Saturday, April 8, 2017

Happy Birthday Jenny!

Jenny is an amazing blessing to our family!
Her adoption was perfectly orchestrated 
in every way, 
by God!

On her birthday we went to the movie
"Beauty and the Beast"
We absolutely LOVED it!

Jenny has a beautiful singing voice and she was soooo
excited to see this movie!
She hasn't stopped singing since!

We are still(and will be for a long time) discovering Colorado-
and on Jenny's birthday we found 
brownies with sprinkles on a stick (for snack) 
at Tony's Market!

She was soooo excited to celebrate her birthday!

 The children have embraced our new home!
They have been so flexible while Mom and Dad 
are still trying to figure everything out!

It's your special day Jenny!
Happy 12th birthday!

She could hardly wait to open her presents!

We love living near Matt, Caitlin and Elodie!

Billy and Kelly are her 
"god parents"
and they gave her a jewelry making kit!

Jenny loves art, too!

Her very own pair of roller blades!

Precious time holding our grand daughter!

Yes... no knick knacks, no pictures hanging,
just the bare minimum!
I usually hang pics just as we move out ;-)
Hopefully, I'll do better this time!

No way!
Play make up!
I love the reaction of the other children!

She is so filled with JOY
and is a delight to our family!

Sarah is awesome with ALL
of the grand babies!
They adore her!

We are so thankful you are part of our family!

It was so much fun celebrating together!

It was an amazing blessing to have Billy, Kelly, Matt, Caitlin and Elodie join us!
(Elodie is sleeping now!)

We just finished her two year post placement report!
She is blossoming in every way!
(she's in her sister's old roller blades that are too small in this pic)

She loves her brothers and sisters
and has so much fun with them!

 Stay tuned,
because the next day was Jake's 10th birthday and grand baby Emily's 3rd birthday!
Followed by Anna's 11th birthday the very next day!

So thankful for this large and loving family!

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anyabar1987 said...

I know you have been busy but I think it is about time to get Jenny, Grace and Jake on the sidebar with the rest of the children as well as maybe your three grandchildren?