Saturday, October 31, 2009

Good News - he saved it!

I just wanted to share with you our good news! Our oldest son Matt the computer whiz was able to record the messages on his sister's computer (they live together). He will either burn a CD and give it to me or somehow send it to me. I am really not to great with computers- just thankful I can blog! 

This was so kind of him to do! I called him in the early eve with this request ( I had actually given up hope but thought I'll give it one last try) - he had to figure out how to do it, get himself a Halloween costume and then get it done and arrive at the party! Yeah Matt!! Thank you so very much!!  The poor guy had locked himself out of the his place so sister Kate had to run home to let him in so he could get it done!

Both Katie and Matt were really able to enjoy their Grandparents- I think this meant as much to him (them) as it did me! I am very grateful it all worked out! He said it was hard to listen too, but worth it!

Have I told you how much I love my children! Thank you Honey! Even if it didn't work out your effort meant the world to me! But it did work- Yippee!!

Thank you for your prayers! I will sleep well tonight! ( But only IF Anna sleeps well!)

Cutting Corners (and not pumpkins) and a Little Prayer Request!

I'm feeling a little guilty- it's Halloween and we did not carve pumpkins. I am guessing next year we will- our crew will be a little older. It usually turns out with me carving more pumpkins than I care too, plus the pumpkins we chose are very large. Lot's of goo to clean out- so we went with the pottery barn decorations and lighted pumpkins in the window. I am not quite sure why  am sharing this with you- be if you'd like to leave a little comment to ease my conscience- I'll take it!

I'm kind of into just doing the best I can and not doing everything(especially with sick kids).  It is impossible to do it all. Hubby and I have a general policy of being nice to ourselves and being nice to each other. We figure their is always someone out there that may try to ruin our day but it sure won't be us! 

Sarah is feeling better but still has a nasty cough. Anna on the other hand has good and bad moments. She hasn't been sick much and right now she just wants to hug her blankie, watch a little TV or be held. Last night she was up at 2:50. Hubby was with her nonstop throughout the night and I got the early morning hours- the good end of the deal if I may say so myself! It was kind of a long night...

The girls find most of the Halloween decorations that they have seen a little too scary. We have a very tame house. Nothing frightening! Katie took the girls to a Halloween store and Sarah asked "Why do they do that to people?" She was referring to a few of the random body parts laying around at the store. Katie quickly explained that it was not real just decorations! 

Sarah and Anna are very excited to go trick or treating! (WE will see how Anna feels?) I will post the highlights on the girls blog! 

I do have a little prayer request- We were notified by our voicemail provider that they are changing their system and some of our saved messages may not make it over to the new system. I have two saved messages from my Mom (she passed away 18 months ago). I cherish these messages and her precious voice. She asks me how I am, happy birthday, she misses me and Anna and wants to see us, and she loves us. Please pray that these messages make it to the new system and we can continue to occasionally listen to them. The change is happening tomorrow- Nov. 1st. Even if you feel your prayer is to late - please still pray- I believe in miracles! THANK YOU!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Napa Valley!

We had a wonderful mother/daughter time in Napa Valley! It was so much fun! We were kind of in shock that the whole thing actually happened but we adjusted immediately and had an awesome time!! Notice little Katie has a Wild Olive tee on!! I was happy that she wanted one and with the sale we ended up getting two!!

This was the highlight of the trip!! I was thrilled when Sally said she could drive to meet us!! We had so much fun chatting away! It was just so orchestrated by God! To be there near Sally and to be able to get together, visit, relax and support each other - I treasure her friendship! I didn't want her to leave - we could have gone on chatting all night long!! Hey there's an idea ladies! We need to do a Mom's sleepover! Thank you Robert for making this work out! 

Katie's friend Abby is living in Napa and working at one of the wineries! They are college buddies and played soccer together at Iowa- GO Hawkeyes! I love that Katie enjoys visiting with Sally as much as I do! And I love visiting with Abby! It is so fun as the kids get older- doing things with them, sharing an interest!

