Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Trifecta... A Puppy Post! UPDATED

We always adopt in multiples!
Except this time it wasn't from China!

We may have gone a bit overboard?
we couldn't help ourselves!

Teddy came home first!

Just a quick recap-
We lost our Mimi(darker golden retriever) in the end of August...
probably due to old age but we suspect cancer, too.
We were so so sad to lose her...
She was our older children's dog...
They grieved deeply for her...

When we got home from China on the 21st of December
we could see that our Sissy was noticeably thinner.
In early January we took her into the vet
and found out she was filled with cancer...
We were moving to Colorado in less than 2 weeks and
we did everything we could to be able to bring her
but she was too weak and too sick...
We were sad beyond belief...
Never pictured moving to CO without our Sissy...

So just Daisy and the cats came with us to Colorado.
After being in Colorado for 2 weeks Daisy had a medical emergency.
We quickly took her to the ER VET.
She died on the operating table of a twisted intestines.
Being a nurse, I suggested the do a resection
but over 85% of her intestines were black
and it was too late to save her...

We were devastated...
The children at home and the parents were in shock
over losing our sweet puppy....
She had been professionally trained and
although tiny for a Golden (38 lbs)
she was an amazing dog!

So we did this...
(see below!)

(Sadly we just lost one of our 4 cats. His body produced stones in his bladder. The stones blocked the neck of the bladder and he went into shock. They cleared one stone and then the ultrasound showed over 20 more stones. He blocked again before even leaving the emergency vet hospital.)

She joined us on February 17th!
it was LOVE at first sight!

She is a golden retriever
but a darker color!

She was tiny,
only 7.5 lbs when we met her.

She was a bit frail and 
very tired...
I'm sure our family was a little 
for her!

Johnny just happened to be here
to enjoy the moment!

But it didn't stop there!
We went to look at a few other puppies
on the following weekend!

And said "YES"
to this adorable little girl!
She wasn't quite ready to bring home yet.

So while we waited we showered
with love and attention!

And babied her in
every way possible!

Katie and her family were also visiting 
so they were able to enjoy our new addition, too!

No Sarah does not need a wheelchair...
She was playing with Grace's wheelchair.
It was a fun toy while we had it but
still glad to see it gone!
Teddy got a ride throughout the house!

One way or another!

Did you know you can study your spelling words 
while cuddling a puppy!

BEST therapy in the world!

Baby Ali wanted to share her bottle
with Teddy (Theodora).

And Teddy thought it was a GREAT idea!

Getting a puppy after losing our other three dogs
was so healing for everyone!
And especially for Mia!

Cuteness overload!

And then it was time to bring her sister home!

This time, we decided to bring everyone!

Once home...
we discovered that Teddy wasn't so fond of her new sister...
She growled...
she ignored...
she sniffed a bit...

And then at night I held her while she cried...
I knew what she was saying...
"I don't like her..."
"There's still time to return her..."
"I liked being an only puppy..."
"Why do we need another one?"

I actually have the funniest video of her crying and moaning,
while on my lap in the evening!

Thank goodness she decided to make 
lemonade out of lemons!

Soon, they were snuggled up together
and getting along
just fine!

The children LOVE having our sweet doggies!

We named our English Cream Golden Retriever

Teddy wants to walk Quincy!

Happy pups!

At the vet and looking soooo cute!

These two pups are 2 weeks apart in age
and they are both girls!

I'm adorable!

Can we go home now?

We are soooo thankful to have these two puppies!

They play

and play...
all day!

 And they tire each other out!

The cuteness never stops!

They were very happy together!

And then we did it again!

And we added another sister to the mix!

At first they weren't so sure about her...
But then, they quickly accepted her into the pack!

She's two weeks younger than Quincy!
The fighting over Mr. Quackington!

 Her name is Sunny!

Ava is a doggy whisperer!

Melissa is excellent with doggies, too!

They have our hearts!

Sunny has been a wonderful addition!

They all want the same toy!

Nothing like a pile of puppies!

They are growing up so fast!

Already, Quincy looks so much older compared to Sunny!

Teddy is getting taller and more slim.
She is getting her grown up fur!

Alpha is me...
But Quincy and Teddy
aren't so sure who comes in second place!

Why are you watching me?
You must know what I am up to...!

I got it!

Until she got it back!

The little sister had to have a turn, too!
We have three hooves in the kennel but
they all wanted what their sisters had!

Teddy is waiting to make her move, again!

Now they are all going to walk each other!

A "play bow" by Quincy!

As they got a couple weeks older it began to get a bit
out of control...
So we have a trainer coming once a week!

She train us,
so we can train them!

Thank you Pavlov Dog Training!
Thank you Shannon!

We are seeing excellent results!

Sorry... I posted soooo
many pics!
Just wanted you to get a chance
to see what we get to see

Dog training has become part of
our homeschool curriculum for some of the kids!

Good girl!

There's a whole lotta love here!

Four pics of Sarah with the puppies?
I could decide which ones to keep and which ones to take out!

They love hopping in their water dish on a warm spring day!

Thankful they are all getting along!

And now Quincy is getting some of her "grown up fur", too!

Thankful for our puppies!
We could watch them play
and cuddle them for hours and hours!


Unknown said...

I think I missed something? What happened to daisy?

Unknown said...

I should add that the puppies are adorable! (Kids too!!)

Joy Altman said...

They are all soooo cute! :)

Jenny Leong said...

Love the puppy-laden post!

I was wondering about Daisy as well and noticed the updated "edit" to this post about Daisy's illness and the loss of one of the cats. So very sorry.

One of my kitties had struyvite crystals in his urine. Fortunately, he was treated with IV fluids, etc. and the current prescription food is helping. No more crystals.

Alecia Madonado said...
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K said...

My goodness, what fun! We just got our first two dogs ever and we're loving it. Learning to handle them is part of our homeschool curriculum, too.

I'm sorry to hear that you've lost so many pets in such a short span of time. After I lost several cats to oral cancer, I did some serious research and learned so much. Here is something you may want to know for the sake of your other cats:

"The cause of struvite crystals in cats is dry commercial pet foods. Due to the lack of moisture in the diet, the urine becomes too concentrated, and due to the use of plant-based ingredients in dry kibble, the urine becomes too alkaline. An alkaline environment in very concentrated urine predisposes struvite formation."

Currently, on Netflix, is a documentary called Pet Fooled. I HIGHLY recommend it. I've been feeding my cats a raw diet for 12 years and haven't lost any of them, even my special need cats who I never imagined would live as long as he has is still healthy and my oldest cat is now 17. I'm surprised by her longevity, too, given she had a very rough start. All but one of my 9 cats were bottle-feeder rescues and my 9th cat was a mostly feral kitten I rescued last fall during her very first heat.

I feed my cats according to the recipe at catnutrition.org

I've also been feeding my dogs a BARF diet and their fur has gotten softer and my little dog doesn't have horrible gas any more. I'm still fiddling with the best recipe, but I'm just about there.

I'm going to enjoy reading about your puppies growing up. They certainly are the cutest puppies I've ever seen! I have puppy envy. I decided to get 1-2 yr. old dogs to start us with our first dogs because I wasn't sure about puppy training, but you make it look so easy and I love your kennel.

ChouchouPoussin said...

you are incredible ! and your dogs are very cute

Unknown said...

Your beautiful family never fails to make me smile!

(and THREE puppies?! You are braver than I am!)