Saturday, March 4, 2017

Our 35th Wedding Anniversary!

Was also a series of celebrations (just like Abby's bday)!
January 16th was the official day!
We got married between law school semesters!
January isn't the most romantic beautiful month to get married in but
hey, ya do what ya gotta do!
Plus it brightens up the long winter!

So thankful all of the kids that live(d) close by were able to be with us!

Attempting to 
"look younger"...

Our first and real celebration was in DC a week before the actual day!

We celebrated with this lovely and fun couple!
It was sooo much fun!

Once we got home...
 it was pack to move, celebrate Abby, find out our 10 yr old doggy had cancer, 
do all last minute things and attempt to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary....

Considering the circumstances...
it all went very well!

God was so kind and so close,
orchestrating everything!

I feel so blessed to be married to this amazing, wonderful man!

He is smart, funny, easy going, witty, kind, 
generous, considerate, thoughtful, 
patient, tall and handsome!

He is the man of my dreams and
the best part is
 he is madly in love with me!

35 years later we are still crazy about each other!



K said...

Congratulations! 35 years of marriage is such an accomplishment in this day and age. When you have time, do you think you can both put a few thoughts together in a post explaining what you have both done to have such a strong and long and happy marriage?

terre said...

congratulations. its tough these days to weather all that is a marriage. i so want to be like you two.

terre @ zoomama speaks...