Katie had her good camera and I just had my little one. Most of the pics are with her but these are a few that I took. Napa Valley is beautiful! Again, I was in awe over our Lord's creations! 

We went on a couple tours and did some wine tasting! It was the harvest season so it was the perfect time to come and we were able to see and learn so much! When I get Katie's pics will post more. We also visited Abby's Vineyard!

A cable on the bay bridge broke so they had to close that bridge down. So we needed to leave for the airport earlier than expected. They sent us through part of Sonoma Valley which was also absolutely beautiful. We enjoyed seeing more of the countryside but those Californians like to move fast on the roads so we were unable to stop and take more pics. However, we did stop  at a state park right before the Golden Gate bridge. We took a little walk and some more pictures!

It is breathtakingly beautiful! It was a wonderful get away!! We are home now and of course it feels so good to be back home. I love home! 

Jim had a few challenges while we were gone. Johnny spiked a fever and missed 2 more days of school. It seems the swine flu does not want to leave. On Tuesday Sarah had a fever and by Wednesday Anna had one, too. Everyone seems to be doing pretty good right now but I know better than to get my hopes up- I'm sure we will be seeing more symptoms...

Thank you Jesus for the special time with Katie!! 

I really have to THANK my sweet friend Karen who helped Jim out at our house! I was so happy that we were all so healthy and before I could even get out of the door Johnny had a fever and the girls were right behind him. She came over even with sick children at our house. She is such a blessing to us! Thank you Karen! God Bless YOU!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What? When? Where? WOW!

Katie and Hubby have planned a little get away for Katie and I. They surprised me Friday night with the idea- I was excited but reluctant. It all started when Katie got her job. She starts in a week so they thought it would be fun for us to get one last mother/daughter get away in before she's in the real working world.

I did think it sounded fun but it is very hard for me to leave the little girls. I really haven't left them except to go to China. I was thinking this whole thing would be too expensive and kind of figuring it wouldn't work out. Hubby went online for the plane tickets- Oh my, they were expensive- $1300 each- this was not meant to be! But, then hubby checked into using frequent flyer miles and low and behold for the minimum number of miles we could get 2 tickets for $10. Yes, you read that right $10... total! I couldn't say no at that point! So it is a go!!

Katie and I leave for Napa Valley early, early tomorrow morning!! I can't believe it!! Woo Hoo!!

We are coming home on Wednesday evening! 

I am the worse packer in the world and I cannot find my favorite sweatshirt. I never leave home without it. I am running in circles trying to get everything organized and of course trying to find my favorite sweatshirt- it can't be in this house, we have looked everywhere...

Hoping and praying all goes well at home and that the girls do okay! Most likely I am over valuing me- I am sure they will be fine.

I'll be sure to take some pics for blogging!! (I may bring my computer so you may hear from me while I am gone!)

Woo Hoo- off to finish packing. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh So Thankful!

Our son Mark came home for a long weekend! It is so good to see him!! The girls are thrilled!! They often talk about how much they love Mark! He was as excited as they were- it is so sweet!

I am so very thankful that Mark's fingerprints were done successfully! They were so nice at the govt. place and reassured Jim and Mark that they would do them no matter what even if they had to hand write the appt card themselves! Whew! 

I am so thankful we have a more relaxed weekend coming up! The last few weekends have been jam packed.

I am so thankful for this wonderful place I have discovered for lunch. They have incredible homemade soups and salads BUT the best part is the Popover!! My grandmother used to make popovers and we all loved them. No one in the family has gotten the hang of making them since then so for me to have a popover is just like bringing back sweet memories! Mark, Katie, the girls and I will go there today! (I'm a little low on groceries so this is a good thing!)

I am so thankful for each little step closer we get to bringing our girls home!

I love the good weather but there is something so cozy about the bad weather! It makes us want to curl up in the house and read, play a game or blog!

