Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dreaming, planning and preparing for the children!

Now that the holidays have passed- well, most of them that is- I find my thoughts going back to our two children in China.

I feel like I already know Sam. When we walk into the room I think I will be able to recognize him right away. The pics we have all look like the same little boy. I can picture him in my head and dream about him. It makes me even more excited to bring him home! I have bought him a few article of clothing! As you probably know each little step brings them closer to reality. To us this is all part of the bonding experience- the part you can do as you prepare to bring them home.

We think we may be the first to adopt from Sam's orphanage- there is no yahoo group for them and I cannot find a single family that has been there or has adopted from there. Their is no info on the internet- this is a first for us too as we have always been able to find out lots of info through the internet.

When I think of Ava- I am so excited BUT I do not have a clear picture in my head of who our little girl is? I find myself a little frustrated. I have a few pictures but they don't make sense to me. In one pic she has dimples but not in the others. In one pic she has thick short black hair and then in another her hair is very thin. She was in an orphanage near where she was abandoned and now she is with a foster family in the capitol city of her province. She is either 130 cm or 103cm?? They insist she is 130cm which makes her Ellie's height- Ellie is 8.5 and Ava is 5.5 yrs old. Ellie weighs 62 lbs and Ava weighs 39 lbs. She looks average size wise, not super skinny. Anna is 102cm and weighs 30 lbs. Actually, I would have thought she would be more in between Ellie and Anna, but from the info I have now- she is either one or the other???

I can't even put the pics in chronological order- it is so confusing...

I am completely baffled?? Sometimes I wonder if it is the same little girl HOWEVER her nose is the same in each pic- so it must be.

With all this conflicting information I am unable to buy her some clothes and to dream of her in our family.

I have thought about putting Ava, Anna and Sam in preschool for next year (2-3 afternoons per week). Yes, she will be a little old but not too much. They could learn so much there together and it would give me a moment to teach the older girls. If she is as tall as Ellie- she just wouldn't fit in, if she is a little bigger than Anna it would be perfect!

I try to guess her size by comparing her to the things around her in the pictures but I just can't get a feel for it.

With some of our past adoptions we are given so much info and then with others their are so many questions that are left unanswered. I do not get the feeling that they want to share much and it does bother me. We have asked for her size 3 times and each time they say- we told you she is 130 cm... it just doesn't make sense. I don't want to bother them or be a problem but it sure would be nice if they would remeasure- just once! The Dr that reviewed her file (in September) said he thought she may be older than what they say- I did not understand why he said that because at that point she was 102 cm??

We have been busy with our family, the holidays and the adoption process but I am feeling like I need to insist that they remeasure her once and for all and find out the accurate measurement. I need freedom to dream and to plan for our dear daughter. If you can, will you say a prayer that we get the information we want and need for Ava!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Pictures!

It started off great seeing 3 large deer in the back yard!

Second Best Moment: going to church on Christmas Eve- relaxed, no rushing, got their early enough to get great seats. Everyone was there except Matt and Caitlin.

Funniest Moment:
 After church Anna came running through the kitchen to the bathroom. 5 minutes later she came out wearing... nothing and holding her dress, tights and underwear saying "Here, they're all wet". 

Best Gift from little girls: They made ornaments with Karen. Their pictures were in each one!

They were so proud of themselves! 

Yes... Johnny did wear this. he got it at goodwill.

Girls opening their first gift! It was from Katie and Devan.

Billy get back his Batman VHS video from when he was a little kid!

Christmas morning!

Buried in presents!

Ready to open her first gift!

The girls were very excited!

Oh Yes! And so was Mark!

Happy with her bitty baby!

Emma soaked in the experience! 

Thank you for coming all the way from Colorado!

Yes, we ate candy for breakfast! (we had brunch after gift opening)

Love the smile!

Sorry Katie I may have told you I wasn't going to post this pic- oops!

Just what he wanted!


Bitty baby twins! Now we need to read that book so we can get ready to share with Ava and Sam!

Loved the family time together! Opening gifts, hanging out and relaxing!

Another great choice! 1990 starter jacket from eb*y!

Except one problem- his brother really likes it! 

Bitty babies go skiing!

Relaxing after brunch!

Watching a movie downstairs!

Our Colorado boys!
They are living less than a mile apart!


Watching a strawberry shortcake movie!

Visiting before dinner!

Sarah and Emma!

Merry Christmas dear girl!

So thankful for this big girl! She is so much fun!

We had to take the posed pics- wouldn't be Christmas without me driving everyone crazy with my camera!

All the younger girls! The boys declined a pic. I won't let them do that next year when Sam is here!

Our family... for now!

 Best Part of the Holiday- the whole family was together! It was such a blessing!

All the kids... for now! Yes Johnny is attempting to give Anna bunny ears! Oh yes- he did put on a sweater to look nice for the pics but I forgot he still had his shorts on!

Thank You Jesus for an awesome Christmas!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Overwhelmingly Thankful!

We visited Macy's 8th floor in Downtown this week. The tall buildings alone were enough for the girls!
They were amazed and struggled to so the top of them from the car window!

They featured "a day in the life of an elf"! Sarah and Anna were here last year but for Emma and Ellie it was a first!
The loved every minute of it!

This picture gave me an idea! Lot's of bunk beds in one room- brilliant!! Hey, if it is good enough for the Elfs, it's good enough for us!! 

It went so well bringing the girls downtown that it made me think- if I can do this with four adorable kiddos, why can't I do this with 6, 8 or 10. As I watched the joy on the children's faces I thought of all the children without families. Without experiences, without love and without knowing Jesus. It breaks my heart and I knew God was calling us to bring more home!

For now- we can't wait to bring home Ava and Sam! Believe me- I am a little scared but each time the Lord has helped us through the transition and into a new normal. A wonderful beautiful loving (and busy) new normal!

The girls uwed and awed at the sights! 
It was so joyful!

There was a plaque with words at each scene. Sarah and I read them to the other girls.
Sarah is so proud of her reading and all she is learning! Just 2 short years ago she hated learning and was afraid of books. Just one short year ago she was still plagued by pouting when she didn't understand something- wow, has she come a long way!!

I am so thankful that this month has gone so well. Usually I do not enjoy the season- it just gets too busy. This year has been different- and we are so thankful; (yes, I know I said that twice)!
We prayed about it immediately after Thanksgiving, talked about the focus on Jesus and not getting wrapped up in the commercialism. It has gone well- we have had fun but it has not been over the top. The girls know their is no Santa but they love pretending- I love it when they use their imaginations and have fun!

When we brought home this princess, we thought we had a plan! Funny things is- that God had a plan, too and it was a different from ours! 

I must say - that we are loving his plan!!

And I think they are, too!!

What do you think??

I am feeling overwhelmingly thankful to him!

For sending His Son our Savior, for the gift of the Holy Spirit, for the blessings we receive through HIM!