Monday, September 28, 2009

Pray for your husband!

This is sort of a memorial box Monday post and a true story Tuesday- and if I am wrong feel free to straighten me out!

About 6 years ago I was working as a school nurse at a wonderful christian school. We were a new school so we were still relatively small. I was also in charge of attendance and the lost and found.

During that time my/our life as we new it was crumbling. We had mismanaged our money and business was not going as well as expected. Hubby was burnt out and wanted to make a job change to a company that was just forming. Hubby did not share all of this with me because it was all very difficult for him and he kept hoping things would turn around. (hoping- now there is a hint!)

By the time I found out things had gone from bad to worse and we needed to make some huge changes. I was still a bit in shock and harbored many angry feelings. I definitely felt the opposition had done this to us.  I now know I was wrong. We let the opposition in by our poor choices and this is how the dear Lord was saving us.

At this point I relied on our Lord for everything and with every minute of every day. I am pretty sure the poem "Footprints" describes what God was doing for me during that time. 

While working as the nurse, the guru of attendance and the keeper of the lost and found- a book was brought to my desk. It was brand new and was found in the parking lot. I immediately sent out an e-mail and set the book on my desk for everyone to see. I was sure that the rightful owner would be looking for it and would soon claim it!

After about 2 weeks of just sitting there I couldn't take it any longer. The book was crying out for me to read it. I felt sheepish about taking something from the lost and found. What if the rightful owner saw me reading it? What if they came to claim it and it was in my briefcase? How embarrassing that would be!

I had the book in my hand and as I studied it I thought whoever owned this book would be happy to share it. If they saw me reading it, we would be kindred souls. They would delight in the fact that their book was helping another family. So I announced to my co-workers that I was taking it and planned to read it. Nobody called me a thief and they all seemed fine with it, so that is what  did! And I am so glad, I did! Honestly I think the dear Lord meant for me to have it. I think it was divine intervention. I think he did everything BUT hit me upside the head- trying to tell me to take it and read it!!

The book is " The Power of a Praying Wife". It was the best book I could have EVER read at that point in our lives but actually I feel it is a great book to read at any point in your life. It totally brought to me a different perspective.. The perspective of appreciation and respect for my husband for all he does and who he is. He is kind and loving and he was feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders. It made me realize that this is both of our responsibility and that we needed to humble ourselves to the Lord and trust him to guide us out of the mess we had created. I am embarrassed to say for the first time in my life I actually prayed for my husband and all that he has to deal with as the head of the household. 

How foolish of me all those years not to realize how much he needed prayer, how much he needed to rely on God. How much he needed me to respect him and uplift him. Sadly, I believe I began to think he was in control and not God. That is too much weight for anyone to bare. 

What a difference their was once I started praying for my husband. I prayed for his work day, for all that he had to do with a semi large family (at that time- 5 children), the expectation he had for himself and those that others had on him. I prayed for him (and us) to totally submit to God. To give God back the control and to trust him with this journey. The book actually prays daily with you so it made it so simple and so necessary! 

I did not tell him I was praying for him but he may have seen the book with me. And wow, what a change! His burden was lightened by our Lord and he new we were in this mess together! All of the sudden it was not a mess, it was just a different perspective with new ways to problem solve and a whole lotta relying on God! 

Ladies- I encourage you to read this book. Especially if you are feeling the tug to do so. Many of you are already beyond where we were but if not, consider this God whacking you upside the head to read it!

If all of this hadn't happened to us we would not be where we are now. With two lovely daughters from China. Excited to take another adoption journey to China! A husband that feels valued and enjoys his job. We never would have taken chances and trusted God with everything. I am so grateful to our Lord for loving us so much and literally saving us!

I pray for my hubby everyday! I pray for protection from the opposition, that the Lord will guide him throughout the day, and that all business decisions are made with accordance to God's will. With this new company that I was so afraid of - guess who they have made the chairman of the board? It's God! They have a board of directors and the chairman is God!

Hubby still says to me the best way to be have humility is to be humiliated!

Thank you Jesus!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Fun Evening!!

The beautiful children!

Ila, Cash and Ruby (Taiwan). Ruby was the first one to come home (June of 07)! Then surprise Cash was on his way! He was born in Nov. of 2008!

Waiting for a referral from Korea!! Yippee Jesus! They are the young couple of the group! They had only been married 6 months when we met them!

