Saturday, November 12, 2016

TrAvEl ApPrOvAl!

We have Travel Approval!
Grace and Jacob are coming home!

China has given us the green light to bring them home!
We are so thankful that these two kiddos will be joining our family in December!

Here are pictures of Grace as she is just finding out she has a family!
The nannies are helping her open the package! 
They are reading her the letter that we sent!

She has our photo album in her hand!
It is very important that she receives the information and photos about her new family.
Even though life without a family and life in an orphanage is very difficult
it is still better to them...
than the unknown...

So we need to make ourselves "known".
That way, she can start to prepare herself
for the changes ahead.

Happy Goat is from a favorite Chinese cartoon!

She likes the clothes we sent her!

And the red thread bracelet from her new family!

Image result for red thread chinese proverb

Here is the Red Thread Chinese Proverb!

And then back to the photo album...
The pic that she is looking at is on the header of my blog!

It's of her new, extra large, slightly crazy but very loving

And now, it's time for her forever family necklace!

I love that little smirk and can't wait to get a 
complete open lip
from our girl!

Our travel plans have changed.
Hubby and I were going to bring 6 kids to China
BUT now
it will be just me with Ava(11 y- home almost 5.5 yrs)
and Melissa(11 y- home almost 4 years).

The girls are both at very nice ages to be traveling to China with me!
At this point, they still adore their Momma(me) and they want to be helpful!
They are secure in our family and in their relationship with us (their parents).
The are looking forward to this adventure
but they still like to play with younger kids (Grace and Jacob)!

Grace is 8 yrs old and Jake is 9!
I am thinking the four children will have fun together in China!
It is so heartwarming to see the new kiddos with the ones we bring!
And it's even better once we get home and we are

We really want ALL of our kids to experience China,
visit their orphanages, reunite with old friends and nannies,
see their finding spots and experience their original culture.
But circumstances do not allow us to do that right now...

We are planning to do heritage trips in the near future!
We originally wanted to bring some of our teen girls to China now
but they prefer to be first on the list with the
heritage trips!

We would truly appreciate your prayers for this adoption trip!
I may look like I know what I'm doing
BUT don't be so sure!
Jesus is my rock!

I love this pic of Jacob!

He has been Hu Yang for so long...
now he will be Jacob Daniel!

It's pretty amazing
that we are connected to the Orphanage Director
through We Chat!

The director sent us these pics!
It is such a gift to get a new pic of our waiting children!
It's all that we/ they have to document their past.

Here is Jake with his buddy Milo!
Milo is already home...

I feel soooo bad it has taken us so long
to bring our son home...

BUT, God has a reason and we think we know it...
Maybe someday I will explain the
many events that led us to this point
and that stalled us...

It was all for a purpose.

Although Jake is happy to get a gift
I am certain he is very confused by
the length of time he has waited...

He loves video games...
I'm not fond of video games
at this point...
just give the child video games!
We want to put a smile back on his face!

He is reading the letter we wrote to him!

And now he is looking at the pillow with the photo of him with us...
Just in case you didn't know-
we hosted this sweet boy last Christmas!

I think this was his birthday in April!

We sent a cake and I am guessing Milo's family did, too!

He is probably praying his family comes for him soon...

More gifts and this time he is with his other friend that was also hosted.
He is home already, too...

This is breaking my heart...
please pray us to China and back!

And if it's not Grace, again!

I want to get all/most of the pics that I have of these two on the blog!

A pic from her original referral!

Love you, sweet girl!

When we got Pre Approval for Jake the orphanage sent these pictures of him!

They are from when he was younger...
Oh, how I wish we would have found him...
all of them...
BUT just thankful they are all ours, now!

Oh my goodness, precious boy!
We love you so much!

It is what it is...
we will just be thankful that it's all happening

Praise GOD!

Every child should have a family...
It not okay that we all live our wonderful lives and children
in America and around the world
have no place to call home...
No family to call their own...
Please consider adoption!

Jake in action!

We don't have too many pics of him with a real smile!
This one is a treasure!

He tends to be a bit stoic sometimes...

I am hoping we can keep in contact with his BFF, Milo!
It is so healing(and freeing) when the kids
can see their friends with their families after orphanage life.

It looks like he was loved and well cared for!

I am wondering if he has grown over the last year?
He was quite small.

We are wondering if he may be low on growth hormone?
So a Dr appt with the endocrinologist will be on our list!

Hang on Jacob and Grace!

We are coming soon!

Just a few more weeks
and we will be there!


Joy Altman said...

Love love love it!! So excited for you and these precious ones. :)

Sarah said...

So happy for you and these two darlings! Just you and the two pre-teens traveling? God bless your journey!

Megan said...

I'm so excited for you!! Can't wait to follow along on your journey to China. Jacob and Grace will be wonderful additions to your beautiful family- what a blessing! Many prayers for you in the coming weeks.

K said...

Awesome! I'm so excited for you. I remember getting my travel approvals and what a happy day it is.

I see a baby bottle on Grace's desk. I found out after being home nearly a year with my 7yr. old daughter that she had a baby bottle up to the day I adopted her. It kept her alive since she needed all the fluids and nutrition she could get. But, it rotted her teeth. Luckily, they were all baby teeth and her permanent teeth have come in nice and healthy.

Safe and happy travels! I can't wait to follow on your blog.

When is your big move? I moved 4 days after bringing my last child home. Not ideal, but necessary at the time.

Sherri said...

So happy for you and your sweet children. Praise God for His going before you and smoothing the way, both for your travels and in the hearts of Jacob and Grace!

Nicole said...

is it the tradition in China not to smile too big ?
I notice Grace is keeping her excitment all inside...

you are amazing !

Sammy said...

Beautiful kids! Congratulations!