Saturday, December 17, 2016

Off To Guangzhou!

This was Grace's first time in an airplane!
She was soooooo excited the night before we left but that day
she seemed a little quiet.
(Check out previous post for a snapshot on Grace's day!)

We packed everything up and were ready to go... on time!

We have had the nicest van drivers in each city!
Mr. Jo (Zhou) wanted to get a pic with us and his van!

And another pic of this crazy American family with him and his van!
It was a bright and sunny day(and freezing cold) in Changchun!
It's always a little hard leaving your child's Province.
I wonder if we will be back?

Jake is older, we are older and his orphanage is extremely hard to get too...
Just not sure if it will happen or not?
Only 4 children total have been adopted from there.

We had good seats - all 6 in a row!
Grace and Jake got the window seats 
so they could look out and see 
the adventure they were taking!

We are amazed at how well Jake is doing!
He loves having a Daddy and his Mommy!
I thought he might be mad at us bc it took us a year to go back and get him after hosting.
But that was not the case, thank goodness!

He is absolutely blossoming!
He is talking and smiling more than he did 
the whole time we hosted him, which was 3 weeks!
he seems very secure and confident!
He knows the children at home and the house he is going too!

It was one year ago exactly that we hosted him!
Thankful he is with us now!

And this was my new friend!?!
Kinda sorta!
She was trying to snap pics of us continuously...
even while I was sleeping on the plane
(and drooling and snoring)...

I decided to not fight it but embrace it!
Now we are WeChat friends...
not sure why? 
I can't speak Mandarin!

WeChat is like Facebook but in China.
I have it bc we hosted Jacob last year and 
it was a way for us to communicate with the

Melissa is very lazy and just doesn't help out enough!
Just kidding!
She has been a HUGE help and she is our organizer!
She has refolded and packed all of our suitcases for the journey to GZ!

We ended up getting a 2 bedroom suite bc our two rooms were supposed to be adjoining 
and they didn't have any more... good deal for us!

Happy to be here!
GZ is a home away from home for us!


Jenny Leong said...

Priceless smile on Jake's face in the plane sitting next to his Baba.

Maria said...

I am so happy for all of you! The joy brewing out of all your faces is so beautiful!

Sammy said...

Jean, WeChat translates! I use WeChat all the time for a friend in Wuhan. We have a blast on there.

Zanmei said...

Jake looks like a real sweetheart. He has a lovely smile and looks especially radiant sitting next to his dad. Grace seems to have a strong personality - which I am sure you will channel in the right direction - and I agree with you that she will one day be an amazing daughter. When that happens, you will both look back on these days and smile.

Anonymous said...

I just love the beautiful smile on Jake's precious face, especially when he is sitting by his Daddy on the plane. He looks so happy and content. From his visit last year, he knows what a wonderful family he has. Makes my heart sing.