Saturday, September 27, 2008

Welcome to our Life!

Tonight was homecoming for Johnny! We took him to the picture place and snapped away like all the other parents. He chose not to ask a date, which we are fine with, it is more fun at his age to go with a group! They ate dinner at the local country club and then went to the dance. Our Dad (Jim) will be the ride home for about 6 of the kids. Hopefully they all had fun!

After the picture taking Jim and I were invited out on our friends boat. It is the last boat outing of the season because the cooler weather is moving into MN. We waited on the dock for our friends to show up and within 15 minutes there they were! My dear hubby hopped on the back of the boat first and held out his hand to help me. He is so sweet and I know he was concerned about me getting on- he stepped back to make room for me but he was already at the end of the boat so of course stepping back meant... yep, you guessed it... "in" he went! It seemed to happen in slow motion and it was such a surprise! Blue jeans, jacket, leather shoes, cell phone , everything- sopping wet! Thank goodness this guy has a sense of humor and the guy who owns the boat had extra clothes!! A few of the couples we had never met- we love to make a good first impression! I can't stop laughing about it- they clothes are already in the washing machine and Jim is on his way to pick up the kids from the homecoming dance. Welcome to our life! The good news is God continues to humble us! ( I think we will be invited back next year to the "end if the year" boating excursion- how can we not be- we were the entertainment!) There is a cell phone pic floating around (pun) of my dear hubby all wet- as soon as I get it I will post it! I love you honey!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where is everyone!

As of 9/23/2008 this is where we are at starting with our oldest !
Matt is 24.75 yrs. and living in uptown in a house with a couple of his friend Pete and Claire. He has a job at a data research company in dinky town! He seems to be happy, he is enjoying his own space and managing his OWN money! Which makes us very happy too!
Katie is 23 yrs in 2 days! She is in Iowa City. She is working 3 jobs and enjoying a little time before 2nd semester when she will do her student teaching. Katie will go to China with me to pick up her new little sister Ming Ming! We hope to go ASAP but we will probably go sometime in November or December.
Billy is 20.5 yrs. and a junior at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. His is majoring in finance and playing on the golf team. He will periodically stop at home for a meal, do his laundry, pick something up or just hang out. I love it when he stops at home!
Mark is 18.5 yrs. and a freshman at the University of Denver. He made the club soccer team there! He is getting used to college life! He seems to really like it but I think sometimes he misses Anna. We miss him.
Johnny is almost 15 yrs. and a freshman at Benilde. He is captain of the B squad soccer team. He is really enjoying BSM! He loves all the kids and the sports, it is a good fit for him! He is also playing basketball on the weekend- and loving it!!
Ming Ming (Sarah) is in Jiangsu Province, China. She is 8 yrs. old. We are so excited to bring her home!!
Anna is 2.5 yrs old! She is in speech (Monday) and doing great! She goes to Montessori 2x/ week. Every week Anna and I go to EFCE (Wed.) and FCC (Friday) together! We love our schedule and we have so much fun together! 
Jim is working hard on his business. They are preparing to go through stage 2 and raising money. He is traveling a little more lately, about once a week.
Me, Jean- is as thankful as can be! I have a busy week with Anna and Johnny and I am preparing for our darling daughter, Ming Ming! I am excited to meet her, bring her home and to homeschool her!
So at this point in time that is where we are all at! Thank you Lord for your many many blessings!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our family!

Welcome to our family blog! I am new at this blogging so it may take a bit for me to catch on! Our son Matt is the computer pro- he helps me get started and teaches me new things on the computer! He does not live at home now so I grab him when I can! Hopefully we will see improvements as we go along. This is our family to be as soon as we can get to China and bring our 8 yr old daughter Ming Ming home! We pray it will be soon!