Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who Should Travel?

This Momma is getting so excited to go to China and get her girls!! I am so in love- be still my heart!

We are beginning to rethink who should travel and again I would love your opinion! We had planned for Katie and I to go to China and get the girls(Emma and Ellie). We still may do this but after leaving Sarah and Anna for 4 days while we went to Johnny's soccer tournament and coming home to challenges, we are rethinking the whole "who will travel thing".

I am starting to wonder if it would be better for Jim and I, Sarah and Anna to go to China. We are inviting Katie too if it works for her with her job. The boys are choosing not to come to China- we have asked them but we have also told them it is a working trip not a vacation. We really have no idea when we will go - the earliest would be the end of May and the latest would be the end of June. (nothing has been decided for sure just contemplating possibilities right now).

We had decided not to bring Sarah because she was having nightmares that we would leave her in China but at that point she had only been home 8 months. Now she has been home 16 months and is more secure. Plus it could be good for her to see that she can go to China and come back with her family- more proof we are her forever family! We also feel like Sarah and Anna will feel more like part of the adoption process of their new sibs instead of just having mom show up with 2 more sisters.

Sarah and Anna will have a chance to get to know their new siblings in China before returning home and getting back to the regular routine. They will have ownership of the process. They will also be ice breakers and show the two new girls that we are an okay family. Sarah may (or may not) be able to help us out with the language.

I will not have to be separated from them for 2 weeks and then have to go through the "re-bonding period" because I left them.

Now this does mean we will go coach and I am sorry because I am a wimp but please tell me it's not so bad and I can do it. (then please forgive me for being a wimp) Plus I better get used to it - I plan to go back there as soon as I can!!

What are your thoughts? What did you do or what are you planning to do in this situation?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Comfortable Shoulder!

For 26 years he has been doing this. Some little person has sought refuge on his shoulder! First it was Matt and one by one they have enjoyed a good nap in the security of their father's arms.

It's Anna's favorite place to have a rest. We all know what she's up too when she crawls in her Daddy's lap! She's hard to resist and so darn cute! Even if it is 7:30 at night and we've just ordered dinner!

Such blessings! Thank you Jesus!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Wait is Getting More Difficult...

In these pics they look like scared little girls. Such serious looks for such young children. I think Emma was the caretaker for Ellie.

These are pics that were taken for our update. Such beautiful little girls but most likely wondering what is going on? Why are they doing this?

There were little movie clips and the foster mom would say "tell your new Momma and Babba to hurry and come and get you", " tell them you are being good little girls". I think it upset them. Emma looks teary. I want to hug and comfort them.

The wait is getting more difficult. I want to go get them now. We have known who they were for so long, it's nearing a year. They have waited too long. They should be home with their family. I know that it works out for us to go in June BUT I want to leave NOW!

I have looked at their pictures so much- I know them, I know who they are, they are "our daughters". Their faces are so familiar to us. Before we accepted the referral we got more information on them. They had a tough start and were in shock to find themselves in an orphanage. The information helped but that was not how we made our decision- it was through much prayer and then we looked at them and new... we new they were our daughters. It didn't really matter what the new info said, their faces had become so familiar.

Things that I noticed before I do not notice now- they are so beautiful and so perfect. What an incredible gift from God! I can hardly wait to be in China and meet them!

Today I sent them a little gift through one of the services. I am excited for them to get it!! I have their next gift all ready except we need to label some of the photos! We wouldn't want them thinking I'm their grandma now would we! I'm puttin a big fat MAMA sign next to me and a BABBA sign next to that gorgeous gray, excuse me silver haired Hubby of mine!

Right before we come we will send a cake so they can have a party with their friends! Do you think we should send two cakes or one? They have watched so many children come home. A lot of the pics we have of them are at other children's parties. Soon it will be time for them to have their party!

I don't want to wish time away- I just want them HOME! (Does anyone out there object to skipping April and May this year?)

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Last Sailor to Board the Ship!

As Johnny was getting older and his sibling were one by one going off to college he mentioned how quiet the house would be once Mark left. At that point we had been thinking about adoption, we heard the call but didn't know how or where to begin.

Once we got going on the process all of the older kids where very excited to bring home a new sibling, except Johnny. They thought it sound like an incredible adventure and all wanted to be part of it, except Johnny. Our Johnny was the last family member to board the adoption boat! After talking about it for awhile, he got pretty excited about bringing Anna home. Then we moved on to our second adoption. He wasn't so sure about an older child, especially a girl. The process took enough time for him to begin to look forward to his new sister. Once she arrived he adored her!

As time goes on the bond between brother and sisters seems to be growing! They have fun together! The first thing he does when he comes home from school is say hello to his sisters! When he leaves he always says "I love you" to them!

They have learned so much through him. He lets them know in kids terms what is acceptable behavior and what is not. His standards aren't always the same as mine! Passing gas and burping are okay but watching PBS at 10 yrs old is not- we've had to change to nick jr.
Staring at his friends is not okay but it's okay to hang out hear them if your not being annoying!
I do not know his definition of annoying?

