Thursday, February 18, 2010

An Unusual Question?

Before we even get started I promise to post a post with more substance in it soon but for now just humor me!

I am figuring someone out there can help me and I sure would appreciate it! I am kind of a "think ahead" nut. I shouldn't but it helps me to prepare and to adjust when I think ahead. I also like to have things somewhat ready for when the girls come home. I know we will have a few things we will need to get done but I just want to be as ready for them as possible and since I am less busy now than I will be once they are here- now is the time!

The clothes Sarah has grown out of will fit Emma perfectly but I am not sure about Ellie and I want to have things here for her that will hopefully fit her. I should have asked the question "DO the girls where the same size clothes?" It is so hard to get an accurate perception with a photo. By looking at the pictures I would think the girls were Sarah's size but they aren't. Sarah is 4 inches taller than Emma and 6 inches taller than Ellie.

My hubby just isn't cutting it as far as talking about girls sizes. He tries but he really isn't helpful and since he hates shopping he really has no clue. So ladies I need you!

Sarah is 4ft 6in and 69 lbs

Emma is 4ft 2in and 54 lbs

Ellie is 4ft and 61 lbs

I am going off the sizes at GAP KIDS. Sarah is on the low end of a large (tops and bottoms)but it fits really good with a little extra room to grow.

By the looks of the chart Emma is a 7 on the bottom and I am thinking a medium on top. There will be a little extra room and I am sure by fall she will be an 8- yippee, I have plenty of that size!

Ellie should be a size 7, too but she is stockier, so what do I do? Do I go up a size so it fits her tummy or will this size fit? Maybe I should do an 8 to make sure? I want her to be comfortable and have some cute things. I have no accurate perception of her size? For Emma I can just think of Sarah when we first brought her home. I think Ellie will fit into a medium which is 65 to 72 lbs but I think her chest may be broader so do I go to a large in some shirts that fit tighter? Large is for 73 to 81, she is only 61 lbs?

Is you child, your niece, or your neighbor have a broader shape? What do you or they do?

Again I apologize for this post- obviously I can't ask my friends! They are excited to retire! This is not something they want to chat about! That is why I appreciate you all so much!!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

you should buy the pants with the adjustable waistband, that way if the one is truly stockier they will fit and if not you can adjust them to fit. I always go bigger because you know they will be growing and you would rather it be into instead of out of (make sense?).My daughter Phoebe is similiar to the younger stockier one and she is a solid size 6.

Hezra said...

oh I am laughing about the bubby thing. Sorry, but when I start talking girl's clothes, his eyes glaze over. He phases out... OK, My girls at home are 8 and 4. Olivia is 8 and is tall and thin. 7 slims(and hopefully they have the adjustable waist band thingy--old navy is good but even w*l-mart is starting to carry those!) Moriah is short and very stocky. 4s are getting too short, but for sure too tight. 5's fit her in length but are getting too tight. Her extra weight is her tubby tummy. Her shirts need to be longer to fit over that, but they have to be short sleeved 6s.(long sleeves are TOO long!) SO, If it were me, I would ask waist measurements if possible, but if that is not then, I would buy some stretchy pants in a couple of sizes for each girl.Or get adjustable waists 7, but get some slims and some regulars. Or capris with draw-string waists! Or even sundresses. Then simple tees for tops(but in a few szs). I am thinking that you will just have to guesstimate as best as you can until you get them home. then shop til you drop. lol I know I will be doing this too!! I can only imagine the look on my poor hubsters face when I say, I want to shop for all 4 girls. He will happily hand me the debit card. lol In the meantime, store whatever your girls at home outgrow! I have two huge storage tubs in the garage. All seasons and sizes from 7-16 girls stuff. I know not everything will fit, but it sure gives us some starting point!

Mary Kate said...

I would do "strechy" pants, too...Especially with spring /summer approaching you can find some cute things...When we adopted Livi it was mid-late March and we were wearing t-shirts and pants in Guangzhou, and I brought mostly fun little cotton dresses/ leggins for her with hoodies and fun to talk clothes!!!! I have to check out those sizes on the Gap for Shasha's size!

Mary Kate
(waiting for Emma and Ellie's friend!)

Tesseraemum said...

My 9 year old is solid, not chunky, and she is long waisted. If the pants fit her waist they are too long. The adjustable waists are great. Capris are great too. They fit the waist, sometimes they are long enough to pass for regular pants :) Hemming may be in your future!! I always go a size up for shirts. The belly is covered and comfortable!
To give you some idea how we roll around here, my just turned 4 year old daughter wears the same size pants and shoes the 9 yr old wore in 1st grade! One pair of jeans she has that are getting too small have holes in the bottom where the older one walked on them (when she was 6!) Have fun! Your girls are so pretty they will look fabulous in whatever they have on!! Sheri