Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Top Ten Things I Say... All. The. Time!

Thank you Connie Darnell Johnson for this post idea!
And, thank you Auntie Mimi for our Valentines donuts!

In a family with 16 kids at home,
I find myself saying things over and over again...

Here are my top 10-

(Restocking the pantry in Minnesota!)

10. "Uh huh, okay, uh huh, yep, yep, that's great!"
When I'm completely not listening to to anyone.

(Random pics for this post. Our grocery store helpers!
Next time we will mix it up and have 4 other helpers!)

9. "Does everybody understand?"
It's usually met with many blank faces looking back at me.

8. "That is so NOT okay..."
When they do something they know
was not a good choice.

(Unfortunately, we have found 2 shrews in the basement- ewwww!)

7. "I've said this maybe 10 times, no 50 times. 
Actually, I think it's been at least 100 times...
Maybe even a million... PLEASE LISTEN!"
Repeating myself over and over and over again...

(The dogs sunning themselves on the deck!)

6. "Okay, pick a number between 1 and 100!"
When too many kids want the same thing and we don't have enough.

(Ash Wednesday!)

5. Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Get into the van!
When we are trying to go somewhere.

(Our kitty cat Celia, will sit next to Sarah
for hours while she does school!)

4. "Hmmm, I forgot... did I really say that???"
They all help me remember! 
I don't need a mind, they(our children) are my mind!

(Tom, hangs out with us while we do school!)

3. "Do we have everybody?"
At which time, at least one child will answer back, 
"I'm not here!"
Hahaha, very funny!

(And Mike hangs out with the 6th grade kids!)

2. "Do we have everybody?"
Noooo, We are missing ______!
Yikes! They have saved me (and a child) so many times!

And last but not least...
drum role please!

1. "Where are My Helpers?"

Truly, this family could not function 
without constant TEAMWORK!
There is so much truth in "Many Hands Make Light Work"
Doing things together 
makes our family chores fun and interesting. 
It's during this time 
that we have the best conversations, 
the most laughs and we get the job done quickly!

(Careful Dad, don't spill the dogs water! Haha!)

After writing this I realize that 
there are a few things I need to say more often...

Let's Pray About It!

There's always room for improvement!
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