Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day Hubby (2017)!

 Yes... this post is from June 18th, 2017!
I just can't jump into the present and forget so much of the past
(meaning this last summer)! 

We just happen to have the best Dad and husband EVER!
And he needs to be celebrated!

He is selfless and thoughtful, generous and kind!
He puts others needs ahead of his own every. single. day, 
year after year after year!

He keeps the cards that the children make for him!
He is a bit sentimental and well, 
we try to watch as few sad movies as possible!

He used to love to golf but then he had 21 children
and somehow his golf game 
wasn't quite as good as it used to be...
He still tries to get out on the golf course occasionally...

It was a wonderful day and I probably have more pics
I can't find them right now!

We went to church, had brunch, 
watched the US Open (per special request)
and then Matt, Caitlin and Elodie came over for dinner...
we think...
because we have no pics to prove it...
and we can't remember!!!

So sad... this is what happens
when you have a bundle of kiddos
and you're a seasoned parent!

You blissfully

No wonder I need a blog!
If nothing else, it's to remind me
of our LIFE!

it was a wonderful day celebrating a wonderful husband and father!

And it was Matt's(our oldest son) first Father's Day, too!
Gonna have to look for those other pics!

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Ruth said...

Hi Jean. I've had a couple of days to read back in your blog as I"m in bed with an injury. I came across a comment you may not be aware of and may prefer to delete. The post was Feb 26 2013, the comment was left in May 2017.

I'm not sure if this link will take you to the comments from that post.
Please delete this comment too.

Your blog is a wonderful record for your children of their family and lives. Well done for documenting so well. I would love to hear more about how your new little girl's foot is doing, when you have time for an update. I often wonder how she is doing.

Ruth in NZ, mum to 6 bios, 8-20
always thought we would adopt, but it hasn't happened. fostered 3 times, 5 bios at home now.
have let the adoption dream die, but still love reading about adoption.