Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Get Me To China!

Our girls are in the pink shirts in the middle of the pic!

I just want to give them a big hug and kiss!

So sweet, so precious- thank you Jesus!

Our girls are growing up without us. I just want to get to China as fast as possible and get these two home- asap! Am I making myself perfectly clear- ASAP!

I was able to get some pics from Mary Kate- her daughter is the tall beautiful girl in the red. Thank you Mary Kate! When I opened your e-mail and saw the pics of Emma, Ellie and the other children my heart jumped right out of my chest! I was literally speechless and oh so so thankful! I couldn't believe my good fortune! I love love love seeing pics of our daughters!

This pic was taken 1.5 yrs ago. They had just turned 6 and 7 yrs old. They are now 7.5 and 8.5 yrs old. Their features are more grown up and they have lost their little girl look. It makes me sad to have missed part of their growing up but on the other hand - to a Momma who has a 26, 24, 21 and 19 yr old they still are young and precious. 

Our dossier is in Chicago right now being translated. Please pray it gets done quickly so we can send it to China ASAP. We are praying that our DTC will be in early December and our LID will be in mid December. We are hoping it does not to get caught up in the holidays- both in the US and China.

I am so thankful that our dear Lord has opened the doors so we can bring our girls home!


Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Oh Jean, the girls are just darling! You definitely need to get to China ASAP. I'm so excited that you are almost DTC! Woo!

Karin said...

They are so adorable!!! What a blessing to get pics of them! :)

Sarah said...

They are absolutely PRECIOUS! What a gift to get those pictures!


Kelly said...

Praying you get there soon my friend! They are adorable... I sympathize. I HATE knowing a year has passed since my heart fell in love with my girls. A whole year! Tavi went from 3 to 4... baby to little girl in my mind. :( ...

But they both still desperately need a mommy, as do your lovely girls... we will have our families all together soon!

Sue said...

Your daughters looked wonderful..will keep praying hard that you will get them home soon

Sally-Girl! said...

we are going to be so stinkin close to our DTC's. This is amazing. I am actually thinking China at the same time is a reality not a fantasy!!!!

Girls are darling. You are so lucky to be getting the photos!!!!

Adeye said...

They are absolutely precious. What a beautiful gift of a pic. Such a blessing.

Trusting with you that you will be on your way before you know it.

Pam said...

Oh my, your girls are so sweet. ASAP, ASAP, ASAP.....Please, LORD!

Mandi said...

Oh Jean, I am praying that all works out with your dossier. Those pics are just precious. They are adorable. I cannot wait to see them in your arms.

We are on day 66 of waiting for our LOA. UGHHHHH. I am so praying we will get Drew before he turns 4 on March 11.

Praying for you,

Jboo said...

Oh my -- what precious beautiful girls! Hoping that all the work involved goes smoothly and quickly!


Leah said...

Oh they are sooo precious. We are waiting for our 13 year old from China, so I know what a huge blessing a picture is, whether it is recent or not. We were LID 11/30. Now in the big waiting phase. ~sigh~. God is holding them. Rest in that fact.

quilt'n-mama said...

They are beautiful! What gifts these pictures are to you! Praying that everything moves really quickly!!!