Sunday, November 16, 2008

Triple Espresso

We took our 3 oldest kids to a comedy show today. It was a fund raiser for a mission trip through our beloved local christian radio station! This show is done by three local guys and it ran for a really long time in their theatre in Mpls (like 20 yrs). I think they have since taken it on the road so if it comes to your neck of the woods be sure to see it! It is so funny!! They have recently reopened it, for this holiday season. Anyway for part of the show they we doing some singing and having the audience sing along and the next thing you know - he stops, looks up to where we were sitting and says- in front of everyone- excuse me mam- what's your name- the spotlight shown right on me- then he asked me not to sing so loud. Well they had a good time with me for about 1o more minutes and then just the men sang, then just the women sang and then they wanted just JEAN to sing. This is in front of about 800 people! My singing is about as good as my cooking... let's just say everybody enjoyed my solo! On most days this would have been a near death experience for me but today it was all fun and a great distraction! 

We even saw my FCC/ blogger buddy Laura and her hubby Alan at the show! Hi Laura! Wasn't that the funniest show!

After the show we came home and celebrated Daddy Jim and Matt's b-day! Auntie Barbie babysat little Anna and stayed for the celebration! It was a fun family evening before our big trip to China! (Mark is still in school in Colorado and Johnny had a basketball game- so he missed the show)


Mom Of Many said...

Oh Jean! That really made me laugh - wish we had been there to join in the fun. I am a HORRIBLE singer...I always tell people that Edith Bunker trained me. =) ((Remember how Archie Bunker's wife sings in the beginning of their show?)) Yeah, and I'm not even kidding! I am praying for you as you prepare and little Ming-Ming...It's ALMOST time!

Laura L. said...

It was a really great show! Seeing you there and YOU being part of the show was great. I won't soon forget it.
Your solo was GREAT, and you were such a good sport. :)
I wish more of your friends and family could have been there for this occasion, when Jean was part of the show. Go, Jean!
Let me tell you folks, it was great fun.


klm said...

mom! get stuff up here about our trip!! WE LEAVE AT 11!!! woo hooo!