Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Budgetting Life

What are the children doing now that we have had a budget cut?

We are doing all good things...
 and watching our pennies
while we do it!

Sometimes different situations come as blessings
 so we are trusting in HIM,
that this is the case!

We have been abundantly blessed
and have had the pleasure of many
experiences and activities.

We are thankful for each and every one of them.
We are thankful that our children are HOME!

We are creating more of our own fun
and a less structured activity schedule
with the budget in mind.

We purchased a groupon at the local bowling alley!
It's the deal of the century and we are going bowling once a week!
(for literally pennies each time! Shhhhh!)

 While our kids bowl....
Selinda and I get to visit!
We are pretty close to figuring out all the important questions in life!
This is a highlight of my week!

The local YMCA is an amazingly family friendly place!

The kids do swim lesson there for a very affordable fee!

Because we are homeschoolers we can do swim lessons
 in the quiet afternoon while all the other kids are
at school!

Our kiddos have become really good swimmers!
They are on track to be potential life guards!

Jake, Grace, Luke and Joey are working on their skills!

The other kiddos are in the swim crew class.
Competitive swimmers, we are not but good solids swimmers, we are!

Jake accidentally took the larger shirt and left the tiny one for Sam!

Some of our kiddos are amazing organizers!

 As we continue to go through things to~
1. get rid of,
2. throw away,
3. give away, and
4. sell

This is soooo helpful!

Organization brings me peace!

Thank you
Melissa, Jenny and Madeline!

The kids have been watching some cooking shows lately!
Wow, it makes a difference!
They really know what they are doing,
including how to peel an avocado!
(currently looking for my other cooking pics)

We really have fun cooking together!
These Easter egg dishes turned our GREAT!

We happen to have a fantastic sledding hill right in our yard!

What goes down must come up!
Perfect way to tire out 16 kids!

Sunshine or snowstorm,
either way they have fun!

 And sometimes in March the sun feels quite warm and the jackets and hats come off!

When the snow melts they get creative!

 Instead of attempting to slide down a muddy hill
the throw snowballs into their inner tubes!

 Got one in!

 They have been doing a whole lotta this lately!

Kids that were not readers and now avid readers!

The complete
Harry Potter series,
the Chronicles of Narnia series,
The Among the Hidden series,
Michael Vey series,
Lemoncello series,
and soooo much more!

We have also watched the movies after reading the books!
The kids love watching movies with Mom and Dad!

So, although budget cuts are not my favorite
we are making lemonade out of our lemons!

God is so good!


Wendy said...

Sometimes a budget cut can be a blessing. When my children were younger, I decided not to involve them in organized summer activities. Instead, I let them "just do their own thing" and they came up with some great ideas and were very creative. An example, taking old shoe boxes and making them into houses. May seem small and silly but they had so much fun with these. Now, they are in their 20's and I will never forget that summer. It was a summer of new discoveries, new adventures, creativity and imagination. I firmly believe less is more; using our senses and wonder as children...and adults is important. Interestingly enough, I was at a meeting with some physicians and one surgeon spoke about when he was a child and bored, he would go in his father's workshop and bang away on wood and make things or, he would spend hours with his legos, using his imagination. He contributes these times with his success as a surgeon. He says young surgeons today do not have the creativity that is so important as a surgeon. I found this conversation really interesting. Yes, my children had their one summer of self-directing their summer activities. They did go on to have summers of organized activities but they were much less and given lots of times to use their imagination. I am telling you this in hopes to inspire you to be ok with budget cuts and know children survive not having lots and most times lots truly is more. Hugs dear and enjoy those precious children. Hope to see some creative shoe boxes on your blog.

Julie said...

I'm glad you made it back safely.

seox _ joy said...
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Updated by Lila Huggins (grandmother) said...

Soooooooooooooooo glad you're blogging again. I miss you. You're in my prayers

Debbie said...

Most of the school districts here in Colorado have free programs for homeschoolers. Our kids went all day on Fridays for an enrichment program where they had music, science, PE, language arts, and Spanish. It was for six hours and completely free. I know you are not in Colorado anymore but there might be something similar there.

Janet said...

Bowling--we've been meaning to do this for soooo long! We buy passes to other things, because it's usually cheaper than individual tickets, but I never thought of it for bowling!

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