They wrestle, give piggy back rides, play hide and seek, and so on! Did you know, a little sister comes in handy when you have a sore back!!

Johnny has been the sibling that has reaped the most benefits from his sisters- love and fun! What more do you need when your a kid!

Now we are in the process of bringing home two more treasures from China. Johnny lives his life, it does not revolve around adoption (like mine). He doesn't talk often about his two new sisters but he seems to be looking forward to their arrival. He happily moved his bedroom downstairs and never even hinted any feelings of jealousy or displacement.

I am assuming that this adoption will go the way of the others and this big brother will once again rise to the occasion. It is glorious to see as a parent!

Do you want to adopt but not everyone in the family has boarded the ship? Don't let that stop you! Parents make the decisions in the family! The children will see all the blessings of their new sibling over time!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

HS curriculum?

Homeschooling is going very well. It is a perfect fit for Sarah (well, other than a few bad days). I have been happy with what we were doing but it is time to add more in and have a more thorough curriculum - she is ready! Plus, I have been doing this reading program for the last couple months. Some of the books were pretty bad- story without a point, no main subject, bad things happen in it. I was thinking well one bad story is okay I 'm sure the rest will be better... That was not the case and I am dumping the whole LA program. Just to verify I had hubby read one of the books and he said don't do another day of it.

So here I am curriculumless ... (It's a new word!) I have been praying, searching yahoo groups, review websites and curriculum sites- my head is spinning. I am no further than when I started! ugh!

So dear friends, I turn to you- the experts! We need to get settled in before it gets too busy with our new girls!

We are doing Saxon Math 3rd grade and love it (so far).
I need a LA curriculum - it has to be christian based.
I kind of want a full curriculum but I'm not sure?

I would love to do sonlight BUT I do not think it is a fit for us. Sarah does like workbooks and learns from them. She cannot just listen and learn. In some programs she would be a 1st grader and in other she would be a 2nd grader- depends on the program.

Currently I am looking at-
Christian Light Education
My Father World
Rod and Staff

Do you have an opinion on any of these? What do you use? What do you like?

I would love to hear from you!!
We need to find something fast!

Blessing to you!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Re-Entry... hasn't been easy...

Hubby and I had a wonderful time at Johnny's soccer tournament. I didn't want to leave the girls but once I did I realized it was okay to have a little time with hubby and watch Johnny play soccer... in a perfect climate(San Diego)! I think Johnny really appreciated having us there!

Hubby and I love adding to our family but we want to be sure that we are still spending time with all the kids, no matter how big they may be! It is actually really fun spending time with the big kids. The little ones are a joy and we continuously marvel over them and thank the Lord for being able to be their parents but the big ones are fun like friends!

I knew leaving what going to be hard on a certain someone who's name starts with an S. She was quiet as I was packing and getting the house ready. Then she had a ton of questions and then quiet again. She called us a couple times while we where gone and seemed to be maintaining just fine. She did get moody on Monday morning with the sitter but snapped out of it after awhile.

When we arrived home she was very happy to see us! The next day came time for school. She started out sluggish and unfocused. Within 10 minutes she refused to listen and do her schoolwork. It worked it's way into a tantrum- her (not me!)... It is interesting how it all seems to come out at school time. School did not go well for Sarah in China. It has been going incredibly well for us at home. We had a few hurdles in the beginning but it improved significantly with time.

Today much of the same thing. The drama does get exhausting. Hubby had to go out of town right after we came home so that did not help the situation. I know this too, shall pass! In fact I'm planning on tomorrow being a great day!!

I may never be leaving the home again... at least not without my posse!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

He Got A Job!

I think he got his wish!

Sarah is really into bunny ears lately!!

Happy Birthday Billy!

We love you!

When we left for San Diego our son Billy found out he got a job! He is in his senior year of college and he will graduate in May! This is a grown up job and he has to wear a suit (he currently doesn't own a suit!). Guess what he is getting as a belated birthday gift! We didn't buy him any birthday gifts because we knew he would need a few things after graduation so we decide to wait and see what he needs (now we know!).

We are so excited for him! As a Mom it is a good feeling to know that that piece of the puzzle is in place!

Katie called us Saturday morning. She immediately said "Have you talked to Billy?"

Since we hadn't talked to him we had no idea but the question alone gave it away! Katie had no problem sharing the good news!

The good news that she wasn't supposed to share!

The good news that she promised Billy she wouldn't share!

Because it was his good news not hers!

She started off telling us that she made it very clear to him that she wasn't jealous... and she wasn't mad... but how did he get this job? I'm not quite sure why she needed to make that clear but I guess it's good that we all know... she's not jealous and she's not mad!

Well maybe... a little!

Congratulations Billy!! I mean Bill, that's more professional!

Nawww, he'll always be Billy to me!

Multi tasking- time away and a soccer tournament!

