Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Wonderful Get Away for a Family of Four!

Jim, Johnny, Anna and I took a little time away in Phoenix. We had a prepaid vacation and if we didn't use it we would lose it, so off we went to Phoenix! This is what happens when a husband sends his wife and daughter on a free trip to Phoenix to look at time share and the last thing he says is "buy us some time share". He forgot to say "just kidding". Plus when I was there they offered me Hawaii- well, I've never been to Hawaii so I thought being the dutiful wife I am I should take this home and discuss it. So I paid for the extension- hence the our prepaid trip to Phoenix. Obviously after a short discussion we couldn't quite see Hawaii fitting into our adoption plans. Those free trips ARE to good to be true!

Anyways- the 4 of us had a wonderful time away! The weather was perfect for Phoenix- 90's sunny, dry and calm. We went swimming 5 times in 3 days and went to the Zoo!  We ordered out dinners and brought them back to our place because one of us is 2, I am not going to name any names! The pictures will tell the whole story! I now know that a certain someone actually likes really healthy, good food and if it wasn't for that darn Momma of hers she'd be ordering out everyday! 

We had great family time together! Anna is quite the swimmer! She wears water wings and can now paddle around the pool! She knows to close her mouth and she is beginning to go under water! 

We all loved the zoo! It was a bit warm so we did the train ride version! We still saw lots of animals! Anna has a couple friends named Amelia and she likes chameleons. One of her favorite books is "The Mixed Up Chameleon". So they had pretend chameleons at the hotel , which we had to pet everyday! Both the friend and the chameleons are called meal meal- we think it is so cute- but I'm not quite sure that her friends appreciate the name!

Everyday we saw the lawn crew mowing the lawn- I wanted to go out there and tell the guys- this is Phoenix, your brown grass does not grow- take the day off! No one will know!

To top off a wonderful family time we received our LOA while we were gone! It just made that little family adventure even more special! 


Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Sounds like a wonderful get-a-way made perfect when topped off with your LOA! Fun, fun!!

Laura L. said...

Cute photos! I love her cute ponytails. :) Swimsuits and shorts, we are already starting to miss that.
Sound like you had a lot of good fun.