Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak!

It was soooo bright outside
that no one could keep their eyes open for the pic!

We even tried closing our eyes, counting to three-
opening them and snapping the pic!
Didn't quite work for some of us... oh well!

Today was actually Ava's B-day
but because we are trying to make our celebrations a bit more low key,
we made it clear that this was a family outing and not for a birthday celebration.

With this many kiddos that LOVE to have fun,
we found the birthdays were slowly
getting more involved and more expensive.

Each child was trying to top their last birthday celebration...
ummm, no!

This is not the direction we want to go in.
We want to celebrate our kids, give them some gifts 
and make sure that they feel special 
and loved on their birthday.

The children had never been to Colorado Springs,
so they were all excited to see
the sites!
(This was in June 2017)

We started out at Red Rocks Nature Center!

It really was quite beautiful!

Happy Birthday Ava!

The rock formations are spectacular!

We did not get out of the car to hike
because we were short on time.

We will definitely be back to hike!

Or in our case maybe
a slow walk and a tiny bit of climbing
for some of the kids?

 Then we had a yogurt in Manitou Springs!

The shop owner took one look at us and thought...
Oh no...
but we quickly got our yogurts and stepped outside!
She exhaled...

Then it was off to
Pikes Peak!

We took the cog train to the top!

It was an hour ride up to the top of the mountain!

Sarah and Ellie sat with this nice couple!

They pointed out sights to see as we climbed the mountain.

We put kids and adults next to the window...
that have a tendency to make good choices!

Although everyone would have been fine...
I get a little worried when I see open windows and 16 children!

The mountains were beautiful!

We could see all the way to Kansas...
Hello to our Kansas friends!

Well, at least that is what they told us!

The cog train fills up just about everyday,
so we needed to plan ahead
and book it!

Crystal Creek Reservoir

We started seeing SNOW!

It got quite a bit cooler
so we closed the windows
and put on our jackets!

We were so lucky to be able to see many Big Horned Elk!
This was the first time they saw them for over 3 months.

The scenery was fantastic!

It was exciting to see so much snow in June!

Yes, it was a little chilly at the top of Pikes Peak!

Just ask Grace?
I'm thinking her smile is not... quite... genuine!
It's more of a "get me out of here" smile
because I'm cold!

We probably won't be able to go to the top of Pikes Peak again,
but it was fun to do it once!

The photos do not do the mountains justice.

The view was absolutely magnificent!

Gymnasts love to get handstand pics in the oddest places!

We are doing our best at discovering Colorado!

There sure is a lot to see here!

The children LOVE their daddy!

I don't believe we put a quarter in the binoculars
so I'm not sure what they are looking at...
probably nothing, but at least they are having fun!

After spending 45 minutes at the top
it was time to catch the train back down.

We made a few seat changes for the ride back!
And yes, I assign seats!

These two sat across from us on the way down.
They are a hoot to be with!

Mom and Dad!
With photo bomber Ellie
between us!

I may have gotten into a little trouble
for changing seat while the train was moving...

Someone may have said to me...
you are the guardian of all these children
PLEASE be a good example
and stay seated...
GULP... yes Mam, I'm sorry.
I won't get out of my seat again...

I'm pretty sure I can see all the way to Missouri now!

More Big Horned Elk!

The ride down went much faster!

Thankful for the chance to do this and to explore Colorado!
It was a great day together!
God is so good and so amazing!


Lilly said...

welcome to my neck of the woods! glad you all enjoyed beautiful pikes peak. maybe next you hike/run it? ha!

Calamity Anna said...

beautiful pics! but one thing -- they are big horned SHEEP not elk!! :)

K said...

I lived at the Air Force Academy for four years when I was a tween. You are discovering my old stomping grounds. I've been wanting to see it all again. I've been dreaming of a road trip with my girls that involves an RV but I don't know how to borrow one affordably.

Jenny Leong said...

Gorgeous photos~~on my To-Do list one day. Thanks much for sharing the trip.

Sammy said...

Wow! Beautiful!

Megan Taylor said...

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