Saturday, September 28, 2019

HopeKids at Severs Fall Festival and MOA Sea Life!

With 17 kids still living at home,
the opportunity to have a variety of experiences
and meaningful family time
is slim...
The cost alone is prohibited.

Through HopeKids
our family has been blessed 
to enjoy activities and to explore the Mpls/St Paul area

A couple weeks ago 
we were able to enjoy the evening 
at SEVERS Fall Festival Farm!

We had meatball sub sandwiches, salad and 
a beverage, for dinner!

After dinner, the kids all ran 
in separate directions and 
enjoyed a multitude of 
fun fall farm activities!

They had zip lines!

Hay mazes for the little ones
or for the bigger kids to run around on!

Corn pits(2 of them) big enough 
for our whole family and all our friends!

The corn maze was amazing!
It's the 2nd biggest corn maze in the USA!

The kids entered it before we could talk to them...

The parents...
were hesitant...

It was huge and daunting!
But it did come with a map-

Thankfully, we found some of the kids!
They were fine and loving every minute of it!
They knew exactly where they were 
and weren't the least bit concerned!

Hubby and I were completely confused!

Luke may have been slightly lost 
but he was in good hands!

Is there anything better than a 
Fall Festival?

By the children's happy smiles...
I think not!

It was a warn sunny evening
and we all drank lot's of water!

Ellie and Emma
had a great time!
They loved the slide the most!

As a Mother to many,
I was very thankful...
 as two by two and three by three,
the children emerged from the corn maze!

We did a head count at the end of the evening
and all Mulvahill's were present and accounted for!

Thank you Severs Fall Festival!
We loved our evening at your beautiful and fun farm!

We spent another evening at Sea Life 
in the Mall of America!

The kids loved the pop up areas 
in the middle of the exhibits!

This is a sawfish...
the underside of one!

We found him very entertaining...

and interesting!

Where's Luke?

Lost children hiding in the kelp!

We were able to touch the sea anemones!

If you ring your finger along the outside they will close up!

They loved the hands on part!
Let's face it,
kids just like to touch things!

Thank you SeaLife for a wonderful evening!

Favorites were the jelly fish, sea turtles, 
stingrays, sea anemones, sea horses 
and underwater tunnel!
Okay, I think everything was their favorite!


Jennie said...

Always enjoy your family updates. I logged on and there were 2 updates~~a bonus for sure! The children are growing up so quickly!

Jean, You and your husband are an inspiration. May our gracious Lord continue to surround your family with His love and protection.

mary m said...

As with Jennie's comment, I have always thought this family is an inspiration.
As an elder, with fragile health, this blog has brightened my life considerably.

We are spoiled here in the PACIFIC NORTHWEST, as when going to the beach, when the tide is out and one can explore the various boulder and rock formations, the anenomes and starfish are usually seen...they are mostly under water, but can be exposed at low tide level.

I asked my son if he saw the sea exhibit at MOA, he and his cousins who have lived in Minneapolis for a long time, have never seen that show called, "FLY OVER AMERICA" So they chose "fly over america" over the sea life exhibit.
I also loved the fall cornfield exhibit...the children were so happy.
When I was a little kid, my family would visit farm relatives in SE North Dakota and NE South Dakota.....we were always warned not to go into the cornfields, as i understood, that children had become lost in the corn.....So nice there are those beautiful corn mazes for families to enjoy together.

Fall blessings to all the family...including the Bigs.
Mary M
Vancouver, Wa.

Sarah B said...

I've been following your blog on and off for a couple of years reading many posts, but often missing some. But recently felt moved to go right back to the beginning when you were adopting Sarah. It's been almost an addiction reading the full 9 years, but seeing your journey, your struggles, your joyful moments and most of all the happiness in every one of your children ('big' and 'little') has been so wonderful. I admire what you both are doing for these orphans while still keeping your bio family close. I wish you all the best for the future and hope you still continue to post updates (though I don't keep up-to-date with mine at all!)

Carol Mulvahill said...

This is "cousin Carol", Tim's wife. I just read this and enjoyed seeing your family having fun. It looks beautiful up there! I hope someday before long, Tim and I can drive north and meet you in person and Tim and Jim can reconnect! We love Jesus, too, and are so glad to see your good testimony ❤️.