Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Our Amazing Grace!

Meeting a child that
you don't know and have never met before
is always hard...

Adoption on the internet can look like pure bliss...
But that's not really what it is...

It is an adventure, that's for sure.

But, what it really is,
is a "journey of faith".

A willingness to let God use you.

There are no guarantees in this journey
increased faith, dependence on God and trust in GOD.

For our family
Grace and Jacob were supposed to be two different children.
BUT GOD had other plans.

We can see the blessings and necessities that came form the previous journey.
And we are beyond thankful to GOD!
Unfortunately, I cannot share the details
if you never put yourself out there,
if you never stick your neck on the chopping block,
you will
miss out on the miracles.

So now... a little girl that we hadn't previously intended to adopt is our daughter.

This looks very challenging...
but you don't know if you can do it or not,
 until you put all of your faith
and give it a try!

This little girl has our hearts!
Her sweet little left foot is on sideways/backwards
and it was never fixed...
For over 8 yrs
she had lived with it that way and
walked with it that way.

She trips if the ground is uneven.
There is a lot of uneven ground in China.

She moves relatively slowly but
can do a kind of "giddy up"
in attempt to catch up to others ahead of her.

She sometimes moves/ steps in the same area multiple times
 just to keep her balance.

She was born with spina bifida
but that does not slow her down.

Her determination is unparalleled!

She thinks she can do anything...

Isn't that awesome!

We may have missed out on THIS!

So thankful HE stirred our hearts!

All of our guides LOVE her!
She has a bubbly and delightful personality!

She is smiley, friendly, insightful and talkative!

We took her to the Great Wall and to the Forbidden City!
It is cool here, about 40 degrees.
We thought it would be difficult for her to walk so far
so we rented a wheelchair for her.

Look at her face...
She was not happy with us...
She does not see herself as disabled...

We don't either...

She even said "hello" to these two characters
and they cracked a smile!

I am sorry that we rented a wheelchair for you.

We have already been so blessed by this child!

There we go!

This is YOU
and it's good!
It's really really good!

Thank you William!
You were a great guide!

I may have been a bit high maintenance...
You went with it and
saved me multiple times!
(Suitcase that arrived 4 days later, purchasing make up at 9:00 at night,
a bit late to an appt due to... wet clothes I was attempting to dry and
ended up rewashing 3 times-oops,
lost backpack with passports
and more ;-)

We are excited for you, dear daughter!
Your tenacity, your grit, your determination will take you a long way!

You already are such an amazing joy!

Adoption doesn't always go like this...
It takes time to truly get to know and love your new child.

But, I think we have a good start!

Meeting Daddy for the first time was awesome!

And then we were off to Changchun, Jilin
to meet your new brother!

It was all ours...
 except the silver one on top!
God Bless Him!

It's GREAT having a Daddy!
They are very strong!
And they come in sooooo handy,
especially when a girl needs a lift!

Do you think I may have over packed?

The train ride to the capitol of Jake's Province was fun
and a new experience for all of us!

George was our guide!

Just being with George is fun!
He's got a lot of personality and positive energy!
He calls me his sister- which is way better than being his mother...
which I could be!

The repair of her sweet left foot will be a process...
The doctors will let us know the best steps to take, to help her.
It may be casting, it may be surgery, it may be a combination,
it may be something else?

Our girl can read Mandarin...
very impressive!

Except for that words!
She is asking her sister- ha!
Ava has no clue!

She is surprising us each day!

Have I mentioned that she has the BEST laugh EVER!
We laugh when she laughs!
And right now she is hysterical over Ava's eyes in this pic!
Yes, I tried photo shop... it didn't work!

Good night from Changchun, Jilin!
Tomorrow, we are off to Guangzhou!

Looking forward to the warmth!
And excited to share with you the progress Jake is making!


Jboo said...

Such an incredible blessing! Thinking of you all and keeping you in my prayers!

Sally R said...

She reminds me so much of Bryson! What an adventure this will be if so! 😊

Stephanie M said...

Jean, I am teary eyed reading this! Every word about adoption SO VERY TRUE! I pray for you and your family often, and I have been since you have been in China! SO grateful to see how well Grace is doing! We will continue to pray for you all! Stephanie

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Makes me so sad that they don't give these children the care they need. That she had to wait to long to get a family and soon her foot fixed. are you you guys with CCAi this time?

Debbie said...

Everyone looks joyful!

Sammy said...

Do Grace's bones turn the wrong way in her foot? Because our daughter's foot was turned sideways bc of burns. She could not even walk. Her foot was so crooked she couldn't wear a shoe. But, the plastic and ortho doc operated together (same surgery) and fixed the bones straight again. Anyway, it is amazing now to see her walk, run and anything else she wants to do. The blessing will be yours!

kkm said...

It is a blessing to see how comfortable Grace is with her sisters and her Mom.

With Grace reading Chinese, I hope she will keep her bilingual ability. Grace's English comprehension is presumably below preschool, but her math and science could be just a couple of years behind her grade level. If Grace's academic performance in Chinese is indeed not too far behind her age bracket, which may be better after an initial period of cocooning, home school or regular school?

Anonymous said...

It makes my heart so happy to see all of the love and smiles. My prayers, and God's richest Blessings to your beautiful family.

Joy said...

LOVE her drive and spirit! You all are blessed to have each other!

Jenny Leong said...

Spunky Grace with a different ability (and not a disability). She is blossoming already~her beautiful smile says it all.

Tammy said...

Your Family has truly been blessed with the 2 amazing additions!

Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

Aren't the train station porters amazing?? They can stick a dozen suitcases/bags on what's basically a hand truck. I was really impressed last month when they took our group's luggage.

kristin said...

Grace is adorable! My son came with uncorrected bilateral clubfoot. I hope you talk to Dr. Morcuende in Iowa City about Grace's foot. He's amazing.