I am so grateful that little Luke is back home at the Morning Star Home! Truly down on my knees grateful for that! Thank you Jesus!

I JUST got a call and Katie got a full time teaching job!!!! Thank you Jesus!! I am so excited for her!! YIPPEE, YIPPEE, YIPPEE !!!

AND last but not least - we went to Johnny's soccer game last night. It was such an exciting game! It was tied at 3-3 and then went into sudden death overtime. No one scored so it ended in a shoot out- we lost. One of Johnny's best friends was on the other team. It was such a fun game and well played! His season is over now. He has had a wonderful experience and the older kids on the team have been great! Thank you Jesus!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Please pray!

Our son Mark is home for his fingerprints. They will be done early tomorrow morning... I hope... We have misplaced his appt card. We do have the I797 notification but not the appt card. Please pray that USC*S will accept that and we can continue on with our approval process.


Thank you so much!
God bless!

UPDATE-  They were able to pull up our appt card through the other information we had! Mark is being fingerprinted now!! Thank you Jesus!  Thank you for your prayers!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Dancing with Cinderella(s)!

Daddy dancing with his girls!

She was so excited to dance with her Daddy!

Thank you Jesus for the joy these children bring!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BTW- Behind The Wheel...

We have been in no rush to get our just turned 16 yr old son his license. He is just not ready, he needs more time- he needs to be a bit more responsible and he needs to be more confident behind the wheel. I have been following his lead- I found with my other children that they kind of let us know when they were ready. Even after that we would wait for awhile until we think it is time! 

Son#1 was just too excited- there was trouble written all over the excitement. So we made him wait one month- big deal right- well he informed us that we had ruined his life... He has since forgiven us. And yes, he did get in a minor but expensive accident within the first month. It seemed an itty bitty tree was in the wrong spot... the next thing ya know he didn't have a mirror on the drivers side... I guess we should have waited longer...

So here we are with child #5. He took his behind the wheel early enough but was not motivated to get to classes regularly and pay much attention to the schedule. The dear boy finally finished the classes and then waited 2 months plus to get his permit. Which he has already lost...

He took one behind the wheel and then"got busy" with high school, soccer and life. We have been doing a bit of car rotating with the older kids so the car we want him to learn on has not always been at home. Here and there a sib may have had it!

Okay, so now it is time to schedule another behind the wheel.

I called to let them know what I needed and they politely and OH so happily stated "Your expired". I am sure she said it with a smile...

"I'm what?"

"You expired as of October 5th"...

"I what? What do ya mean?"

"That was your last day. Your six months to get your behind the wheel in was over on October 5th." I know she was still smiling..

"Your kidding me? He has only had his permit for 3 months. We were busy with school, soccer and the swine flu... He wasn't ready to continue with it, he needed more time."

"You can pay another $200 dollars and then take his last two behind the wheel lessons." I know this was a phone call but she enjoyed this way too much... I know she was still smiling...

"Excuse me, I need to put YOU on hold." Click... she did put me on hold... I did hang up so I could get more info from the potential driver.

When I called back she made it very clear that I did the hanging up. ya, ya, ya lady I needed to talk to my son...

Oh boy, was I getting a bit irritated... Honestly, come on, lighten up lady... I guess I signed this agreement - of course I didn't read whatever I signed. Yes, of course this is our fault- the potential driver and me- I was busy and paid no attention. I think what got me most was the pleasure she derived from this interaction. Not one word of- yes, I know, this is such a bummer, I am sorry, but we have to stick to our rules, and so on... I would have understood that and appreciated her kindness...

I had to have a little conversation with God about this. I am sure I was not as gracious as I should have been BUT she was gloating and it really bugged me... So I need to remember that not everything will go our way. We will make mistakes and sometimes they can be financially costly. Not everyone will respond the way I think they should. I just need to discuss this one with hubby and figure out what to do next...
I do plan to use this time to stall child #5 - he just isn't ready...

