Thursday, November 3, 2016

10 Already!

How can this be?
It's all going by too fast!

Our youngest daughter (at home) Madeline, is 10 years old...
Her new little sister, Grace (8 yrs), 
coming home in December will be the youngest once she joins us!

It has been a busy time for our family! 
Exciting yet very challenging!
We are praying our way through this "season" and 
so thankful that God is near and hears our prayers
and knows our intentions!

Celebrating this sweet child is pure joy!
If you're a girl, half the fun is getting ready!
Especially is your big sister Sarah, curls and styles your hair!

China does not celebrate birthdays
So we want to make up for their lost birthdays!

We try not to over do it but we want our
children to feel celebrated!

It warms my heart when their siblings make them cards and gifts!
Emma is so confident and asks for help if she needs it!
Beautiful picture honey!

Jenny has some natural artistic talent!
She drew this free hand, no tracing!

Melissa is there to help... just in case Madeline needs it!

But, she didn't need any help reading her birthday cards!
Even though she has verbal apraxia 
she can read cursive handwriting and often speaks quite clearly!
Way to go Madeline!
It makes this homeschooling Momma quite proud!
(A special thank you to her reading tutor and speech therapist!)

Here are our 10 year olds!
Sam is 10y 2m, Abby 10y 9m, Madeline just turned 10, 
Melissa 10y 11m, Anna 10y 7m and
Ben 10y 6m!

Our virtual sextuplets!

This won't last long!
Melissa's bday is in 2 weeks!
Then she will join Jenny and Ava as an 11 yr old!

Thanks for your thoughtfulness, Luke!

And Abby, too!

And now it's time to rip some wrapping paper!

Ever have a child ask for gift that you really didn't want to purchase?
Well, when the smile is this big- you'll fee glad you did!

Love how the crowd huddles around!

They are all so curious!
We need to remind them not to stick their hands into Madeline's gift!
SHE gets to check the smaller gifts out one by one!

Oh, no way!
You're getting your ears pierced!?!

And look at that!
Someone has a new bike!
And it's her favorite color- purple!

She is always asking to ride the other girls bigger bikes~ 
now she has her own!

Look at Joey and Luke!
Nuttin but trouble!

We enjoyed a little time outside riding bikes!
Luke is back to his old bike helmet. 
Rumor has it, Daisy ate his new one!
Why do dogs eat non edible things?

Madeline had her choice of
a fun activity and dinner at home or dinner out?
She chose dinner at Cheesecake Factory!
Most restaurants are overwhelmed just looking 
at the size of our family
but once they seat us, we are an easy group!

So happy Mark and Johnny could join us!
Madeline was thrilled that her big brothers were there to celebrate!

Had to get a pic of us with our baby girl!
The slightly blurry look cuts down on the wrinkles!
Thanks Mark!
I did not tell him to do that!

Everybody had a good time!

The four grown ups sat in the middle 
with half of the kids to our right 
and the other half to our left!

Madeline chose Oreo Cheesecake!
She ended up sharing quite a bit of it (by choice)!
We had a few other cheesecakes that we shared, too!

And of course, Sam would like to help her... whether she would like it or not!
; - )

Happy Birthday Madeline!
You are so so loved and such a joy to your family!
Despite the pic it all ended happily!


juf Charlotte said...

I think you mean sextuplets (6 kids) that's even more impressive then quintuplets (5 kids)

Zanmei said...

Madeline looks less Chinese than your other children from China (Chindian, perhaps?) Whatever she is, she's beautiful! It's lovely to see how much your children thrive when they come home.

Jenny Leong said...

Happy birthday, Madeline! Madeline is a beautiful young lady~~her smile is gorgeous!