes, watermelon,
and of course s'mores!

The kids all got along so well!

Constant chatting, laughing, playing games and watching an evening movie!
(While the parents visited!)

Victoria and Elizabeth taught the children a new game with cups!

Thankfully a lot of people can play it at the same time!

For our sweet girl this visit was medicine for the soul!

God you are so amazing!

The girls are from a very poor orphanage.
For five years their orphanage was banned from adoptions.
They were supposedly punishing the orphanage for fraud and other wrong doings...
but it was really punishing the children that needed families...

Mia (and the other older girls) could have been adopted 5 years prior
but she had to wait 5 more years to be paper ready.
Yes, I am very thankful that she is our daughter
but 5 more years enduring life
without a family and in a very poor orphanage
was a steep price for our girl and the others...
to pay...

Mia has no memory of her past and yet she has the best memory I have ever seen.

She came on a bus at the age of 5 (with other children)
from a very very poor neighboring orphanage-
and was placed at the orphanage we adopted her from.

We heard this from one of the girls, there is no official record of it happening
and there was no mention of it in her file.

However, all of Mia's pics start from the age of 5 yrs old.

(this trough was the only water source)

They brought the children their because
"Love Without Boundaries" was opening a preschool.
This would give the children an opportunity to begin their education.
She loved the preschool!
Some of the children were able to attend school after that
but school didn't go so well for our daughter so they kicked her out.
She is a smart girl but was labeled
as "not smart and a trouble maker" by the school.
After all... why does an orphan need an education...
Sadly, they honestly think that way...

The older girls stuck together in order to survive and became close friends.
They became their own "family".
At first we weren't sure if she should see her friends from the orphanage.
She was a handful for us at home and
she had a tough time accepting us as her parents.
It took her longer than usual to bond to the other children in our family.

With time, she has made great progress and
we believe it is very important for her to see them
and have a continued relationship with them.

I wish we could know the truth about her past.
I wish the files would be accurate and honest.
It would be so helpful to all of us...

Pet therapy and doggy love are synonymous!

A little competition is healthy...

and FUN!

Other than the dogs being perfectly positioned- which was a complete accident!
I see

I feel
by GOD!

So thankful that a friendship that started in China, half way across the world...
has been continued in the United States!
Thank you GOD!

And you wonder why we have doggies and kitties?

Wonder, no longer!

It was hard for Mia to see her friend go...
With time, we are all understanding each other more and more.

I am a natural problem solver.
You have a problem?
Let's solve it!
(Right now works!)
I have learned that some problems are not solved quickly,
and that time is a great healer... we will take all the time she needs!

The kids wanted to see them pack up and get into the van...
It's a process and they were interested if their process was similar to ours?
At one point, half of my kiddos were in their van!

Thank you for visiting us!
Please, please come back again!


Vicky said...

Love Pam and her family! I'm so happy the girls could get together! Kendall loves seeing Phoebe, Lyric, and Victoria when we get the rare chance to visit Huntsville!

Judy Abbott Getz Buzzell said...

What a blessing that visit was! I'm sure they will be friends forever and in this day of communication they can easily stay in touch. Maybe they will go to the same college one day or have there first jobs in the same town/city. I know how dear my friends are who knew me and where I came from. There is comfort in that all your life.

Amy Wolf LWB said...

My Evelyn enjoyed looking at these photo's. She remembers a time at the orphanage were the nannies withheld food from her for 24 hours. Mia saved her a bun and was able to sneak it to her. my girl seams to have fond memories of these girls. Thanks for sharing.

Jenny Leong said...

Mia is a gorgeous teen~~so very glad she is securely home with your wonderful loving family.