Hey, maybe this is what God had planned all along! 

Should I be thanking her- JK

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Memorial Box Monday...

Okay, so here is my first Memorial Box Monday post- 

I was 16 yrs old and working at a movie theater. My shift had just ended so I hopped in my Mom's green mustang with a half vinyl roof to head home. I turned the music up good and LOUD. My thoughts were with my co-workers. One was breaking up with her boyfriend and I was completely surprised about it.

I turned left out of the parking lot and stopped at the stoplight. when it turned green I forged ahead. The music was loud and I was lost in my thoughts...

I did not see the flashing lights, I was lost in my 16 yr old thoughts...

I did not hear or see a thing...

I crossed the railroad tracks just like I did every other day that I worked at the movie theater...

Then I heard a very loud and frantic horn blowing... I looked to my right and there was the train... it was moving very fast... right towards me...

The horn continued to blow behind me as I barely crossed over the tracks...

I stopped once I was over the train tracks...

Then time stood still...

I was shaking... everyone moved in slow motion... 

There was no sound...

Someone got off their bike and looked at me...

Someone else got out of their car and looked at me...

I hung my head and whispered "Thank you, God"

And I drove home...

In my memorial box I will have a train. I will thank God for saving me, because that is exactly what he did...

It is hard for me to even write this... I have only told my husband. I may have shared a watered down version with my Mom.  To this day, I am afraid of trains.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Snowsuits and potty training?

What do snow suits, potty training, port a potties and bladder infections have in common? I will tell you... absolutely NOTHING! Together they are a disaster waiting to happen!

Hubby was out of town so the girls and I went to Johnny's soccer game. It has been very cold here so we bundled up in our warmest clothes! We watched the first half of the game without an incident BUT I new that was not going to last long. As a Mom of a 3 yr old I could feel trouble was right around the corner ACTUALLY she was sitting on my lap!

The game was a blowout so I decided to leave at half time. The other families were surprised to see us pack up and leave (they don't have young children). I wanted to stay but something inside of me said "Flee, while you can". Anna can hardly walk in her snow suit and it is much easier to carry a semi happy child than a unhappy child. So we took off!

Thank goodness we did- half way home this started! Poor dear- there was nothing I could do other than get us home asap... oh and take a picture of her for my blog!
This one was a happy camper! We did make it home to go potty in our very own potty chair- whew!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grateful on Thursday October 15th!

Have you been over to our friend Karen's blog? Oh my, what a wonderful story about their little daughter Kate! It is so amazing how God connects us together. She tells us how she got to know Lynsay and Bill- it's a tear jerker and one that will have you amazed at God's goodness! Definitely check it out! 

I am thankful for people like Lynsay and Bill whose faith is so great that they devote their life to serving our Lord and caring for the orphans. Their life is not an easy one- it is full of constant challenges. I am thankful for their hard work for the children that have medical issues and no Mom and Dad to care for them.

I am thankful that hubby took Anna to the Dr. tonight. I am suspecting a UTI but I am not sure. I am praying that she will be feeling better soon. Potty training is taking a backwards slide- big time. The poor dear is completely afraid of the potty chair (but not afraid of accidents in cute little stores!).

I am thankful for the little 9 yr old who is at this moment giving me a hairdo (as I type)!

I am thankful that our next adoption is moving along (at least I think it is)! It is going ever so slow BUT it's still moving along! We are working on our dossier and Mark will have his fingerprints taken next week! I am hoping for C*S approval in early to mid November!??

I am so thankful to God for the incredible progress Sarah is making. This whole journey is truly the most incredible experience we have ever had! Thank you Jesus!

I am thankful for God's timing! It continues to amaze me how people get "their child"! The child that was destined to be there's! We feel that way with both Sarah and Anna! We also feel that Emma and Ellie are also meant to be our daughters. How does this happen? It's a miracle!

I am thankful that precious baby Luke from Morning Star Project is still with us. I pray that he will feel better and very soon go back to the Morning Star Home. Please pray for him and for the other children! 

