Monday, March 30, 2009


The other day we were boarding the plane. Sweet hubby had Johnny and I sit together while he sat with the girls. 
As they were climbing into their seat the person behind him said, "Is your wife Thai?" "No," he said, "she's Danish, should I be worried?"

That was fun and we had a good laugh!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

What have we done to the kids!

Well, the last post was kind of fun BUT now I am paying for my fun! I got a nice little sunburn during my "special time" and it has caused me to cover up for the last 2 days. I deserved it!

The kids have been enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Each day we have gone to the park, gone swimming, taken a walk and after 3 days of it they were exhausted. We all needed a little quiet time. As you can see everybody seemed to find a way to take a deep breath and relax!

It has been nice to have the time to blog during our vacation. Everyday life is busy and I rarely have the time to think about a post let alone the time to write it! I happen to be the worst typer in the world. Actually the second worst typer, hubby is the worst! I get by using 4-5 fingers- he uses 2! Why do we even have computers???? I would love to set some personal goals and improve upon a few of my skills but time doesn't seem to be on my side. I use it all up with the kids and whatever is left- I think I waste it. If I could I would take a photography class, learn to type properly and do a bible study. Maybe I should try to do them this summer! It is so important to keep growing and have personal goals- Hmmmm, I may have just talked myself into something! But it would also be awesome to improve my meal planning, exercise more often, clean out the downstairs storage room and be more organized with in my homeschooling! Oh yes and on top of that we would like to be working on another adoption this summer. We will see, I am back to let's just enjoy the moment, take care of the family and thank the Lord for his many blessings!

If you haven't read this blog yet today, please do!! This awesome family in China is starting an orphanage and they have more good news to share! They are an incredible example of living daily life by trusting the Lord! Thank you Jesus!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sneakin around!

Today hubby took the kids and gave me a little time to myself! Yup! It was great! We are in spring break and the fam decided to hit the park- Johnny played hoops and the girls went swinging. They played ping pong, tag and ate at McDonalds.

 I, on the other hand headed to the pool to soak up some son and sun! You betcha, just love prayin when I have some peaceful time!  I relaxed, continued to read my book- it is good- see previous post! Heart breaking, stirring and very thought provoking. Called the gang because I thought they be back- nope, still at the park . Wow, I still have more time! 

Went back to our place, cranked up the christian music on the itunes, made lunch and thoroughly enjoyed it while being on my computer. Hmmmm, their still not back. Went to the fridge where I have the fudge hidden- yeah, I know I have a little problem with hiding things I LOVE! What if they come in now and catch me? Will I have to share my fudge? I don't think fudge is good for children. It is in their best interest that I keep it from them! Oh no, Sarah, will smell it on my breath... 

They still aren't home. You know I could go back down to the pool and keep reading- good idea! If I do that I wouldn't even have to help with getting swimsuits and suntan lotion on. Wow, am I feeling lazy- let's go for it! Okay, my hopes are getting high, I'm likin this time- the elevator opens... whew, nobody is in there. Down I go, I am almost home free. No sign of them yet. Elevator door opens and no kids. Today, is my day. Oh yeah, I own it! 

Back at the pool, open the book- MOMMMMMMY, Mommmmmmy. 18 stories up -are my kids sayin hi! Oh, how sweet, hi kids, I missed you! Hurry down to the pool!

Don't say a word! This is our little secret!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Silent Tears" by Kay Bratt

I am reading this book. It is an excellent read! I find myself not wanting to put it down. It gives me great insight into my own children's possible experiences in Ch*na. I think it is very insightful and respectful of the different cultures. It helped me to understand maybe why they do things differently in Ch*na. Although it does not offer any excuses for the abuse and neglect that went on within the orphanage.

Our little Anna was one of those cleft affected babies. In her referral it said she could not suck and the formula would dribble out of her mouth. Thank goodness after the first month they sent her to a foster family. Thank you Jesus! She is now a healthy little girl with a family that loves her dearly! I have heard many similar stories in Kay's book from our daughter, Sarah. I wasn't sure if they were true, now I know they are. I am so thankful she is home with us! 

