Monday, October 24, 2016

Nana and Papa to the Rescue!

In the late summer we had the pleasure of watching 
our two grand daughters over a wedding weekend!

Katie and Andrew asked us one year before the wedding date-
 so we had plenty of time to prep!
We exercised, ate our veggies and lifted a few weights
to prepare for the big weekend!
(wink, wink)

The wedding and reception were at the Army Navy Country Club!
Absolutely a beautiful setting!

Emily was a flower girl,
so we all attended the rehearsal!

Don't you love her natural sense of style!

The Washington Monument is straight ahead!

The two girls couldn't be more different!
Ali is little Miss Chill!
She hangs out and she is happy where ever she is- 
especially if her Mother is close by!

And this is Emily!
She likes to explore!

Emily is a smart little girl!
She is strong willed and interested in everything!

Including, what's under the table!

It was so fun for Nana and Papa
to have this special time with our two girls!

Ali adores her big sis!
She watches everything she does and 
desperately wants to follow in her big sissy's footsteps!

After the rehearsal we brought the girls home 
so their parents could enjoy the grooms dinner!

It was a busy weekend and most of my pics were taken from my phone.

The quality is... not so good...

But the subjects are adorable!

Next day was
Wedding time!
Lindsay(Andrew's sister) is an absolutely stunning bride!

Papa had Ali
Nana had Emily!

The bridesmaid and her Mom!

Photos before the ceremony!

The happy couple with the ring bearer and two adorable flower girls!

The super good news is,
our Emily made it down the aisle
and fulfilled her flower girl duties!
Way to go, honey!

And then I got the nod from her Momma
and I scooped up our precious flower girl
and we semi quietly left the happy gathering(wedding ceremony)!

; - )

She didn't mind a quick change of clothes, a bite to eat
and a little time watching her favorite show!

There may have been a little bribery involved!
And Paw Patrol
works every time!

Just as the reception was starting we brought the girls home!

Papa is just a titch exhausted!

So we relaxed at their home with our baby girls!
Ali is chillin as usual!

There may have been a few celebratory high fives
between the Papa and the Nana!
We did it!!!

The next day was bonus time with the grand babies and their parents!

We loved our time with our precious girls!

And now that the pressure was off we took a few relaxing pics together!
Emily Kathleen and her Nana!

Alexandra Jean and her Nana!

Love you baby girls!

It just so happened the N*wt G*ngrich was on our flight home!

His wife was super nice and we visited for a short while!

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Jenny Leong said...

Beautiful photos! Chuckling at the photos of Emily taking a peek under the tables. Wonder what she found?