I am thankful that the children that just arrived home from Ch*na are doing so well! Macy 13 yr old, Anaia 10 yrs old, Ava 7 yrs old! It is such a joy to read their blogs!!

I am so thankful to be able to HS these precious children! Especially on a cold rainy day- it is so fun to be home with them! I am delighted with Sarah's progress in school!

I am so thankful for all of your blogs! I love stopping by and seeing what everyone is doing! I am so thankful that their are others out there that share our passions!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Second thoughts!

Yes- it did snow again... 3 inches more...

We usually don't have snow in October. This is the third time in 60 years that it has snowed on October in MN!

It is pretty BUT much too early!

Once again we were not ready!

This is a question for all of you out their in Bloggyland! 

As we were in process to bring Sarah home I did some research on the computer as to what to do about the "language issue". Sarah would come to us speaking a dialect of her hometown and some Mandarin that she had learned at school. As it turned out her spoken Mandarin was pretty good. 

It was wonderful to hear her chatter away in Chinese! Our guide told us she spoke it quite well. She could converse with anyone we met. Sarah would sing Chinese children's songs to us and try to teach us to count. We would all end up giggling throughout the process!  She had a stubbornness about her and she let us know through the translator that she had no intention of ever learning English and that if we intended to speak to her we would need to learn Chinese! Our guide was quite surprised at this response from our Sarah! She translated it and then laughed nervously!

When a family adopts in infant, toddler or preschooler they know their child will fully learn how to speak English. Their will not be an accent or incomplete sentences. Their child's language will be fully integrated. 

When adopting a preteen I would assume that child would most likely keep much of their native language. It is the language they have been surrounded with for approximately 12-13 yrs of their life. The can speak, read and write it. A few families that I have known have gone to great lengths for their children to have the opportunity to keep it. If you have adopted in this age group what are you planning to do with the "language issue"? There is not a right answer- it is okay to let it go or keep it.

Anna falls into the toddler category but our other girls do not. They are in the in between age- the 7-10 yr olds. Before Sarah came home I did research this issue and please feel free to correct me. The only place I found a definitive answer was from the BG foundation in New York. The research I believe was done on Russian adoptees. It said that in order to fully integrate into life in America and the English language a child would need to lose their native language and then fully learn the English language. Before Sarah came home I had time to read up on this, now I do not and I am questioning what I have read.

Our plan for Sarah because of what I read was to have her be immersed in the English language at the expense of her Chinese. We figured she was young enough to go this route and in the long run it would be better for her. Everything was going along as planned. She was making nice progress with her english and she was forgetting her Chinese. The first 4 months she found it very upsetting if anyone spoke to her in Chinese. For the first 7 months she wanted nothing to do with the language and claimed she had completely forgotten it. If asked to say anything in Chinese she would refuse but she would also giggle when others attempted.

Second thoughts- that is what I am having now. How do I really know that is correct. Did I read it wrong? How often is there research that is later found to be inaccurate. Usually my gut is the best indicator and it is not so sure that a blanket statement such as "to fully gain one language you must lose the other" is correct in our situation. There are so many bilingual people out there that can speak two languages beautifully why shouldn't we give it a try?

Hubby and I have few things that are important for us regarding the language issue.
1. We want our daughters to speak English without an accent.
2. We want them to be able to speak in full sentences and not in broken English.
3. We want to be able to have in depth conversations with our daughter and not always keep the conversation so superficial. Therefor they need to have a strong vocabulary base.
4. We want them to be able to read good books in English.

About 2 months ago Sarah started showing a rekindled interest in the Chinese language. She started recalling words. She wanted to share what she could remember with us. She wanted to watch TV shows like Ni Hao Ki lan and mei mei videos. When ever she over heard others speaking Chinese she would tell us that "they are speaking Chinese". Then, if there were a few words she understood she would translate them for us. Sarah loves everything Chinese. Even though I know she is very very happy right here with us her eyes light up when she hears the language, the music, or sees the calligraphy, the food- anything Chinese!

