Saturday, April 14, 2018

We Didn't Know...

We didn't know?
We thought,
 what we were doing... was a great choice!

From left to right-
Teddy, Quincy and Sunny.

(from left to right- Sunny, Teddy and Quincy)

We knew it would be challenging
with 3 puppies the same age but we didn't know it would
NOT be a good choice for them and for us...

Unfortunately, we were uneducated
on the do's and don'ts of adding three female puppies,
 all the same age,
to our family.

It was a blast in the beginning.

A bit overwhelming after the first few months
and a zoo as they got older.

But we loved our puppies and knew within a year
they would calm down and be great adult doggies.

What we didn't know was,
 as they reach the 15 month to 2 year mark
they begin to get more territorial and claim their breeding rights.

As they hit young adulthood
and the alpha female lets the other females know,
that she is in charge and the leader of the pack.
She has all the mating rights...

Even though they are a spayed
the hormones are there
and they are strong...

Teddy exerted her right as the alpha
Quincy and Sunny didn't agree with Teddy...
And it got a bit nasty...
really nasty...

I have researched this issue at length,
talked to dog trainers,
dog behavioralist,
other breeders,
and facebook groups filled with dog owners.

This was bound to happen...
and before it gets too nasty or dangerous
we need to separate our doggies...

(The day Teddy came home!)

 they are amazing dogs
but together at 16 months old...
not so much!

Love is NOT the issue...
We adore and are passionate about each one of our pups...

How did we choose?

We didn't...
It became obvious that our wonderful Teddy was an alpha...
so much so,
that she needed to let the others know...
And unfortunately, she didn't do it in a gentle manor...

We never ever imagined that these two beauties
would not get along as they got older...
We thought they were soul sisters!

Sweet Teddy as a puppy!

Teddy is an amazing doggy,
perfect in every way
and probably the most beautiful of all our puppies.

Unfortunately, all three have attempted to claim the alpha spot
Quincy and Sunny seem
to be getting along...
so far...
we think...???

(The good old days!)

Our hearts are breaking again...

One minute I am thinking we need to go ahead
with rehoming her...
and the next minute I'm thinking...
What are we doing and why are we doing this?
We love and adore her...
we don't want to give her up.

We feel that the Lord is asking us to do what's hard,
and to put our trust in HIM.

Instead of doing just
what we want...
we have to do what we don't want to do.

I feel like we should be the family that welcomes-
the new child,
the new dog,
the new cat,

BUT not this time...

She loves a good belly rub...

and playing in the snow!

God heard our prayers
and through local friends and facebook
we found the perfect family for our beautiful
(Thank you, Katie and Marty!)

They live 5 miles away and still within our community!
They lost their doggy about 8 months ago
and are feeling ready now for a new doggy!
They were just beginning the search
for a Golden Retriever between 1-2 years old.
Since they had always had red Goldren's
that is what they were hoping for!
Teddy will be there 5th Golden Retriever!

They are Golden Retriever LOVERS,
just like us!

We are going to miss you sweet Teddy...


Our God is so amazing and we are so thankful!

We know she will be
so loved,
showered with attention,
taken on endless walks,
and blessed by an awesome family!

Please say a pray for Teddy's adjustment!
For our family's hearts to heal,
for the many tears of our children
(and their Mother)...

And if you can,
will you say an extra prayer
that Quincy and Sunny
get along
and can live together...
with us!

(Teddy, Quincy, Sunny)

Thank you dear friends!

Hubby, Sarah and Melissa brought Teddy to her new home today.
There was a bed waiting for her in the family room
and a crate in her new parents bedroom!
She gets the run of the house!
AND it was her new Mom's birthday!
What a great gift both ways!
Thank you Jesus!


mary m said...

I am so happy you were able to find a good
home for Teddy. He is not that far away that you couldn't go visit.
I understand your heart ache.
Due to some health problems, I am having to rehome my little cockatiel, Beaker and his buddy, a nanday conure, named Buckwheat. Buckwheat has been with me for 17 years.
Beaker for 6 years. Both were from abusive situations.
Thank you for sharing...I am thinking of the children and Momma who found it so hard to say good-bye. your no. 1 washington state fan..
mary m

EHedden said...

My experience has been that it is ok to have multiple male dogs but it is best to only have one female. I hope your other two continue to get along. They are all three such beautiful dogs.

K said...

How HARD! We have four and we, too, are now struggling with one of our two females for the same reasons. She's 12 months old. We live and learn, but some lessons are just plain harder than others and hurt our hearts.

Elizabeth Halcombe said...

Wow... will definitely be praying for you all. What a hard time, so much sad animal losses in the last few years.

Wendy said...

I cannot imagine the hurt you felt at having to make such a tough decision. So glad you were able to find a home for Teddy. Hope Sunny and Quincy do well together. Another life lesson for your children.

alex amarxon said...

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