Kay did something I could never do- pack up and move to Ch*na and make a difference in children's lives. The book makes me want to hug Sarah and Anna even tighter! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Please pray for my cousin's son Brian. He is 19 yrs old and lives in Chicago. He had brain cancer when he was young. Through radiation and chemo they were able to put it in remission. It came back about 1 yr. ago. He had a stroke a couple days ago. The doctors said they could not do anything more for him so they sent him home with Mom and Dad (Pat and Pat). He used to try to talk, watch TV and do things but now he just rests in bed and sleeps for much of the day.

I am not real close with my cousin. We have only seen each other about 10 times over the last 50 yrs. I know they deeply love their son and they are heartbroken. They know that this is in God's hands and they are leaning on him.

Please pray for God size miracle! Please pray for comfort and peace for Brian and for their family.
Thank you so much bloggy friends. Your prayers mean so much!

Blessings to you,

Monday, March 23, 2009

Big brothers are soooo much fun!!

Whenever the big boys come home the girls are all over them! They have such a good time swinging, being upside down, sitting on shoulders, getting tickled or just a new set of arms to carry them! The big boys love it as much as the little girls! There is just a whole heckuva lotta fun goin on! 

Say- How do I post a comment next to a picture? Anyone?
Have you noticed I have been enlarging the print for those of you that need your readers, forgot your readers or are denying that you should have readers!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sweet Sleep! And a Thankful Thursday!

Sarah has been sleeping in a bed next to ours for the last 4 nights!! It feels so good to get sleep and not be woken by a little size one foot kicking me in the thigh. She seems to like it, too. She is quite proud of her bed and she says "my bed, pretty"!  We do have another carrot out there when she is ready- she will get to have her ears pierced when she sleeps in her bedroom. She is excited for pierced ears but she thinks sleeping in there would be scary- so it may be awhile.

We have had a little miscommunication with the dentist and endodontist. I specifically remember them saying after the partial root canal - not to do anything until we heard from our pediatric dentist- they will let you know the plan. He said if you don't hear in two weeks call them- you may have have fallen through the cracks. RED FLAG! Yes, we did fall through the cracks and being a busy Mom it took me 4 weeks to call the dentist. The good news is we are back on track- she has an appt for next week to get it all finished up!  I can't blame them sometimes I feel like things go in one ear and out the other- and I am not talkin about the kids- it's me!

Couple days ago we had a huge pouty day. I am thinking the tooth may have had something to do with it. At the end of the day both Mom and Dad had a talk with S.  We now have secret hand signals for "I love you" and for "smile, you are starting to pout". She loved the ideas and has been doing them all day. I'll let you know if they work when we need them!

Sarah is doing so well but there is a lot of changes in her life, a lot for her to get used too. She told me about a week ago-" Sarah no Chinese, I don't know, I can't do it". She was just realizing that she cannot speak Chinese any more. I said to her, "I know honey, I'm sorry, Chinese is hard but you are doing very well with your English".  Although I am happy for her incredible progress- it makes me sad she has lost her language.  I am hoping in the future that the girls can relearn Chinese.

We have had a wonderful week with MArk home! He has been a little under the weather but we all still love having him around!! We will be sorry to see him go back to school. He loves his sissies and his little bro Johnny!  

What a great day to be reminded of our many blessings!!
I am thankful that Sarah will have her root canal finished before spring break! 
I am thankful for our time with Mark at home!
I am so thankful that spring is near!
I am thankful that Sarah is doing so well! 
I am thankful that we have our little peanut, Anna- she is such a hoot!!
I am overjoyed with thankfulness for this life our dear Lord has given us!
I pray to serve him joyfully!
I  am thankful that little Bryson is doing better - Praise God! My Prayers are still with him! 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Billy!

My baby turned 21 today!! With 7 kids and 2 adults it seems like it is always someone's birthday! We went out to eat at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants. They always put on a fun show for us! The food was fantastic and enjoyed by all. Billy's girlfriend Kelly joined us. We missed our sweet Katie- she is heading off to Florida for spring break. It is so much fun to get those big boys together. They are always wrestling and bantering back and forth. We had a hula hoop contest but my camera ran out of batteries. A real tragedy for a blogger!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

He's home!

