Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday Ali (Jean)!

Just couldn't miss this precious little girl's FIRST birthday!
So thankful we decided (last minute) to head to DC!
(Especially so thankful that all the babysitting worked out!
Thank you Jesus!)

What a treat to be spend time with Emily and Ali!

We helped decorate (just a little)!

 Katie had most of it ready before we arrived!

Second child... we may have missed a couple months?
Well, the pics were taken for months 5 and 6 but we can't quite find them!

Ali is such a happy child!

On the left, is her cake and on the right, is 
the red velvet cake -
which if she could speak... she would have requested...
says her Mom and Dad!

Precious newborn pics!

Emily and her friends!

A gift to Ali!
Cookies made by their friend (professional baker)!
They are as delicious as they are adorable!

The birthday girl and her friends!

And one second later...

two seconds later...
he was crawling to his Momma!

A reach for the crown...

The crown has been secured!

Another reach for the princess crown!

Time to celebrate the birthday girl!

Finally, she has a crown of her own!

Lots of pictures and lots of celebrating!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy to YoU!
Hey Ali, look at Nana!

There ya go!

She is loving the #1 candle!

Thankfully they took it away before she ate it!

And here is where I need to apologize...

because I couldn't decide which pic to keep and which one to lose...

So I kept them all...
I have issues! 

Just love this sweet family!

And big sister needs just one more little taste!

Oh my!
This is good!

Okay, just one more!

Someone gonna need a bath!

Katie with Nana and Omi!
Nana and Omi LOVE their grand daughters!

Katie and her friends!

Andrew and Katie do such a good job of meeting new people 
and bringing them all together!
 We have always lived in Mn.
My friends have been my friends forever...
But Katie and Andrew have moved around quite a bit and 
they always make such nice friends
where ever they are!
they always make where ever they are

Omi and Auntie Lindsay!

you stay right here!

You found me...
Ali LOVES her big sis Emily!
And of course...
always wants to be where ever she is!

It's present opening time!

I'm sorry...
I couldn't decide...

which pic to post!
So, I posted both of them!

You are so loved,
Ali Jean!

It's a pretty good deal when 
your younger Sis is 1 yrs old
and you get to help open the gifts!

Katie did a time machine and asked for no gifts.
But some gifts still came Ali's way!

Love the tummy, the rolls and the happy smile!

Whoa Nelly!
Nana, Papa and the Aunties and Uncles 
gave you a rocking bunny!
Just what you've always wanted!

I think she likes it!

I think her big sister likes it!

She loves it!

And a little extra hug for her Momma!

So thankful to be able to have a little time
with this wonderful family!

In the evening the four grown ups 
went out to dinner
for an early celebration of our 
35th wedding anniversary!

It was such treat to be able to go on a date 
with Katie and Andrew!

I have to say...

That it's quite nice...

having a daughter...

that's a professional photographer!

Love ALL of the pics she takes!

So much is happening!
We have more to share about our time in China,
our New Years,
how the children are adjusting(it's going amazingly well),
our move to Denver!

Hoping to blog again soon!?!


Linda Shoemate said...

You're moving to Denver?! That's just 50 miles south of my family. I'd love to meet up with you sometime.

Jenny Leong said...

Precious cherubs. Thank you for sharing the lively pictures.

Anonymous said...

Your precious Grandgirls are so adorable! Happy 1st birthday Ali Jean 🎂

K said...

Those pictures of the Ali in the crib with her balloons is gorgeous!

I'm glad you had this time away after travelling then being sick and now facing a big move.