Sunday, April 9, 2017

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!

 Oh, how I wish we could have been there for our
Emily's 3rd Birthday!

The girls got lovely hair trims 
to get ready for the party!

Emily has a ton of hair!

Ali doesn't...
but they did the best they could 
with what she has!
Works for me!

Nana and Papa sent her gift ahead of time so we could
face chat and watch her open it before all of the parties!

Emily loves her
"little live pet, Snuggles"
Her new puppy can move, make noises and she can feed it!

Our weekend celebrations consisted of-
Auntie Jenny was March 31st, Emily and Uncle Jake on April 1st
and Auntie Anna on April 2nd!

Fun times for our family!

She LOVED her puppy dog from Nana, Papa and "her friends"!
Her friends are all of her Aunties and Uncles 
that live with Nana and Papa!

Her Momma Katie, is an awesome party planner!

She had a beautiful, low key, fun birthday party for Emily
at Omi and Grandpa's(Andrew's parents) home 
in the Virginia countryside!

Ali's first pony ride!

Emily is becoming quite a talker!
It's so cute listening to her talk about what she had planned for her birthday!
She is very animated and dramatic!

Tractor rides for everyone!

Opening her presents!

Time for the picnic lunch!

Fun with her friend!

New blue sparkle boots from Mom and Dad!

I love this picture with little sister on the tractor watching big sister!
Ali adores Emily!
She wants to do everything her big sister does!
(Ali is wearing squeaky shoes from China!)

HaPpY BiRtHdAy
It looks like such a fun party!

And a few more bonus pics!
Curlers for the neighborhood Easter party!

Getting some TLC
from the
Easter Bunny!

Sisterly love!
We LOVE our baby girls!

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