Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A Budget Cut

What are the children doing now that we have had a budget cut?

Good things!

I am so sorry- I actually never wrote this post but I plan to do it soon!
Didn't mean to post so quickly- oops!


Wendy said...

Sometimes a budget cut can be a blessing. When my children were younger, I decided not to involve them in organized summer activities. Instead, I let them "just do their own thing" and they came up with some great ideas and were very creative. An example, taking old shoe boxes and making them into houses. May seem small and silly but they had so much fun with these. Now, they are in their 20's and I will never forget that summer. It was a summer of new discoveries, new adventures, creativity and imagination. I firmly believe less is more; using our senses and wonder as children...and adults is important. Interestingly enough, I was at a meeting with some physicians and one surgeon spoke about when he was a child and bored, he would go in his father's workshop and bang away on wood and make things or, he would spend hours with his legos, using his imagination. He contributes these times with his success as a surgeon. He says young surgeons today do not have the creativity that is so important as a surgeon. I found this conversation really interesting. Yes, my children had their one summer of self-directing their summer activities. They did go on to have summers of organized activities but they were much less and given lots of times to use their imagination. I am telling you this in hopes to inspire you to be ok with budget cuts and know children survive not having lots and most times lots truly is more. Hugs dear and enjoy those precious children. Hope to see some creative shoe boxes on your blog.

Julie said...

I'm glad you made it back safely.