Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sam's Turn!

The birthday bikes are getting bigger and bigger at our house!

These two were our last 9 years olds!
it's only Madeline left because

Sammy turned 10!

Where has the time gone?
(Ben did not get hurt in this picture
and Sarah seems to think it's her birthday!)

It was a little too cool to go boating so Sam chose 
cherry berry frozen yogurt and
a movie for our afternoon activity!

Then it was back home for a quick change of clothes,
some hair combing and package wrapping so the festivities could begin!

Once again the presents were a big hit!
But then, we could give this guy dirty socks and he'd love 'em!
He was blessed with an amazing positive, enthusiastic and energetic spirit!
We couldn't love this guy more!

Millenium Falcon-
over 1300 pieces,
moving parts,
and hours and hours of fun putting it together!

We had to text a pic to Matt and Caitlin(in Colorado), who are big Star Wars fans!
They would love to put it together with him!

All of our children are into Rubik's cubes!
Sam asked for a triangle Rubik's cube!

And Sarah has already asked to use it!
(Thankful that for the most part, they happily share!)

A new watch!
They all love to let me know
when I'm late!

Which is often!

And last but not least-
a bike that fits him, now that he's 10 years old!

The onlookers.
the party guests,
the gang,
each one hoping for an opportunity to ride Sam's new bike!

Except for Luke and Joey, they are arguing over who gets Sam's old bike!
And letting me know that Ben needs a new bike too, so they can have his!

Checking it out!

It has gears!

It's decided, 

Perfect fit and it matches his crocs!

And they are off!

They love riding bikes near our home!

If you are in need of birthday gift ideas-
this game was a huge hit!
"Pool Sharks"

And next we were off to dinner to celebrate our boy!

Somewhere in this pic is a little piece of food flying through the air!
He got it!

The children LOVE to have the birthday song sung to them!


Mark joined us for the celebration dinner!
We love living close to our big boys!
They try to come to our celebrations whenever they can!

And then everyone wanted a hug from Mark!

So they formed a line and took turns!

One by one!

It was so cute!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy SaM!

Lighting his own candles!

A quick group pic!

Soaking it all in and enjoying the moment!

It's hard to blow out candles when you are laughing!
So he ended up with a lot of girlfriends!

We are so very blessed to be this boy's Mom and Dad!

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