Yeah!! Our Mark s home for spring break! We are so happy to see him!! We haven't seen him since January 5th- it has been too long in my opinion. Anna and Sarah are especially happy to have their big brother home! They adore him! Johnny has missed him, too. The two brothers are very close-constantly competing. Thank you Jesus!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

And the Progress Continues!

Sarah has grown one inch and gained 6 pounds in the last 3 months (since she has been home)! Her pants are getting small so we are moving up to the next size for spring (size 8) - for now we are going to try make it through the cold weather with short snug pants. At 9 yrs old she is 56 lbs and 4 ft 3 inches tall. She is in the 25% on the American charts! Go Sarah!!

Our little girl hated books.  They were daunting, strange and felt overwhelming to her. Now she loves them! She likes to be read to every night and during the day. After we read a book she says-" wow, that was a good book!" This of course thrills me to know end (or is it no end- help Lori)!  Yippee Jesus! Tonight she proudly recited her math to Dad and brother Johnny! She has all her doubles up to 20 and is doing plus one. She saw next weeks lesson, it is plus two and minus one- "wow, that's hard," she said. At one point I did not think she would be able to do this, now I know she can!

Sarah is starting to read- I may be exaggerating BUT she is doing the "at" words- cat, rat, fat, mat, bat, sat and so on! She is thrilled with herself! She had to bring Daddy up to the school room so she could read to him when he got home. Just by coincidence I worked with her on this today and then the esl teacher did the same. I was thinking I was moving too fast but she did so well for both of us- so we will keep moving forward!!

She is making wonderful progress. Sometimes I think we have hit a lull- kind of plateaued and they she jumps forward and makes more progress. For me- it is quite exciting, "this is what I do", not a whole lot else- not much time- couldn't be happier!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

State Champs!

This was a big basketball weekend! Johnny's 9th grade team won the State Championship! There are many different levels (they were in the 2nd level) and for their level - they won! Yippee!! It is bittersweet- I haven't been to as many games as usual because of the girls so I was so happy to be able to be at 4 of the 6 games!

It is the end of an era for us - we have been in traveling basketball for 15 years(and 5 kids later) - yep, 15 consecutive years! Jim has coached in some capacity for 13 of the 15 years. He started as head coach and then moved to assistant coach and then to assistant to the assistant- the last 2 years he opted out due to family and work commitments. He is an awesome coach and honestly the best I have seen, every player improves and is more self confident when he is the coach- he lets the kids play basketball and doesn't constantly tell them what to do. In fact he has been accused of being too low key (by his own son!)! (But honestly- they won a lot, too!)

Johnny played awesome- he is a great team player! It is so fun to watch him play! Now that b-ball is done he will move onto soccer! Next year he will be in 10th grade and will most likely play high school basketball- no more tournament weekends BUT we probably will have busy Tuesdays and Friday evenings- we will see what the future brings! He is an easy kid to watch because he always gives 100%- I never feel like I need to say "you can try harder".

Thank you Jesus for the fun we have had and for the lessons we have learned!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Is anyone hungry?

Last night the girls helped us make dinner! They are always eager helpers and even though it takes longer to have them "help" us- I don't want to squash their wonderful helping attitudes! This will payoff in the future, hopefully! I have read that there is a window of eagerness to help and if you don't grab it and let it happen it will pass you by. Your soon to be teenagers will not want to help, and then may not have a desire to serve (our Lord). Since I have already flubbed that up with 5 children (as far as wanting to help around the house) I am going to try harder with our younger children- I 'll let you know how it goes in about 10 years!!

Anyways back to our dinner helpers! They did a great job making the burgers but it wasn't until after we all ate and then looked at our pictures that we realized we didn't wash Anna's hands after she used the tissue... does anyone want to come for dinner at our house?? ;-0 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday- March 5th!

Today is a very special day!! It is our Sarah's birthday! I'll be posting more on that later but for now I am one thankful Momma! I need to be quick and get back to the festivities!!

