Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Very Purple Post!

This is what we have been doing this fall!
We are devoted Tommie super fans!

Our youngest son (of the first crew), Johnny is playing college soccer at 
the University of St Thomas!
He's second on the right in the purple from the refs in the red... hehe!

Here is our youngest Tommie super fan!
It just so happened that our grand babies were visiting
during the first game, back in late August!!

So Katie, Andrew, Emily and Ali came to the game!

The children give the players a high five after the game!

This tradition started last year
and has continued onto this season!

It's especially fun when it's a WIN!

All of the players are so nice to all of the children!
They love hearing them cheer on the team!

We had a wonderful week with the Burgess Family
and I plan to post more on that later!
(Yes, it was at the end of the summer- still soooo behind on my posting!)

We took this pic just before they left!

because they have to go, soon...
Emily is trying to calm everyone down!
Shhhh, she is saying!

It is such a joy to have them at our home!
And so hard when they have to leave...

 There we go!
We look so much younger now!
Yes, we changed to a much taller photographer!
Thanks Andrew!
Sorry Sarah!

 The coaches children are doing the high fives now, too!

Billy and Kelly brought Max to the game!
Only problem is, doggies can't be on the turf so Billy has to carry Max!

Johnny is a senior this year!
And he is one of the team captains!

The kids love to play on the field after the game!

I love it when the big brothers support each other!
Thank you for coming to the games Billy, Kelly, Mark and Kari(not pictured here)!

Love how Abby just watches it go in...
there's no diving to save it...
nothing that would require getting dirty or breaking a nail!
She is all girl!

C'mon... I dare ya...
try that again!

Oops! Another goal!
Mark is just one of the kids!

It is such a joy watching Johnny play soccer!
He gives 100% all of the time!

We have been doing this for a long long time,
since he was 4 yrs old!
We are going to miss this sweet part of our lives!

Just a random pic!
It's hard to believe that someone actually has a purple car!
We love it!

Speaking of purple we did the walk for Alzheimers this September!

Some of the children got free purple sunglasses at the event!

There was a sea of purple in the stands for the opening ceremony!

It was very moving listening to the speaker tell stories 
about how Alzheimers has affected their lives.

Our friend's daughter Zhou was one of the speakers. 
She is only 13 years old but she did a wonderful job in front of such a large audience!

She organized her own team and invited people to go in place of a birthday party!
Zhou is in the center in the frame!
Happy Birthday Zhou!

I am so glad it worked for us to go this year!

Then we had lunch at her house and celebrated!

We brought our purple flower windmills to the game!

Tom Cat the mascot came over to visit!

It makes it even more fun!

Most of the children know ALL of the players names and numbers!

When they started to memorize their height and weight
I said NO... STOP!
Instead, you need to memorize your math facts,
your spelling words, your history and your science!

Once you know all of that we can go on to
the players heights and weights!
We have some serious Tommie Super Fans here!

I am so thankful Joey is home.
His life in China was not good
and he is slowly blossoming at home!

Oh my!
Look who is here!
It's our Grace and she is wearing purple!

Jake is not wearing purple but he is learning English- YAY!!!
We had hoped that he would be here to enjoy the soccer season with us
but sadly the timing just didn't work out.
Although we were a tad bit disappointed,
we are beyond thankful that Jake and Grace will be coming home soon!

The kids really have fun cheering on the Tommies, playing soccer, 
traveling to away games that are anywhere from 1-4 hours away, 
watching movies in the van and meeting all of the other families and players!

We haven't missed a game yet!

It has been a beautiful fall to watch soccer!
(Only two rainy cold games out of 19 games!)

Joey has a hard time sitting still and focusing. 
He is often at his mother or fathers side during the game.
He doesn't mind being next to us!
(Although, it may be viewed as a punishment from a few of his sibs ;-)

Announcing the home team!
Oh, that's my boy with his hand up!
Johnny loves his younger brothers and sisters
and really enjoys having them at the game!
It has been a blessing for our family
and it's so bonding!

We all meet Johnny on the field after the game!
Hubby and Johnny critique play after play!
I should have done this or I'm glad I did that!
Not me... it's all a blur, I forget who did what and what happened when?

It's been a great season so far!

They just clinched first place in the conference!

They are rated 6th in the nation
and were rated 1st in the nation defensively 
(least amount of goals scored against them).

Just can't resist the fall picture as we drive into our home!

I didn't get a pic from the house this year because of our unfortunate flood...
Too many trucks in the front driveway during PEAK fall colors!

As I was writing this post we lost a game and
fell to 3rd defensively in the national ranking...
That is just fine!

It has been a fairytale season
for the seniors and for our family!

Given all the many challenges we have had personally,
watching Tommie soccer has been a highlight this fall!

And then, add in the most adorable Samoyed doggy 
it doesn't get much better!

if you have ever wondered if Samoyed
are good with children...
wonder no longer!

He's not ours but he sure is cuddly!

As the season has continued on the weather has gotten cooler!
An incredibly generous woman from Iowa City was at the game 
bc her daughter was looking at both schools.

She liked our family and felt nudged to do something kind!
Hot Cocoa for all 15 children!
The littles and Mark!
Thank you, thank you!

I am so moved by the kindness of others...
It brings me to my knees...
very thankful for all kind gestures!

We won this game!
It was a big one!

After the flood we had a game 3 hours north of town.

A member of the men working on our home (from "Paul Davis")
was also a professional musician.

He was extremely talented and all of the children gathered around the piano!
I had to fight back the tears...
There is so much happening in our lives right now...
All part of God's plan,
but not all of it, is easy...

Everyone gets these two confused on the field!

One time I though Johnny scored... but it was Shea!

How could I not recognize my own son...!

So many fans at this game!

Twenty seven fans- our family, friends and relatives all together
watching Johnny and the team!

During another game 
an incredibly kind person
anonymously bought the children
popcorn and waters!

It was like a party for the children!!
Thank you for your kindness!

A whole lotta Johnnys!
And a whole lotta fun!

The heads were from senior day but as it turned out...
that day was cold and rainy... and rainy and COLD!
So we put our Johnny heads away(in the car) until next time!

61 degrees and sunshine!
It's couldn't have been a nicer fall day in MN!

Thankful for this win and thankful for this experience!

1-0  2 minutes into overtime!

We don't win by a lot but somehow... we win!

The season has ended and now we move on to the MIAC tournament championship!
Either way we have exceeded our hopes...

Go #4!
Go Team!
Go Tommies!

No matter what the future brings,
we are thankful for this experience and for the joy of "cheering on" our son and brother!

They have the MIAC Championship game today.

Then the first game of the NCAA tournament next weekend.

Thank you Tommies for giving it your all
and for all of the fun we have had watching the men's 2016 soccer season!


Hilde said...


I just wanted to leave you a little comment, as I have been following this blog for a while now. I am deeply fascinated by your family, and by the choices you have made as parents. You and your family are making adoption seem like an amazing adventure, and were I not an LGTBQ person I would not hesitate one minute to adopt my children (local laws makes this impossible in most countries, unfortunately). I love how you seem to include religion in your family life in a positive way, without teaching your children to be judgemental and small-minded. They all seem so happy and well-adjusted, and I honestly don't know how you do it! Superwoman, is that you?

I look forward to more updates from you! Keep doing what you're doing!
Love from Norway!

Ps: Mia is so precious, and reminds me so much of myself as a child/teen. The sky is the limit for that one!

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andrea chiu said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for inspiring us.
Keep it up and continue on what your doing. Visit my site too.