We had Sarah all signed up for Chinese language and culture school on Saturday mornings BUT backed out. Why?? two reasons-as a family we didn't what to book up every Saturday morning September through May. We also were fearful of stopping her progress in English. Hmmm - the second reason isn't quite working for me now. 

I am wondering what are your thoughts on this issue? What will you do with your child/ children? Or what did you do? Would you do it differently now? Does anyone regret not keeping their child's native language? Has anyone been successful in keeping their child's native language?

This is what think we are going to do. We are once again working on Rosetta Stone- and we will continue it for the English, along with all the other things we are doing at our homeschool. We will look into Chinese language classes and probably get something going. It maybe in our home or out at a class- we have to figure out how much of a commitment we can do. I am just feeling a pull towards doing that. We have prayed about it and I am thinking we are being led in that direction.

I look forward to reading your thoughts on his issue!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh no... snow!

This is what we woke up to this morning- ahhhhhhh. We heard there might be a little snow flurries but I didn't believe it. I certainly didn't think it would stay on the ground. What a shocker this morning to look out the windows and see snow cover!

We haven't even winterized yet- pots, sand and water table, tramp, tables, chairs and cushions are all still outside. It will be cold enough today for it to stay on the ground but it should melt SOON!

This is our back yard with snow. The fall pics are from a parcel of land a mile away from our house. It is a pretty and peaceful spot. Some of you may know we have had more than a few challenges with a neighbor. We often (always) have to give it to God in prayer. We sometimes dream of a little more space and freedom. For now we stay put and see where God leads us in our journey. We are so grateful to our Lord and couldn't be happier! Thank you Jesus!

She's already playing in the snow!! The snow off of my shoe that is! Kids just have so much fun with the simplest things!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

I am so thankful to our dear Lord for his artistic handiwork! It is delightful to look at the incredible landscapes he has created! I am amazed at the abundance of beauty found in nature! We are blessed with so much and it is our job to take care of it!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Planting a seed in our children's heart!

Well our prayers have been answered BUT not in the way we wanted... It turns out our agency is sticking to their way of doing things and waiting to send the PA. Hubby talked to them at length and they did have some good points, so for now we are just going along with the process. We are okay with it and it does seem like if there are any hitches they will be prepared to support us- (because they have done everything under hague compliance) which is a very good thing!

So hold the PA prayers and save them for next month! 

Sarah notices how much I like/love certain things. She sees me having coffee ... everyday and she says "Momma, you sure love coffee." 

I say to her no I like coffee, I love you! 

She sees me enjoying a piece of chocolate cake and she says Momma, you love chocolate cake. I say "No I like chocolate cake but I love you."

Today I was singing in the car and she said "Momma, you love Jesus"! I said "Yes, honey I do love Jesus! Jesus is everything good!"

Then I asked her "Do you love Jesus?"

She thought for a moment and said " Yes Momma, I do! Jesus is everything good."

This may sound odd but I have wondered and wanted to ask others how do you spread the joy of our Lord to our children. I have read so many Beautiful posts where the children love the Lord and their hearts are committed to him. (that's my favorite part of reading all your blogs!)

I feel my faith was a gift. I was very loved and had a wonderful childhood but I was not taught about faith and we did not share it in our home. Our older children were raised more so in this manor. We went to church we said our prayers but it was not what kept us going each day. 

My faith journey has changed. We have seen the glory of our Lord. We have been on journeys we wish we wouldn't have been on and God has saved us. My faith in God is what keeps me going each day and I like it that way- it's the way it is supposed to be. We have no other purpose here on earth other than to serve our Lord in some capacity. 

