Thursday, June 1, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Happy First Mother's Day to our wonderful DIL Caitlin!
It was such a joy to be able to celebrate with you!

Elodie is so cute!
She is such a mellow baby girl!

We went to church bright and early 
and then had a mid morning brunch!

We all made an egg dish together, cut up fresh berries
ordered apple pancakes from
Original Pancake House!
(Per my request!)

She is interested in everything!
Especially all of the different shapes in our house-
a chandelier, rod iron railing, the echo when she makes noises
and more!

Caitlin LOVES being a Mom!

Elodie is crawling now
and she's quite fast!
Every time I was set to take a pic...
she'd head in a different direction!
Nana's got to get faster with the camera!

The children ran errands with Hubby 
and brought home a few special things!

 Balloons and flowers!
It made my day!

They made many special cards and pictures for me!

Mia made this and privately gave it to me!
She is moving in the right direction and we are so thankful!

 All of the other children called and texted
"Happy Mother's Day"!
It was different not having Billy, Kelly, Mark and Johnny
come over for dinner.
(We did celebrate with a Mother's Day brunch in MN the next weekend!)

It was such a blessing to be able to celebrate
 with Matt, Caitlin and Elodie!
Since they have lived in Colorado for quite awhile
we missed many holidays with them.

Being a Mother 
is truly my greatest joy! 

I am so deeply passionate about 
ALL of my children!

Feeling abundantly blessed!

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