Drew and Olivia (Korea). They fooled us! We thought they we not going to adopt until one day they HAD A REFERRAL FROM KOREA! It still gives me goosebumps!

Joshua (Ethiopia) with his Mommy and Daddy! We keep telling them, that two is easier than one! Go for it!!

Three years ago from right now 5 families headed into CHSFS for a pre adoption class (PAC). Each of us were thinking about adoption but we all needed to gather more information. Right from the start we all hit it off. After 2 full day of classes we were all drained BUT even more determined! We exchanged information, emailed back and forth and got together couple months later. Since that day in September 2006 we have become good friends and a source of support for each other. It is especially nice because we all live within a 30 mile radius. From what I have heard it is very unusual to have a group like this be such a good fit and stay together. 

It has been such a blessing watching this group grow and to sharing our journeys with each other! Since that day in September we have added a daughter from Taiwan (Ruby), a daughter from China (Anna), a birth son (Cash), a daughter from China (Sarah), a daughter from Korea (Olivia) and a son from Ethiopia (Joshua)! We are now waiting for our daughters from China (Emma and Ellie) and an infant son from Korea (what will the name be?)!

Last night we all got together with the kids! They played great together and when it was time to end the evening the children didn't want to leave! I think we will have to get together again soon! For the children's sake, of course!

Thank you for the FUN evening! You are all such a blessing to us!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Will You Please Pray For My Friend!

I have a friend in China right now getting her wonderful new 7 yr old daughter. As I read her blog I remember back to our time in China. Many of the things she is going through, we went through with Sarah. It is all part of the journey! Although the end result is usually wonderful, the journey can be very difficult and challenging. Because she is in China alone it is even more challenging. It was so helpful for me to have our older daughter Katie there- I could process what was happening with her, we gave each other mini breaks, we could talk and laugh at the situation. It was the support and extra pair of hands and eyes I needed. I do not know what I would have done without Katie being there. 

Please pray for her! Please pray for her daughter Ava Meying! Please visit her blog and send encouraging words!! She so needs to be flooded with prayers and support. She is exhausted and weakened.

Thank you! God Bless You!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday-September 24th!

The other evening was hairdo night! It feels so good when they comb my hair!  I love every minute of it!

And it was all so worth it! Look at my new "do"!!

God is so good and his blessings are so great!

I have been really focusing at giving my heart to God and not trying to control it myself. Lately a few things have weighed heavily on my mind. I have not let go of them but instead harbored unnecessary feelings. I need to cleanse myself and focus on God.  In some of the tough challenging situation I need to ask myself what would Jesus do? How would God want me to act and react?

I am very thankful for Gods presence. I am thankful he takes the burdens and allows me to move on.

I am so thankful that 24 years ago I had a precious little baby girl and we named her Kathryn Lee (Katie). She has been such a blessing and joy to all of us!

I am thankful that she has moved back to our hometown! I love having her here!

I am thankful that all the children are now content with where they are at whether it be school, new home, new temporary job. in their sports, etc.

I am thankful that families like Lynsay and Bill are serving the Lord and watching over these precious children. They give so much of themselves.  I am in awe of them and their hard work.

I am thankful for the wonderful families that are currently in China with their new children! I love following their journeys!!

I am thankful for how hard my hubby works and what a generous spirit he has!

I am thankful that hubby shares my passion and love for the orphans. 

I am thankful that he shares my dream to help the orphans. A dream that we hope to share with others in the future! I am thankful that God is guiding us and that because of our Lord a dream may become a reality!

I am thankful for our daughters in China and I deeply pray for our PA...

Please Pray!

Please pray for baby Luke from the Morning Star Project. He went to the hospital for a procedure- to help them determine how to deal with his heart. But now he has an intestinal blockage and is deteriorating rapidly. His heart is not strong- he so need our prayers. Please pray for him.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


There are many question we get as adoptive parents. Some we have been prepared for by our agency and some have come as a surprise. I wasn't sure which ones would get to me and which ones I would feel fine with until they were asked.

Usually I love to share- in hopes that maybe another family would consider adopting. After all it is such a miracle and such a joy and such an incredible journey- I wish everyone would do it!! Most of the question don't bother me at all BUT here are two that did...

Is she really really smart?
Excuse me! Wow, what a stereotype that one is... Whether she/they are or aren't really really smart what does it matter? Am I going to love them any less, will they be less successful in their future if they are smart or not. What's wrong with average, above average, slightly below average... I think I just told this person that she did live in an orphanage for 8 yrs. Smart or not, inexperienced is the word of the day. Potential could be used- that word describes the exciting adventure that we are currently on! 

