Monday, February 8, 2010

A whole lotta nothing!

It's been 2 weeks since we have asked for an update through our agency. They did say there is no guarantee the SWI will answer our questions and send us pics. We are just hoping and praying they will. Other families from this SWI have said that they got their info in 2 weeks after they requested it but for some reason I am just not so sure it will be coming. In this pic Ellie has a pained smile and Emma just isn't so sure about things. Their new Momma is feeling the same way as her girls. I have been checking my e-mails every 15 minutes for the last week- ugh!

We are moving all of Anna's things officially into the Anna & Sarah bedroom and moving things into Emma and Ellie's room. Taking down Anna's crib and making the changing table to hold baskets with toys and books. I couldn't believe how much stuff we have accumulated in the 2.5 yrs. Anna has been home. I love things organized BUT I am horrible at organizing.

I was thinking of purchasing some toys for the new girls bedroom. Sarah made it very clear don't bother Mom- they will only want American girls doll toys once they see mine! I kind of think she is right- for the first year we can play with all the toys we already have but they will quickly move on to the bigger girl stuff.

We moved the clothes that Sarah has grown out of into Em and El's room. I really want to get their measurement to see if any of this will fit. Last time they said they were one inch apart but I really think Emma looks more than one inch taller than Ellie. Ellie is broader so I may have to get a whole different size for her, who knows?

We are on day 47 as we wait for our LOA. I can't help but speculate... the more I do the longer I'm bettin it will be...

We are getting lots of snow, it is very pretty. Makes a person wanna hunker down and cuddle up in front of the fireplace!


Hezra said...

ahhh, jean, I feel much the same. I have been checking emails often. Trying to see if there is any news of our two girls. All while doing the schooling, cleaning and cooking and the neverending laundry. I hope we both hear good news soon.(oh, cant remember if I commented but your girls rooms are so pretty! I am trying not to be covetous. ;-) Very sweet! I wouldn't change a thing!!

Adeye said...

Gosh, my friend, I understand all too well that feeling of LONGING for updated information.

When we adopted Haven, I used the sweetest lady in China to get me updated info. She does it as a business and is sooooo effecient. She got me updated pics and measurements in a couple of days. And, she loves the Lord. Let me know if you would like her contact info. I know many people who have used her services. She charges next to nothing.

Just a thought.

Love and hugs

Sarah said...

Praying that you get an update!


Sally-Girl! said...

Sure hoping you get an update soon, even though you have WAY more photos of the girls than what is fair!!!! Just kidding, you deserve an update!! Day 31 for us. I am amazed how fast it is going, just too busy with all the littles and out big trip!!!

I love hunkering down with mandatory cuddle time!!!

Sue said...

You have had your girls pictures a lot longer then I have had mine, but I agree, it is so hard to sit back and just wait when you have information and pictures of them. You want to know every little thing about them and so forth. I agree the snow is beautiful. Hugs

Blogging Friend said...

I hope you get an update soon on Emma and Ellie. I love to hear about how they are doing. I really hope you get to go bring them home very soon.
I agree that Emma looks more than an inch taller than Ellie, but since Ellie looks bigger they might actually wear the same size and it be longer on Ellie. Hopefully someone will give you measurements soon.
I agree with Sara I would bet they are going to want the American Girl Dolls and all the fun stuff that go with them. You might consider going ahead and getting them both a doll of their own, so they will feel like something belongs to them (toy wise)when they come home. LOL!!
I am praying for you my friend and let us know what you hear.


Mandi said...

I think the wait from LID to LOA then LOA to TA is the hardest. It just seems to drag on forever...

I will say a prayer that not only do you get some update, but that you are also the exception to the norm and receive your LOA in record time.


Sammy said...

Hey, we have two PAs also and we are on day 23 waiting for our LOA. : - )