Saturday, July 6, 2019

HaPpY 4th of JuLy 2019

Love having the kids in their Red, White and Blue!

Last year we celebrated in Richmond, VA
but this year we were back home
and creating new memories (once again)
in MN!

The day was unpredictable, weather wise.
So often, we make our decision on what to do,
based on the weather...

But this time we decided to go for it 
and just have fun, 
no matter what Mother Nature 
was going to give us!

And it proved to be a super fun choice!
A choice that makes good memories!

Hurry up and get in to the pool 
before you get wet!!!

Just as quickly as the rain came,
the sun peeked out!
Go Jake!

Luke's turn!

The fun continued,
rain or shine!
Anna is soooo good at limbo!


Jenny and Anna were close to being the winners...
but not quite!

Abby was disqualified due to her knees on the ground.

And Mary,
She decided to do it differently!

Jake opted out at this point!

We LOVE bingo!

Generally speaking-
the odds are in our favor!

We usually win, win, win!

not so much this year!

We sure tried to win...

Ava came the closest!
Funny things is...
they were playing the losers game this round!

We couldn't even win this!

Sarah likes to win 
and really tried hard!

But to no avail!

We made the most of our 2019 
losing streak!
And we're a little bit silly!

Sometimes the photos tell a story.
So even though they are similar
they show us...
being us!

We celebrated from 11 until now (8:00pm)...
The parents were getting a little tired.

We tried to bribe the kids
into going home
and watching a family movie...

Our idea got mixed reviews.

They love giving us a hard time...
raising hands, changing their minds,
voting again and again and again.

So I made an executive decision...

And we stayed for the fireworks!

They seemed to be happy with the choice!

Me and my date!

Mary is photo bombing the pic!
She is so sweet and such a blessing to our family!

Our blessings!

Mary and Melissa are from 
the same orphanage in China!

I actually have pics of the two of them together!
(with other kids, too)

Thank goodness we brought sparklers
for the down time as we waited 
for the fireworks!

Our sweet Ava has matured 
into a beautiful young lady!

Thankful for these three!

This is Dwight!
He made Ben and Grace's orthotics!
He has since retired,
so it was a special joy
running into him!

The fireworks were wonderful!

They went on for about 45 minutes!

Our precious two younger girls, 
that have become BFF sisters!

Our GOD is so amazing!
I call them our twins!
They are only 2 days apart in age!
Sweet Mary is going to the
Endocrinologist next week. 
She hasn't grown in height for quite awhile, 
actually for 3 years...

Hoping to find out a few things 
and praying they can help her.

We celebrated from 11:00am to 11:00pm!


Zanmei said...

Lovely to hear more about Mary, and to are that it was God's work in having her join your amazing family!

Delaine said...

Jean, I love reading about your family. I have followed your story for many years now. You and your husband amaze me!!! You are doing such an awesome job with so many children. If you are ever down to Richmond again, I would so love to meet up and say HI. We have 3 kiddos from China. Delaine

Updated by Lila Huggins (grandmother) said...

Thank you so much for blogging again!! I've been following you for years and love watching your awesome family grow. You're a joy!!!

Jennie said...

What a treat to log in and to view your family's joyful July 4th celebration! Always, always enjoy reading about your family. The children are growing so fast! Thank you for sharing, Jenny

Angie said...

Likely you do not want to share but... Mary... I think I missed something.
What ever the case glad she has a home and family.


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