How odd it must be - just because someone is from a certain ethnic group or country they would then have some quality/characteristic immediately assumed about them. Some assumptions are not as complimentary as the one our daughter just had- it is very unfortunate and as parents we need to dispel the  attitude. It is our job to protect our children and to help those that are mislead. What should I have said? 

As a caucasian person in America we don't have to deal with it much (except when we leave America).

The other question that I found inappropriate was... 
"Does she have issues?" They went on to tell of another adoptive family whose children are struggling.  With this question my heart hurt. It hurt for the adoptive  child, the preconceived ideas that others have, the inaccuracies of the information that they felt so freely to share and for the families that may shy away from adopting because of what they "hear" from others. I guess the word "issues" is red flag word for me. It has a negative connotation. Maybe coping mechanisms works better or personal strategies for coping or I'm up for other ideas if you have any!

If only I was quick witted and a fast thinker I would have been able to re guide this individual but I found myself giving a benign vague answer and then ending the conversation. 

I share because I am amazed at these two girls, how well they are doing, how much they have already accomplished and with what they are working on. They are such precious gifts from God!

I think I will think twice before sharing our story with others. I may also prepare ahead for those two questions that just didn't feel right.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gotta Love It!

This just warms my heart! I love when siblings hang out, get cozy and have some fun!

Johnny was the last one on board when we were deciding to adopt. He liked our family they way it was and he loved being the youngest. When Billy went to college Johnny realized that Mark was not far behind him. Soon our fun active home would be quiet and his parents would be focusing ALL their attention on him... even when he didn't want it. He quickly came around and decided that he did not want to be the only "kid" in the house.

Adopting was something that we really felt led too and were looking forward to proceeding with- we were thrilled when Johnny came to us and thought it would be a good thing to do. I would love to be able to say that he was also led to opening up his home and family to another child but it really didn't happen that way for him. 

Johnny loves that our home is active and busy. That we all come to his soccer games and cheer for him. His two little sisters adore him! Once he steps in the door the migrate right over to him! I can't say that I mind a bit! He is babysitting without even knowing it!!

We decided to adopt girls so we would not displace Johnny as the youngest boy. I think it was a good idea but now I think we could go either way he is older and he is not threatened by us adopting. It will be interesting with 4 younger sisters! For now I think we will just follow God's lead and see where he brings us!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fingerprints done and the kids new place!

One of the painters!

Here is another one of the painters!

I love the vintage hardware!

Here is our purchase of the day! We loved the table and it came with 4 chairs!

Today we had our fingerprints taken- yippee, hip hip hurray and alleluia! I am so hoping they will be acceptable- as it turns out my fingerprints are wearing off -  better adopt as much as I can now, before they are all gone!! If they are unacceptable there is a procedure we can do that will work out ( no, not on my fingerprints) I will need to go in and swear that I am actually me ;-) I find that a little funny but I'll d whatever they want! The bad thing about that is it will slow us down a little- I didn't think we could go any slower than we are now so even slower than this should be interesting ... Please pray that they accept the fingerprints!

Since Katie and MAtt have moved in to the duplex I have helped them out a little bit. It has been fun at times and not so fun at times.
We painted the kitchen together- that was fun! They went on and painted the bedrooms.
We bought a sofa together - that was fun!
We transported the sofa to their place, it was completely the wrong color so we immediately returned it. That was not fun because it was Kate and I carrying that thing in and out- and I am not strong so I was sweating like a you know what! Matt was at work so he couldn't help us.

Katie then bought another sofa... it is being delivered PTL!! 
Today we went to a cute little store that is only open once a month and got them a great kitchen table for a great price!! That was fun! I wish I would have taken a pic of the store because I know you all would have loved seeing how cute it was! I saw many things that were similar to what my Mom had in her home- It makes me question what is a treasure and what isn't? 

It is wonderful to spend this time with the big kids before they start their jobs and jump into the real world! We are hoping Katie will hear this week from a local school district! She has gotten some pretty positive signs that they may hire her BUT the position needs to be approved!! Praying that it will be approved!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Our Soccer Player!

