Friday, June 30, 2017

Blessed On My Birthday!

I'm not so found of growing a year older
but I do love it when my littles,
who are now getting bigger -
 shower me with LOVE!

Soooo many blessings!

And yes-
 it was my day
to feel special
and to get lots of

They were all so excited for Mom to open her gifts!

I love how close they get!
Personal space is not all it's cracked up to be!

They made birthday cards for me!

I love their creativity

and thoughtful hearts!

Photo bombing
is the new thing

Thank you kiddos!
Now I have wonderful new refrigerator art!

This Momma got a new phone
(with a much better camera on it!),
earings and a necklace,
 and a slow/fast(pressure) cooker!

Thank you for my wonderful gifts!
I also got a moment to myself as they all went out shopping!
Thank works!

I never dreamed that at 50 something years old
I would be so blessed
with 16 kiddos at home
celebrating my birthday with me!

All the bigs called and texted birthday wishes-
 it was so great to hear from each of them!

And 5 bigs living independently
and doing their thing!
Plus 2 wonderful "in loves" and 3 fabulous girlfriends for our boys!

Thank you JESUS!

Grace and I share a birthday!
We celebrated her first and then
I had a little celebration a couple days later!

But on our actual day we were both (and the whole family)
blessed to have visitors from Minnesota come to our home!

Kind of a new fun shirt,

when you need to go to the bathroom!

Of course that didn't happen to me!?!
Wink, wink!


Zanmei said...

Happy birthday from Ch*na! I'm curious about your very small birthday cake. It's not like you lack helpers willing to assist you in finishing up the cake, and you certainly don't have a weight problem. Actually, you look great!

Anne M said...

Happy birthday from Finland!