Saturday, April 29, 2017

Spring Skiing 2017!

We've discovered spring skiing!
 This time, 13 kiddos got the chance to go downhill skiing!
They were all in ski lessons!
Six had skied once before
bur it was the first time skiing 
for the other seven! 

They left bright and early for Loveland Ski Basin!

Our sprinter van is not good in snow or ice.
We can only drive it up into the mountains on perfect days.
Hubby took the 13 skier and left earlier to get ready for ski lessons!

I drove in a separate car 
with Johnny, Abby, Emma, Ben and Grace.

We are hoping that these three will be able to ski next year
when we can get them started in adaptive skiing!
They had a pretty nice set up in the chalet 
with ipads, coloring books, gel pens and games!

The last time I skied was 20 years ago!

Johnny has never seen me do anything athletic...
That's because we have spent the last 20 years 
watching him play basketball and soccer!
We have loved every minute of it
but this time, 
it was a thrill for me 
to actually partake in the activity with him!

I loved skiing with my boys!

It was pretty cool to be right next to the continental divide!

Matt is a veteran skier!
He likes the black diamonds 
but on this day he did the green circles 
with his Momma!

The children were skiing on a different part of the mountain
so I couldn't get pics of them.

Straight ahead is a blue square...
it looks like a drop off to me!

My skills didn't exactly "come back" to me...
but at least I didn't fall!
It may have not been pretty but I did it!

Two weeks earlier Jim went skiing with 6 of the kids plus Matt and Caitlin!

Beautiful picture!
The mountains bring me to my knees!
They are so awe inspiring!
I think of how many times
our God has moved mountains
for our family and for other adoptive families.
We are so thankful for His never ending love
and His gift of peace.

The first crew did so well
they were able to jump from
 the 1st group to the 3rd group
 and then to the 5th group!

Gymnastics and all the other things they do
helped them with skiing!

Mia has found two passions!
Skiing and horseback riding!
She was adopted at 11 plus years
and her transition has been challenging.
It is so healing and motivating for her
to have things that she loves to do!

Anna and Melissa also

Love these two!
So happy we are living close to them!
(plus being near our grand baby is so much fun!)

Hubby and I love having fun with our children.
It has brought us all very close.
Spending time together has truly helped
some of our children who have attachment issues.

It seems like the more we are together the better things go...

Change is hard for this crew but when we are
together through it all...
we can do it!

Growing up in MN I could never understand
the concept of spring skiing?
I didn't want anything to do with the white stuff in March and April...

But it different in CO, especially since we live in Denver.
The weather is warmer and there isn't any snow.
The crisp mountain air is so refreshing!
We are enjoying being able to drive up to the mountains for the day.

No crowds!
It was perfect!

Matt and Caitlin ended early to watch the kids
and then head home to their sweet baby girl!

It's just sooooo
much fun!
We are already planning for next year!

It looks like skiing works for Anna and Mia!

I thought they would come home exhausted
that wasn't the case!
They were all excited and eager to go again!

Most likely
that won't happen until next ski season...
but ya never know!
It's snowing right now!

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