Sunday, June 11, 2017

Her First Birthday~ Grace is 9 Years Old!

In China birthdays aren't celebrated.
And when you are an orphan,
a birthday... 
goes unnoticed...

So once our kiddos are home 
we like to 
celebrate them!

This was Grace's very first
birthday celebration!

And needless to say...
she enjoyed 
every minute of it!

Mom and Dad needed to get 
a post placement pic
with Grace!
Here is our first attempt!
I'm in the midst of telling Sarah
what to do... 
she snaps it a bit early!
Of course, this would be 
the best pic of Grace 
not of us...

Second try...
sorry Grace...
 this ones going to China!
A Mom's gotta do, what a Mom's gotta do!

The kids love to make cards for each other!
It's so heartwarming to see them working hard on their siblings bday card!

Joey is very proud of his masterpiece!

Gel pens and coloring books 
are very popular around here!
Hours of peaceful fun for all!
(Including me!)

Grace asked for an American Girl doll!
She was encouraged to go through the catalog
by her Momma and sisters!
The time for this is growing short
and we want the children to enjoy 
their childhood for as long as possible!

You might thing we are spoiling Grace...

You're right...
and it feels good!

She has the sweetest, kindest demeanor.
She asks for nothing...
She defines- easy going.

She left everything she has ever known
and joined our family.

What an awesome look of 

Grace wanted a bike for her birthday...
We weren't sure if she would be able to ride it
but with each day
she is getting better and better at it!

Now her bike has joined the
line up of bikes in our garage!

Mary Ellen and Grace are ready for bed!

This is Grace's 9th Birthday!

For eight years no one noticed...
so now we CELEBRATE!

I used to love it when the big kids could join us
but now the are all grown up, working, most are living in different towns
 and some of them have children.
All a blessing
but still
sometime I want to live in the past...
It's important for me to be thankful 
for all the fun times we have had
but also it's important 
to move forward and enjoy the moment... the present!

It looks like Jake might be singing a bit too loud for Abby!

Since they have never blown out candles before 
they often
are not too good at it!
It took Grace a couple tries!

Getting better every day!

Grace and I share a birthday!
My post is next
and you will see 
that we were both abundantly blessed on our day!

The next morning we celebrated by going to Build A Bear Workshop!

Another experience she has missed out on...
but not any longer!

Her bear was stuffed with everything it needs 
to live a long and happy life!

God Bless You
sweet birthday girl!

Jenny and Jake got a bear, too!
Now we're done...
everyone has a teddy bear!

I think this birthday was a success!

There will be more birthday blessings on my next post!


Lisa and Tate said...

I love how you celebrate birthdays! Our kids really are blessings and should be celebrated as such.

Maddy Boo said...

So sweet -- what a wonderful celebration of your beautiful little Grace! Happy birthday to you too!

Jo's Corner said...

Happy 9th Birthday, Precious Grace! Jean, God chose just the perfect girl to be the "Baby" of the family. She radiates joy and a kind, gentle spirit. Happy Birthday, to you, too! Love You! - Jo

Jenny Leong said...

Grace looks so pretty in pink! By God's amazing grace, she can walk and bike..Happy Birthday and many more, sweet Grace.

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Grace!!!!! Enjoy your birthday presents and I hope you had an awesome day with your family!!!!

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