Saturday, November 1, 2008

She's Back!

Good news- My beloved camera is back in my arms again! DD Katie immediately upon arriving in Iowa City bubble wrapped it, put it in a box w/ styrofoam peanuts, insured it and overnighted it! Wow, she really understands!! Thanks Katie!!

It also looks like we may not get an update on our darling daughter in China. I am no longer waiting for it and we are now focusing on going to China. If all goes well we are leaving in 19 days!! 

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Mom Of Many said...

Your camera is home - safe and sound!! Snap away girlfriend, snap away!! You leave for China right about when Dw leaves for Africa! =) Yippee Jesus!

Laura L. said...

Woot! I know you're glad she's back. I know I'd miss mine if she went out of state. Ha!

We missed you guys on Friday. :(

LouieRN said...

Anna is SO cute! Hopefully, we're headed out "with" you...canNOT wait!