Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy Birthday Sam!

Sam turned 11 in August 2017!
He was a trooper and agreed to celebrate a week early 
so we could move out of our MN house in August...
Ahhhh, yeah... the exact one we are moving back into!

That would be us...
move out of a house in MN
move into a house in Colorado
finish moving out of a house in MN
don't finish moving into the house in CO
move out of the house in CO
and move back into the house in MN...
This family sounds a bit indecisive, 
if you ask me!

So, some of you have asked where we are at with our move.
We leave Colorado on Wednesday/Thursday next week
and head to Minnesota!
(If it wasn't winter in MN- I'd have more exclamation marks!)

We are so beyond blessed to have this guy in our family!
When we saw his pic, we knew he was our son!

His special need concerned us and
it was more than we thought we could do...
but we proceeded because... well, he was ours!

It just so happens, that with surgeries and good health care...
he no longer has a special need!

Pretty amazing!

Sam is the life of the party!
He is outgoing, interested, smart and talkative!
He smiles and laughs most of the time!
Sam loves life and he does it in such a way that it's contagious!

He loves sports!
Especially, soccer, football and basketball!

He loves to play them and watch them!
He is an awesome fan!

Did I mention he loves presents, too!

His first pair of roller blades!

The Michael Vey books have turned Sam into a reader!
It is a series of 7 books and only 6 were available so far!
(Stay tuned to Melissa's b-day and you may see book 7!)

This is Sam's view to the left...

and his view to the right...
as everyone begins to encroach on his space and stare at him!

he is un-phased by the lurking crowd...

Happy 11th Birthday, Sammy!

And the crowd sings!

Make a wish and blow out the candles!

Good try!

Just a few left!

Okay... you still have 7 left!

Good! Try again!

Umm... yah... now there are 6 left...

Okay... 3 left!

And now 2 left!

I think you are laughing too hard to get those last two!
Can someone HELP HIM!

It was a fun day!
You are a joy and you always make us smile!
We love you, Sam!

Thanks for making the world a better place!


Jo's Corner said...

Best post ever! I love Sam!! And, I remember from another post that any candle left burning is how many girlfriends he has??!! Those siblings thought that was hysterical.
Aww, Sam, Happy Birthday, belated! Can't wait to see what you do on your next Birthday cake!

EllenW said...

He sure seems like a jiy!! Happy Birthday Sam!!

EllenW said...

Joy I meant. Such a blessing!!