Because I have been too embarrassed to ask the question, after all shouldn't I know the answer to that question? Well I don't, so I decided to make my love for Jesus more visible to them- prayer, songs, giving all glory to him and trying to have a thankful heart. Then I have decided to pray specifically that they will each have a heart for the Lord. Honestly I read your blogs and I say to myself what do you(Jean) think Linny, Lori, Janet, Donna, Shonni, Adeye, Laura, Sally, Chastity, Jboo, TM, Lynsay, Pam, Jennifer, Tanya, Sue do to encourage their children's faith?  If I did not say your name I apologize because you are all so awesome and I am very thankful for this bloggy support and the friendships that have developed. I want to do what they are doing because it is working for them! BTW you all have the coolest Jesus lovin kids! 

We still consider our older children and our younger children a work in progress but then I am still a work in progress too (aren't we all) so I guess that is okay. Yes, I have a few regrets , things I would have liked to have done differently but they are such blessings to us and we think they are the greatest! We just need to get a little more Jesus in them- prayerfully over time God will work his way into their lives and hearts or rather they will see that he has been there all along!

Obviously I have a hard time with wordless Wednesday!! ;-)

Share with me! What do you do to plant a seed for our Lord in your children's heart?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Please pray for our PA and Happy Birthday Johnny!

We all love Jenga!!

Sixteen candles on a Viking-Packer cake!

Please pray that our LOI will get sent to China. It has been on hold waiting for our USC*S approval but that has been extended now because our son Mark needs his fingerprints taken. We are flying him home in October (22nd) to get that taken care of - it actually worked out okay because we miss him and want to see him. I always have grand ideas of visiting the big kids at college but having 2 little ones at home, being on another adoption trail, homeschooling, and having Johnny in High School sports- makes extra time to go visiting extremely difficult or should I say impossible. So the fact that we have to bring Mark home for fingerprints works out for the best! When we pray at night the girls always thank God for Marky!

As it is now, it will be 18 months between gotcha day for Sarah and our daughters in China. That is pretty good. It gives Sarah time at home to adjust and without rushing her and our daughters in China don't have to wait too long to come home. (okay in all honesty- I would leave this instant to get them and dash the appropriate timing) but this way it is should work for Ch*na and everyone else involved.

TODAY- Sarah has been home 10 months!! Wow- it feels like she has always been apart of our family! She fits right in the family! She is doing so well in homeschool and in her activities, we are so proud of her! Today we had gymnastics- okay we didn't pass to the advanced beginner we are still in beginners BUT she can almost do a handstand and cartwheel! Truly it makes her Momma proud! She is as thrilled as can be with herself!

Today is Johnny's b-day- he is 16 yrs old and yes he did he did spend it at home... sick BUT he is on the mend now! Thank you for your prayers and kind comments! We are thinking he will go back to school tomorrow. (As long as he doesn't spike a temp this evening). He was unable to go the Viking/ Packer game BUT he has some very happy sibs, which would include Matt, Katie, Billy, Devan and Caitlin! He seems happy enough n his b-day and just glad to feel better! His balloons and candy will be delivered to his locker tomorrow! The family will get together this weekend so all is well in his life... as long as the Vikings WIN!! and now we need a moment of silence- please pray!

Sarah is busy studying the American Girl Doll Catalog for Christmas and while we are doing that we are dictating her deepest gift desires! I may just have to do some Christmas shopping early- I suppose for some of you this is not early. I usually start shopping Dec 1st. so for me this is early!!

Please please pray for our PA Please pray that it is sent to Ch*na , please pray that the Ch*nese Gov't approves us for our darling daughters! Thank you so very much!!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

We are being invaded... by germs!

Last weekend was filled with homecoming events! Johnny had lots of fun at the football game on Friday night! Obviously the school colors are red and white!

Saturday evening was the homecoming dance!

Last Sunday the germ invasion started. By Tuesday he was quite sick...

The sw*ne flu has hit our home. Johnny has been sick for over a week and it has now turned into pneumonia. It is so hard for him to miss school. We were hoping he would turn the corner but every time we think he might be getting better he spikes a fever. He now has a ton of homework and tests to make up, so even if he rallies for the school day he could never be caught up and ready to go with his classes. It is a different story in high school- there is not much sympathy for absences.

