Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bedrooms, Names and Being Thankful!

About a month ago I posted about putting all the girls in one room. The vote was 21-0- put them all together. Hubby and I completely agreed with all the reasons you stated! At that time we did have a little something up our sleeve but God has intervened in a huge and wonderful way and what may have been is not going to be. In other words at this point I do not need to take apart the pink room. That is the room we had planned to put our new daughters in and since we don't currently need to "change it" we feel like maybe we should go ahead and use it. It also saves us money because it is close to being done (it was Anna's room until she moved in with Sarah). We don't need to buy the bunk beds (yet). Hopefully in the not so far away future we will need to make these changes but not yet.

So as it stands now Sarah and Anna will be in the green room and Emma and Ellie will be in the pink room. We need to move around clothes and add a few things to the pink room to get it all ready but for the most part we are close to being done.

If we see any problems brewing with the troops we may make a quick change and get them all together or if God is going to send us more blessings sooner than we think we will be buying those bunk beds real quick!

We have also decided (thank you all for your opinions/ advice/ votes) to keep the girls names as planned. Emma Joy and Ella Mei (Ellie). I loved all that you said but someone asked if I could honestly look at them and call them by a different name- this late in the game. You know what- I can't... They are Emma and Ellie! Even thought I love the names Emily and Elizabeth that is not who they are... Thanks for your help!

It is Thankful Thursday and you know I am just feeling so so thankful to our dear God!
I am continuously amazed by him and oh, so grateful for answered prayer.
I am so thankful for our two treasures in China and so looking forward to meeting them!
Today I did one mile on the treadmill- I'm thankful to have the moment to do that!
I cancelled my colonoscopy appt (for the third time)- I'm thankful for that ;-)
I'm thankful they are still nice to me after canceling at the last possible moment 3 times in a row. I was so glad to get their answering machine and not a person when I cancelled! Of course they kindly called back and said they got the message and would I like to reschedule! If I were them I'd throw my file right out the window!


Nancy said...

Jean, don't put off the colonoscopy if you have never had one done. They aren't as bad as you think, and you can check it off your list. Yes, it's not fun. But it's important. My 2 cents worth. I've had 2 so far (family history risk) and it did give me peace of mind.

Adeye said...

I love the bedrooms, and LOVE their names. Just perfect. Everything is coming together so wonderfully, my friend.

Make the call---go and have the procedure. Anthony must also have it.

Kim said...

The girls rooms are adorable!! I am glad you decided to keep their names the same. We are praying for your family and cannot wait to see those precious girls home!
Kim S (and Mandy)

Sarah said...

The rooms are so beautiful!

Sophie said...

I love the girls rooms they are so pretty! Thanks for the prior post on cleft lip and pallette, I've been looking into China special needs and have considered this.
And please do go for your colonoscopy, it's important to take care of yourself and stay healthy!
Blessings :)

Sally-Girl! said...

Love the rooms and love you more so go get scoped!!! Really, Robert's 44 year old sister just had it done and they found precancerous polyps. Do it girlfriend!!!

Karen said...

Love the rooms. Do you want to come decorate ours?:)

I am with you about canceling the test. However, I agree with Sally that it's not something to keep putting off even as yucky as it is.

Nancy said...

First of all, get the colonsocopy. It is not a big deal at all!!!! Even the prep wasn't that bad. Love the rooms. So are you hinting at adding more to your ever growing family?

Kelly said...

Oh my... now I feel like such a bad mom. The rooms are so cute, so clean, so wonderful. I admit, if money is short.. isn't it always :)... then bedrooms get neglected.

I put off a hysterectomy for 4 years. I not only felt physically better after getting it done, but mentally it was such a relief to finally get it out of the way! Gotta take of mom too I guess!

Janet said...

Cute! We have the peasant art abouve our kids beds too, I love it!
We too got 'more than we bargained for" with our cleft kiddo, but more love too, she is the sweetest one! Janet

Cindy said...

The girls rooms are beautiful!
You must have had a fun time decorating them! Love the framed pictures, are they embroidered Chinese prints? Where did you find them? I had bought two of these in a smaller size in China for my laundry room but I would love to find larger ones too.
I know your girls will love their special rooms! Enjoy the journey!

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