Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Letter Of Approval!

Last December we stepped out of our comfort zone and hosted a little boy for 3 weeks!
It was one of the best things we have ever done!

Not only were we smitten with him and falling in love 
we were able to share the joy of Jesus
with a precious child over the holidays!
It was our BEST Christmas EVER!
It felt like our priorities we in the right place and
the joy on his face made it even better!

Hosting is something we said we would NEVER do...

1. Once we had a child in our home who does not have a family 
how would we ever be able to return that child to China?

2. I did not believe in the program... isn't it just taunting a child and 
showing them what they don't have?

Now that we have experienced hosting we know this is not true!

We are so thankful that God nudged us towards hosting a child!

After our adoption attempt in 2014-15 did not work out we knew
that God had something else in store for us.

It is the most unusual story...
time and time again the path towards that adoption was cleared 
and then once again there would be a roadblock...

Truly it was unexplainable...
We could only assume that God had other plans for us and for the children.
We are thankful to share that both children are adopted and with their forever families!

So when hosting a child came up we decided to step out of our comfort zone and try it.
Many agencies have hosting programs.
These programs truly benefit the waiting children.
The families that host the children advocate for them and some actually adopt them!

I really encourage others to step out of their comfort zone and give hosting a try.
Our whole family grew from the experience!

Hosting a child-
1. Gives them an opportunity they otherwise would never have had. 
They get to experience a new culture- new language, new foods, new smells, new traditions.
It opens up their minds and shows them that there is so much more to this world we live in.
They get to ride on an airplane, see a different country than the one they live in,
meet new friends on their journey, experience life in a family
and begin to understand what it's all about!
It's the ultimate field trip!

They go places and do things with that family
they otherwise wouldn't have had an opportunity to do!
(such as swimming, ice skating, trampoline parks, family hikes,
grocery shopping, family dinners, learn to ride a bike, play with family pets,
go to church and so much more)

2. 80% of the children that are hosted end up getting a family! Whether you are hosting to adopt or hosting to advocate either one is sooo worth it for the child and for the host family!

3. God calls us to be brave, to trust HIM and to step out of our comfort zone.

4. It gives a family an opportunity to see if adoption is a fit for their family. 

LOA= Letter of Acceptance

It means that China has accepted our home study, official documents and request for adoption!

It means that this amazing little boy will be our son!

We will travel to China to adopt him in November or December!

When we hosted him, he was 8 yrs old, now he is 9 yrs old...
We are so thankful he will be with us, 
his forever family, for his 10th birthday!

Of course, we wish he could have come home sooner...
and we mourn the time we lost
but mostly,
 we are just plain old thankful that he is coming home now!

His name is Jacob Daniel!
We will call him Jake!

It is a perfect name for him!
He is smart, a bit of a trickster, brave, respectful and a quiet leader!
He has a wonderful sense of humor, likes to try new things, goes with the flow, 
and was extremely fond of his host Mom and Dad!

Our family is so happy that he will be joining us soon!
He fits right in!

 there is more to tell...

this is all for now!

We will wait for another post to share some other good news!


Amy said...

Congratulations!!! You sure are a role model in this crazy adoption world. ANOTHER cliff hanger!!!!!

It's a Wonderful Life said...

So awesome! I think I need to talk to you.

It's a Wonderful Life said...

So awesome! I think I need to talk to you.

Debbie said...

Tears in my eyes.

Zanmei said...
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Zanmei said...

Wonderful! I wondered if you would be the ones to adopt him! A perfect match for your amazing family!

Judy Deaton said...

So excited for you and him!

Lisa and Tate said...

I am so excited for your family. It broke my heart when he left you after his hosting. So happy... he looks so good with your group!

Jen said...

How stinking awesome!!! So happy for you, your family and Jake!!! Praise God!!

Megan said...

I'm SO thrilled for you all! Congratulations to all of the Mulvahills :)

doreen said...

Oh my word! Once again . . . Jean, you are just full of surprises! Congratulations! You guys are just amazing! Love your family!

Stephanie M said...

Yay!!!! This is SO exciting!! Congratulations to you all!!

terre said...

what wonderful news! i had thought you might do this when he was here. now i am excited to hear your other news. congratulations!!!

Mary DeGennaro said...

Jean, so excited that Jake will be coming home to your family soon. I was so hoping that he would be coming back to you. He just seemed to fit in so well and look so happy with you.

Kath said...

Awesome, amazing, inspiring!

Kath said...

Awesome, amazing, inspiring!

AlbinoPrincess said...

Yippee!! I hadn't even read the post, just the title, and I got a big 'ole grin on my face. Congratulations to all of you!!!

After your post the other day with the "Expectant Mother" sign at the top, I wondered if you would be adopting again. I'm so glad to hear that it is Jake! As for your other news... Maybe Jake will be one of two (or more!) children joining your family? Maybe one of his friends from the hosting trip?!

Judy Abbott Getz Buzzell said...

Jean, your amazing family is being blessed again and I have tears of joy for all of you. Jake is adorable. I have 3 grandbys who are 11 and it is such a sweet age. I'm thankful he isn't losing any more time. God's timing is always perfect. I'm waiting for the next chapter. Prayers and Love. Judy

juf Charlotte said...

I cried happy tears! So happy for Jake ... I am also in the "will there be any more children joining your family" camp :)

Also question; did you ever find out about Ben and his foster sister, whether they are biologically related?

Sarah said...

Soon happy for you and Jake. What a faithful God we serve!

Emily said...

I am jumping up and down!!! I HAD SO HOPED YOU WOULD ADOPT HIM!!!!!!

Kirstin said...

Congratulations! We hope to travel to bring our little boy home in November. Maybe we will meet you in GZ?!?! *smile*

Sarah Droogsma said...

Super exciting! I am going to look into hosting and pray that my husband will open up to the idea.

Natalie said...


Jenny Leong said...

Jake's transition into your beautiful family will be seamless. Five handsome boys and 10 lovely girls~~Congratulations!

Karen Twombly said...

I am so happy for you all!!

Fran├žoise said...

Congratulations ! You are an amazing family !
Fran├žoise (from France)

Kate said...

I am so glad that you are able to adopt Jake. Don't leave us hanging too long for the additional news.

Sharon said...

Oh,this just made my heart swell with happiness. I love it when God has a wonderful plan and people step out in faith. It encourages others to walk in faith! So happy for Jacob and that he belongs to HIM and you. So excited to follow along. blessings!