Here is Johnny our varsity soccer player. Johnny is a sophomore and excited to be on the varsity team! He is getting lots of playing time which makes it even more fun! He has a chocolate carmel brownie in his hand, in this pic! Probably not the best thing for him to eat but who can resist! I would love to get a pic of him on the field but I am a Mom of two little girls and it just doesn't work out to bring the big camera to the games when I know at least one of them if not two would be following me out onto the field! For now we are just enjoying watching him play soccer and hoping someone is taking pics!!

A few loyal fans! Katie also went to the same high school and she is currently coaching the girls 7th grade team and occasionally helping out with the girls varsity team. The weather has been great so far so watching the soccer games in the evenings has been so enjoyable! Once it gets cold, it's a different story! Keep the warm nights coming Mr. Weatherman!

There is a soccer candy jar that is brought to every game! Sarah and Anna are always eager to come to the games and enjoy some candy (I mean come to the game and support Johnny)!

Before Mark left for college he came and watched a game. He had been with the girls for 3 hours before the game and needed a break so he choose not to sit with us ;-)
If the girls even catch a glimpse of him they are all over him!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Here it is!

Here's what ya'll been waiting for! I am getting hungry just thinking about them! 
Beware- make sure to make them for an event otherwise you may eat the whole pan!

Bloggy Friend Jean's Chocolate Carmel Bars!

50 light caramels (about 1 lbs) I just use one bag of the kraft caramel squares.
1/3 cup evaporated milk (by the 5 oz size can)
1 box German Chocolate cake mix (Duncan Hines)
1/3 cup melted butter
(1 cup nuts- optional) We do not put the nuts in- don't like them.
1 - 12 oz pkg choc. chips

Combine caramels and 1/3 cup evaporated milk. Melt them and set aside.

Combine cake mix, butter and 1/3 cup evaporated milk.

Grease and flour you 9 x 13 pan.

Pat in 1/2 of the batter into you greased and floured pan (your hands will get messy). Bake this for 6 minutes.

Take out of oven and pour on the chocolate chips evenly. Then pour on the caramel mixture.

Pat the remaining batter over the caramel layer. (sprinkle nuts on top - optional)

Bake 15 to 18 minutes at 350 degrees (sorry I left this out earlier- don't you just hate it when people do that too you with recipes!! ;-)

Cool slightly and place in the refrig. to set the caramels.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Being Thankful on a Friday!

First of all IF you are trying to calls us- don't bother, we have 4 phones in this house and one of them is MIA. It just so happens that, that one is off the hook so to speak and therefor our line is not working. It's not all bad, it has been peaceful lately without the phone ringing!

I missed thankful Thursday but I had planned to post so here is my being thankful on a Friday post!

1. I am so so thankful to our Lord for his presence when our home schooling, older child adopting, Jesus loving, bloggy friend had some difficult times. The Lord was right there and thankfully it is all cleared up! Honestly that really weighed heavy on my mind this week- it feels good to have restored faith in the truth and what is good and right! All glory goes to God!

2. I am thankful for the nasal mists- the girls had it this morning in place of the flu shot- it is so easy and painless!

3. I am so thankful for Hubby doing much of the paperwork for our next adoption. Since it is the I-800A it totally confuses me but he just handles it all so well! I am especially thankful for his wonderful and excited attitude towards this adoption! It is so cool to see!

4. I am thankful that all our children are settled in- there are a few of them that aren't quite as happy as they could be but with time and prayer they will figure out what is right for them.

5. I am thankful that Kate is still in the running for the teaching job. I can really feel God's hand in this and either way it will work out as he has planned.

6. I am thankful that currently our older children are dating very nice people. It is such a blessing to not have to be overly worried about that!

7. I am thankful that HS has gone very well this week! We have a few adjustments to make but all is well- PTL!

8. After Tuesday being a bit of a hectic day and a few things weighing heavy on my mind it was so nice to receive a very kind note from a friend- what a day brightener! Thank you Sue!!

9. Last night as I was ready to call it a day I read my evening devotional and here is what it said-

Make it your ambition and definitely endeavor to live quietly and peacefully, to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands.
1 Thessalonians 4:11

It was such a good reminder and so needed. I felt like he spoke straight to my heart. Thank you Jesus for your book and for your words of wisdom! Amen!

PS- Next post will have the caramel chocolate bar recipe in it!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to school!

My pics are out of order but here is the closet that we cleaned! 

Kate will be taking most of the hangers! We are using it for HS stuff!! (well okay, beach towels, gift wrap and a few photo books, too!)

