Monday, March 6, 2017

Sarah is 17 Yrs Old!

We really can't believe that Sarah is 17 yrs old
and neither can she!
She came home at 8 yrs 9 months
and now she has been home longer 
than she was away(almost) from us!

We were told that once a child has been home 
for the same amount of time that they were away
(from the family/in an orphanage or foster family)
that they would be fully "integrated"
in the home, the culture, the language, and the family.

I would say, for us and for her
that would be true.

We spent 2 hours at "Jumpstreet" on her birthday!

Sarah is very good at gymnastics!

She is very talented and very driven
but we never took the leap and pushed for her to be on a club team.
Once she got to that level, she always boarded on being "too old".

We may have two new family members!
More on that later!
(They are adorable!)

Sarah is such a blessing to our family!
She was challenging her first year home but really settled in with time!

Now, she is an amazing positive leader 
for the younger children and grandchildren!

Everyone adores her!
She has a wonderful outgoing personality
and she loves to laugh!
I am extremely blessed 
to have her as my "sidekick" throughout the days!

First family photo in front of the new fireplace!
yes we need to add a few things to 
"warm it up a bit"!
I'll get right on that... not!

Love you sweet girl!
Today we celebrate

Jake and quite a few of the other children 
made Sarah pictures for her birthday!
Gel pens and doodling coloring books are the rage here!

Partners in crime!

We are definitely dog fans, as you can tell!

It is such a treat watching our sweet kiddos open gifts and be celebrated!
They spent far too long just surviving...

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Sarah! 
We are finding new favorite restaurants in CO.
Sarah chose Shanghai Garden for her birthday dinner!

Ummm Ava... you're caught red handed
trying to blow out Sarah's candle!

Matt, Caitlin and Elodie joined us for dinner!

Sarah chose a "Bundt Cake" for her birthday!
It was delicious!

Thank you Jesus for our dear daughter!
We have been so blessed by her joining our family!


kimjax said...

Your posts make me smile, Jean. Love the Bundt Cake and Sarah is such a beautiful girl. I think doing gymnastics for the joy of it is so much better than being a slave to a crazy schedule away from your family. The hours spent with family will be her fondest memories in years to come. Love your new house and can't wait to see what you've done with your fireplace! I don't know how you do it all! :)

Laurel said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

I can't believe she's 17. What a beautiful young lady!

We brought our Sarah home at 9, and she just turned 18. Looks like we are at about the same adoption time frame. :)

Blessings to you all in your new home!

Jo's Corner said...

Happy Happy 17th Birthday, Sarah! You are so Loved.

julie said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah!!! I have loved watching you grow up through Facebook and your Mom's blog. I want to let you know you were one of the biggest influences for us to adopt an older child! We adopted our daughter, Mia, from China in 2011....she was 9.

Wendy said...

Happy birthday Sarah!!! I have been faithfully following your mom's post since you came home. What a beautiful child you were back then and what a beautiful 17 year old you are now. Blessings!