I would love to homeschool this boy but he will have no part of it. He loves his school and it does seem to be a fit for him!

I took Johnny to the Doctor's office this morning. It was filled with sick waiting people, everyone is in masks and hand wash is everywhere. It felt so germy- we waited in the car until it was our turn to be seen. 

Hubby and I are waiting for the evil virus to attack us. We keep asking each other "how do you feel?" I will be amazed if we can get by without it attacking another family member. The girls have had their flu shot but not their sw*ne flu shot. We are hoping and praying for Johnny to get better and for the rest of us to avoid this illness. Tomorrow is Johnny's 16th birthday. He is supposed to have balloons and candy delivered to his locker. He has a conference soccer game after school and then had planned to go to the Viking/Packer game. We are just going to have to play it by ear... but I'm not feeling too hopeful. Poor guy...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Feeling Thankful and Grateful on Thursday!

I would love to go to our son Johnny's soccer game BUT it is 52 degrees with a 20 mph wind and rain pelting down. I am so thankful for the nice weather we have had in September! We have been able to enjoy so many of the games outside with the girls! 

News Flash! I just got a text from Johnny! The game has been cancelled- that works for me!! Thank you God! Actually Johnny was home sick yesterday so I truly am thankful he doesn't have to play in the bad weather!

I am so thankful for a precious daughter that has just turned 24 yrs old! She is WONDERFUL! I am so grateful to God for blessing us with this lovely daughter! She is an incredible big sister and such a joy to all of us! I just can't thank our Heavenly Father enough for bringing her into our lives!

Sarah is doing so well with HS! It s a joy to be able to teach her and watch her progress! I am so grateful for this opportunity and we truly feel it is what is best for her! She loves HS and she did not like school in China, plus she was not doing well in her school in China. Don't get me wrong I love schools! Our older bio kids went to many different schools depending on what was a good fit for them! Both the girls seem so happy! We all look forward to our mornings homeschooling! Thank you Jesus!

I am so thankful for the bloggy friends out there! I love it when you comment! It keeps me going! Don't forget to leave comments on The Princess Diaries- the blog for our daughters from China! Lately the comments have been far and few between- I'll take anything I can get-as long as it's positive!

I am thankful for all of the input from you bloggy friends regarding the tooth fairy and Santa! After reading all your comments we had made up our minds to tell the truth but still have fun with it. Then, she lost another tooth and I just couldn't do it... not yet anyway, not at that moment. I felt like she deserved to be a kid and I didn't want to ruin the fun. I think we will share it with her in time. I really didn't think about it again until she lost another tooth- now I realize we should have had a conversation about it BEFORE she lost another tooth. In other words discuss Christmas BEFORE it is time for Santa to arrive!!!

I do have to confess... oh my... that she put the tooth under the pillow and guess what... oh yeah, we forgot! So in self preservation I felt that it was only appropriate to put the blame on the tooth fairy who was probably busy in California ( right Sally- California! I think a lot of kids are losing their teeth in California). Hey, we got a geography lesson out if it and Mommy saved face!

Early this week I made a decision to try to say yes more often and fewer no's. I felt like I was being too negative and not allowing the children to be children. So now you will hear many more "yeses" and positive statements in our home! I want to notice the good behaviors- instead of making corrections to the not so good behaviors! It has been a wonderful improvement in our home! The kids have responded... positively!! ;-)

As I was following along on the blogs of those that traveled to China I learned of a new game. Yes, I am out of touch! We have never owned this game. So went ahead and ordered it on Am*zon. The name of the game is Jenga! It arrived today and we set it up in he kitchen! It was a hoot! Anna wanted so bad to play but being that we all have a competitive nature and feared the falling of the blocks, we let her play after us! Thank you Jesus for family games that are fun for all!