Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Once Again... An Awesome Independence Day (2016)!

Independence Day is one of our favorite holidays
because is packed full of constant FUN!

I know I should have said because it is historically an important day...
the day America became a free and independent country!

Thankfully, this year we put diesel gas in our diesel engine
and not unleaded gas (like last year)...
No mishaps, no mistakes, just fun!

We started off with the gunny sack race!

And... we did really well!
Melissa and Joey won first place for their age group.
Other kiddos came in second and third!

Our Melissa is so quiet and mild mannered.
She is as sweet as can be
she takes no prisoners when it comes to competition!

She is all out for the win!
We saw it in soccer and we saw in on the 4th of July!

 Ava would sometimes leave her spot as the GOALIE to get a drink of water...
in the middle of the soccer game...
because she was thirsty (of course ;-)!
The logical and smart thing to do would be to get water if you are thirsty!
So she did just that!

Abby would twirl like a ballerina on and off the field!
Anna would always find something interesting to check out!
A bug, a sister, a new friend!
Jenny is a go getter on the soccer field
but she wasn't happy when it was her turn to come off the field and take a rest.
Madeline would protect the goal and slide tackle kids twice her size and 40 lbs heavier.

And then there was Melissa...
she would get a hat trick(3 goals)!

If we were a smaller family she is the one we would put in competitive soccer!
Along with maybe a few others!
But that's just not a fit for this family...
we've chosen another path.
Love the variety of personalities we have goin on here!

Next was the three legged race!
Some of the children practiced this one at home before leaving for the festivities!
Ava and Melissa won their age group!
Sarah and Mia won their age group!

Joey and Luke got second for their age group!
We were winning right and left!
It made for an extremely fun day!

Emma wants to participate and be part of the fun 
but most activities are just too challenging for her.
All the noise, excitement and fast pace can be overwhelming. 
Sometimes she enjoys watching the other kids 
and sometimes she feels frustrated, whether it's watching or participating.
Most of the time she is peaceful and hangs out with me.
God bless you sweet girl!

And then it was the balloon toss!
Emma loved this event and did better than everyone!
She partnered with her Daddy!

Next was the swimming relay race!

And last but not least were Joey and Luke!
Both boys kept swimming in the wrong direction!

And then the coin toss- where massive amounts of children jump into the water to retrieve money!
Just a little outta control!

Next was the hula hoop contest!
Sarah won that one!
Win or lose, everyone came home with prizes galore!

Back home to shower and get ready for part 2 of our Independence Day fun!

And back to the club for dinner.


Big brother Mark joined us for dinner!
He is such a wonderful big brother!

This was Jenny's first 4th of July with us!
The kids had told her all about the celebration!
She was so happy to be able to be part of it!

We are so amazed by this sweet girl.
She has been with us for just over seven months
but it's like she has always been here!
She is a perfect fit and she adds a bit of spice now and then!

Please adopt BOYS!
They are so awesome!
Joey is so happy to have a pic taken with HIS daddy!

Well finally!
Yes, I did attend the events and 
they did not just bring me along as their personal photographer!

This family loves BINGO!

This time we played losers bingo and we all stood on our chairs
(that alone, made it fun).
If they call out a number that you have, you sit down.
Hubby was was having bad luck, which in this game was good luck!

And he won!
Way to go!
The children went up to help Daddy collect the winnings!

It was a nice evening but we had to bring our jackets for mosquito control!

The fireworks were wonderful!
It's just so much fun and so bonding 
to stay up late and watch fireworks together!

11:00 pm and it's a wrap!
Until next year!

Yep, they let us have the balloon decorations from the dinner party!
We may have gotten a little carried away
and taken too many!
It's a wonder the van didn't float away with all of us in it!


Laurel said...

What a FUN day! Wow! We don't have any events like that to participate in in our area.

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...


Lili Jane said...

Loved the pic of Emma looking off to the side. My 15 years old China girl is autistic and developmentally delayed so we get a lot of the same type of photos. LOL. Have you tried to get Emma involved in Special Olympics? We're getting ready to do that for the first time. My daughter loves to ice skate so we're going to try that out. I hoping it will be a good fit for her. Our local program is only $20 for 13 lessons and I'm told the coach is amazing. You can't beat that.