Thursday, December 25, 2008

And a Merry Christmas it is!!

What a wonderful Christmas this has been! We went to the 3:00 service at church. It was very crowded so the Mulvahill family sat in the back of the great hall and watched the service on a very large movie screen. We didn't mind- we had everyone together praising the birth of our Lord- What more could we want! The girls did great. They made friends with everyone around us!  Sarah only went to the bathroom once and the drinking fountain 3 times! after church we met the rest of my family at our house. we did a more relaxed hor de voures evening instead of a sit down dinner. everybody loved  sarah- she won the hearts of my whole family!   This was our first christmas without our mom and i must say our 2 little girls brought a lot of joy to the evening. even my brother warmed up to them !! kate, sarah and i did a bit of knock off shopping in china- all the girls loved their purses and wallets!! my nephew has white blonde hair- which amazed sarah, she took to him right away !! 

Little Anna started to come down with a fever after church. She was doing fine and BOOM it hit- 101 degrees. She slept in Dad's arms and then rallied later in the evening. She was sick last year, too. On Christmas morning she woke up with  fever of 103.6. She has been held most of the day and did not open gifts until the end of the day- poor dear girl. I am hoping she is on the road to recovery.

I started this post many hours ago- I don't seem to get a chance to start and finish in one sitting- so my thoughts might be jumbled. It is the end of the day now. Christmas went well for our family. I do look forward to spending time with the girls- without so much commotion. I think our dear Sarah needs that in order to really figure out that she has a mama that will stay with her forever. Thank you Jesus for our many many blessings.

will write more and pics too


Mom Of Many said...

Merry Christmas sweet friend!! Love the new family pictures - you guys are one big beautiful family!! Love from our snowy log home to yours...xo

Jill said...

Your family pictures are stunning, and Sarah loooks like she fits like a glove into your family! Merry Christmas to all of you!