1. I am down on my knees thankful for this little girl that joined our family 3 months ago! Lately I have been walking around praying everywhere I go- "thank you Jesus for this child in our lives!"

2. I am thankful to be able to celebrate her birthday with her! She has NEVER celebrated her birthday before- this is the first time! She never even knew when her birthday was...

3. I am thankful for the delicious chocolate cake we will be eating in a couple hours! After I eat it I will no longer be thankful for it- just very full and wishing I didn't eat so much!

oops- more family has a arrived, back to the birthday party!

Back again-10:00 and tired!

4. I am thankful for the other blogs I read! They are uplifting, encouraging, and entertaining!! There are some very talented writers out there in bloggy land!

5. I am thankful that our dear Lord loves us so much and wants us to share everything with him. He accepts us wherever we are and he turns bad days into good days!

6. I am thankful for homeschooling! Sarah is responding so well and is really showing an interest in reading- which is a whole other post!!

7. I am thankful for big kids that delight over their little sister's birthday! Thanks for coming to the party guys!!

8. I am especially thankful that today has gone very well!! Thank you to those that prayed for a good day! There wasn't even a hint of tears- everything went perfect! We wanted it to go well and it did!! Thank you Jesus!!

Happy Birthday Sarah! For details of Sarah's 9th birthday go to her blog!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh yes, we do have 5 other children. No, I haven't forgotten about them!

Since we do have a family with 7 children in it I feel like I should update this blog on all the kids. I have been filling it with mostly those at home and I am feeling a little guilty.

Matt 25 yrs is living in uptown (MPLS) and working. He likes his job and in this economy is so happy to even have a job! (Mom says "Thank you Jesus!") Matt goes skiing once or twice a week. He took a trip to Vail this winter and came back with a smile on his face that didn't leave for over 2 weeks! His passion is skiing!

Katie is student teaching in Iowa, it is going well! She is enjoying her 2nd graders and tentatively is hoping to get a teaching job for next fall. Where? Who knows! As of mid May, Katie will be done with college and a for real grown up! She has mixed emotions about this big change in her life. On one hand how great to have an income (if she gets a job) and a place to call your own (if she gets a job) but on the other hand college is such a fun and unique time in a persons life.

Billy is near the end of his junior year in college- wow- that's hard for me to believe. It has gone by so fast. Since his school is only a half hour away he stops by home occasionally. I love it when he does that! Sometimes he does his laundry and has a meal with us and other times he visits and picks something up from home. Johnny, Sarah and Anna love seeing him! He is/was our introvert- but he has a ton of friends and gets along with everyone but sometimes he comes home to study or read or just to get away from school for a little bit. I think it is great that he comes home to refuel but funny that he can concentrate in this active house of ours! Billy is our golfer and he is on the college golf team

Mark is in Denver. He is a freshman at DU- he has been gone for 2 months and will be home in 10 days for spring break! We miss him and we are so excited to have him come home! His passion is soccer. He recently tried out for the DU mens soccer team. It is division 1- so he knew is was a long shot. He was in it to the bitter end and then was the last one to get cut- bummer. They asked him if he would be the team manager. He is considering the opportunity. 

Johnny is a freshman in high school he is currently playing basketball. It has been a very busy season- filled with many games... 49 to be exact. Johnny plays point guard and has had a very good season. He has had lots of playing time! We are ready for it to end. This weekend is the state tournament and then we are done! His passion is soccer. His team has been playing all winter and he joins them when there are not conflicts. The good news is he will be coming home after school once again! Yippee- the day gets too long when the kids stay after for sports (in my opinion).

Sarah and Anna?  Well everyone has heard plenty about them! If you need a Sarah and Anna fix visit their blog
If you get a chance please leave a comment! It is so encouraging to hear from readers! Definitely a day brightener!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Here comes the bride!

Our sweet niece Emily was married on Saturday, February 28th to a wonderful man named Chris! They are an adorable couple! The wedding was absolutely beautiful and we all had a wonderful time! Our nieces/cousins are so precious- we love them so much! Thank you Jesus!

BTW her two sisters are available!