Here are the yummy bars we made- the photo does not do it justice!

This is our homeschool room!

No matter how much space we have it is never enough!

Anna ;-)   at school!

Sarah reading a book!

I did have a couple students misbehaving!

Yesterday we had our first day of school. It was an interesting and eventful day. I'd like to share it with you and you can let me know if you think it was a good day? or a not so good day?

Whew... here goes...

Usually the girls wake up on their own but this morning was different. About 8:00 I heard Anna crying and went into their room. Sarah was in bed and Anna was trying to get into Sarah's bed. Obviously, someone did not want her there. I walked in and said "Good morning girls, Anna what's wrong?" ( In my cheeriest voice). Sarah took one look at me and went under the covers. She was not happy right away. I gave Anna a hug dried her tears and encouraged everyone to rise and shine... didn't work, I got "the glare" right away. At this point I knew we were off to a rough start... (BTW-Sarah has been doing so so good- I was a little surprised but not really I could sense her anxiety) To make a long story a little bit shorter Sarah had a morning meltdown/tantrum. The  good news is Daddy surprised us with donuts and coffee. So the battle was not fought alone- I had back up!  Actually I was the back up this time and Daddy was the hugger! Honestly, I think she was just nervous for the first day of school- not knowing what to expect. After a 20 minute hug-a-thon they came down for BKF and all was fine!

We started our day with prayer and bible reading- so that was a good start. Right after that I spilled my latte on our new school books. Bummer... Sarah was wondering whose fault is that- mine honey- sorry!

Sarah did great with her subjects and realized it wasn't much different than we were doing 3 weeks ago. Anna cut and pasted and cut and pasted- by the time she was done the scissors were pasted shut and every scrap of paper was pasted to the table ;-)

We baked bars in the afternoon. Honestly, they are the best bars in the world- carmel chocolate bars! Mmmmmmmmm! If you want the recipe I would be happy to share it! Sarah tasted them and thought they were good but not great so as her mother I volunteered to help her finish her bar- it was the least I could do! 

After baking we went outside to play... and we were visited by our city inspector... guess who complained again... this time it was because we have 3 dogs at our house (Kate will be taking her dog, soon- she is just getting settled in her new place)- the problem I had with this is 3 dogs is just fine to have in our city- so why did they visit? She also complained that we had dirt showing- yes... we do, we have not finished our landscaping BUT it is set to be done with in 2 weeks (just grading, irrigation and sod) and it is a fairly small parcel. Then I guess there is debris on the property... it was a little metal pole from our other neighbors yard. Okay I just have to say this BUT I know I will wake up in the middle of the night wishing I wouldn't have said it- we own her whole front yard, it is actually our yard but she has landscaped it and we have just let it go- if someone owned your front yard and let you pretend it was yours wouldn't you try to be nice to them and not regularly complain to the city? We have lived in this city for 26 years and never had even one complaint (and we have never complained about anyone). We have lived in MN all our lives (that's over 50 years each) and neither of our families have ever had a complaint- argh....

The city inspector was as nice as could be and could see the problem was not us. After he left I felt so invaded and harassed- I felt like all I do is love, raise and educate our children and try to serve our Lord. I always smile and wave but I do appreciate a little privacy. I do not like to stand in the neighborhood and gossip. I am a family person and I want my space. No, we cannot move- too bad... not with this economy. Actually right now our money is going to adoptions and college!

The day ended with hubby and I at our son Johnny's soccer game. Johnny made the varsity soccer team as a sophomore and is getting lots of playing time. It is so fun watching him play- I just love that guy so much!! When the game was almost over he took a hard shot to the face. His neck snapped back and he seemed to roam around the field. They got him out of the game and he had no recollection for about 5 minute after getting hit by the soccer ball. They think he had a minor concussion. He was very foggy at home last night but the next day he felt fine and clear headed, no headache thank goodness. He will not be playing soccer for a couple days.

So... that was my day. What a roller coaster of a day! I looked back at my older post and I am trying my hardest to pray for my neighbor! At the same time I feel it is even more important to keep our distance...

How was your day?

Monday, September 7, 2009


Before I ask my HUGE question I just want ya'll to know the crocs have been found! Yep- one of the suspects in question happened to put them in the front door of the home we went to for playgroup. We rang the doorbell, they opened the front door but we all went around back to the pool- not through the front door. So the one with the sketchy memory had put them in the front entry way- hmmm, is this girl lookin for some new shoes or what!

Okay, on with my huge question...

Sarah is 9 years old but new to the USA. She is loosing teeth and Christmas is coming up. Soooo, do I do the tooth fairy thing and Santa- and let her relish in a childhood different than the one she has known? Or do I tell her the truth? I want her to be a child BUT truth is big for a child who has not lived with you all her life. Hubby and I both new the truth by 2nd grade- that would mean we would fess up and just have fun with it but not be misleading. Seriously- I am trying to teach her to trust me... so is this a lie to pretend their is a tooth fairy and Santa? I could ditch Santa any day but it is fun to have fantasy in your childhood. Maybe I should just do the tooth fairy?


Saturday, September 5, 2009

The case of the missing crocs?

Even with this mystery looming over our heads we still had a great time!

She doesn't seem too worried about her lost crocs!

Loving the last days of summer!
Where on earth did they go?

Here is a recap- Mom says to the girls "get your shoes on and walk out to the car, we are going to play group.

Girls put on crocs and walk out to car. Mom heads out to car and puts Anna in the carseat. Mom does not remember seeing crocs on Anna's feet ( mom has taken Anna places before and forgot her shoes). Sarah remember seeing crocs on Anna's feet but Anna is inconsistent in her recollection (hmmm - very suspicious behavior).

Sarah says she remembers Anna taking off her shoes and playing with them in the car while driving to playgroup. Anna often does this- could this be a current or past memory of Sarah's??

We arrive at playgroup, Anna gets out of the car... no shoes... mom checks the car... they are nowhere to be found. We then have fun at playgroup and assume the crocs in question are at home and we are just remembering wrong.

Leave playgroup, check car again - hmmm nothing. Get home check usual spots - no crocs?

Again the possible perpetrator has a sketchy memory and may be giving us false information. She keep saying in this cute little baby voice "I dunno?"

If anyone sees the missing HOT PINK crocs please notify me so we can close this case!

BTW I have had my best investigator on this case and she has come up empty handed. There is even a reward of a pack of gum - still nothing...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

You're Next!

It has been busy in our house this summer with big kids coming and going. Soon everyone will be in their rightful spot and I will be left with this (see above)!

Yes, I am ready! I am craving organization and can hardly wait to dive in head first to this closet and a few other spaces!! I am to the point where I just open the door quickly, throw in the item and shut it even faster than I opened it!

Our HS room is looking a little cluttered too and I want to be ready for the new school year which officially begins (for us) on Tuesday. I am planning to use that closet for extra HS stuff. For our preschooler- Anna, I am planning to put a few things away in the closet and then bring them out occasionally so they are special to her. There are also things that we will only use during HS time, then they can be out away until the next day! We HS through the summer and have taken a 3 week break- Sarah finished her saxon 1 math and HOP K so we are ready to jump to saxon 2 and HOP 1- along with many other things that are planned!

I have many things from my Mom in a storage area- who passed away 16 months ago- I am finally feeling ready to get rid of many of the items. Not one of them brings me comfort- my comfort comes from our dear Lord and the wonderful memories I have. It feels good not to be bound by things. I am hoping to donate some of them to a friend who is having a garage sale for her next adoption. Sue and Dave are adopting a 12 yr old girl who is hearing impaired. This will be their 4th official adoption and their 5th daughter from China( they have an exchange student who is just like their own). I am so excited for them! Please visit their blog and see their beautiful family! If you are able to donate towards their adoption that would be so cool!! Both Dave and Sue made a deal to adopt again in 5 years but God had other plans and they fell in love with a beautiful 12 yr old girl from China!! I love how our God works!! Because this is sooner than planned they need financial help. Please give if you can- every little bit counts!

The cleaning frenzy begins Saturday!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

November Harvest!

Hubby and I are thinking the tomatoes should be read to pick in early November! They won't be red, ripe or juicy until then... one problem- we live in the north and will have a hard freeze sometime in late September. This is the same tomato plant that was attacked by some animal in mid summer. I think the new safe spot on the deck did not have enough sun. Hubby loves home grown tomatoes but I'm afraid it is just not meant to be this summer. It looks like we will have to go to the farmers market real soon!

Can we bring the plant inside and stick it in a window with lots of sun? That way could we get our tomatoes? Does anyone know if that would work?

Please stop by our daughters blog for an update on my Mother's Day gift!