Reluctant subject- Johnny does not enjoy it (only barely tolerates it) when I pull out my camera!

The boys made some friends!

Don't ya thing this would look nice in my dining room! ;-)

The beach and a low lying cloud covering the island!

The Coronado! No, we are not staying there!

Hubby and I are in San Diego with Johnny and his soccer team. This time together and being able to watch Johnny play soccer has really been a treat for us! As the family grows it is difficult to get to every thing so we really appreciate it when we can be at the events!

We have been able to converse without interruption -which we are enjoying but not planning to get used to it! It is such a new concept for us to be able to finish a thought!

It was very hard for me to leave our little girls. Hubby and I have never left at the same time. Sarah was not too keen on it but she managed her emotions well. She had many questions, we went over and over the schedule and reassured her many times. Big sissy Kate, boyfriend Devan and my friend Karen are taking care of them. They are in good hands!

The first night away I felt pangs of homesickness but the weekend has gone by fast and we will be heading home soon. The boys have won their first two games and need to win or tie this next one to continue! San Diego's weather is perfect! What a joy to be able to be outside and be comfortable!

In the middle of the night we got a telephone call- babysitter Kate has the stomach flu- what a bummer. The poor dear is miserable. We are hoping and praying she feels better soon.

It did cross my mind that those dreaded stomach flu germs are now in the house- oh, ugh and yuck! I was hoping to avoid that this year but we will see...

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Emma Joy

Ella Mei

Hubby and I have been trying to imagine our new daughters. When we look at the pictures it seems like they are growing up without us. I would guess they are about 5 ft tall and weigh more than they actually do. Their faces have seem older, they are losing the little girl look. I have their measurements but just have not been able to put it into perspective.

That was until the other night! We had our FCC group over for a play date. One of the girls is exactly the same size as Ellie. It was so good to see Rose and realize that our daughters are still little girls. They have not grown up without us but we still need to get them home ASAP!

Of course now I can't stop myself and I am asking all the parents- "How tall is your daughter? How much does she weigh?" Yes I know- I've become a little nosy lately!

At dance class their were two girls again the same size as Emma and Ellie - all I can do at this point is to dream...

I can hardly wait to see them in person! I have been doing a little shopping for them. Many of the clothes I've bought them are matching. The have been dressed alike in many of the pics I have received. Since they are doing that now I will continue- I am just hoping to avoid clothes issues- if that if possible. I am guessing once they are home and comfortable they will not dress a like.

It is so cute because Sarah is helping me pick things out and of course she will also be dressed similar to them- our summer pics should be interesting! Even Anna is getting into it!! All 4 will have matching skirts and shirts and PJ's!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dear Friends,

Truly you are a gift from God. Truly you are such a blessing to us!

Throughout the day I have read your encouraging e-mails. Each time I pushed refresh I prayed for more- and the Lord delivered! Your words were comforting and encouraging. You helped me to to pray for my neighbor, to see beyond myself and my fear of what she may do. Instead I have been able to to pray for her, for his guidance and for his protection.

For awhile I wanted to wallow in the situation and try to get even, but then the burden became to heavy and I needed to give it to the Lord. You helped me to to realize what my angel was saying was right...

It seems at this point the situation is resolved. This person seems to not want to continue the battle, she just wants to care for the yard. We did make it clear that it would never be her property. Months ago, we actually tried to give it to her but we were unable too- if we did our property would be unsalable and we would have no address. At this point she may care for the property as long as we live here BUT she must be a good neighbor. We are completely fine with it although I do question if that will actually happen. We will put our trust in the Lord and see where he guides us.

Hubby now understands how important you are- you Jesus loving and adoption loving friends - your prayers have moved mountains! I knew they would and I am so glad that he knows that now, too! It is a bit of an abstract idea when you can post a blog and prayer comes your way- thank you, thank you, thank you. We are so grateful to our Lord for your prayers- YOU move mountains!

Please keep praying when you can- don't let the opposition keep us from serving our Lord!

God Bless you!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Plea for Prayer!!

Dear Friends,
Our family is being attacked by the opposition. I kid you not, we desperately need your prayers. Please, please friends gather around and pray for our family. Encircle us with your prayers. Ask our heavenly father to chase away the opposition and to build a fortress of love and grace round us.

I am in tears and on my knees praying for protection from Satan and I do mean Satan...

I am so upset I can hardly type but I will try to explain... please be patient with me if my story is rambling or in bits and pieces...

We try every day to do good, to work hard, to joyfully care for our family and be kind to others, to love the Lord and serve the Lord. Hubby and I get along with everybody, that is one of the reasons why this feels so odd to us. We are so thankful for the simpleness in our life and wish to keep it this way- please help us with your prayers first then your advice... we so appreciate you!

Today my husband went to our neighbors house and told her that we plan to care for the pond this year. It is in front of her house but it is our property. We have had a few issues lately and just felt it was time to take care of what is ours. Our neighbor has

buried high voltage lines on it which if anyone is electrocuted it is our fault
she has completely landscaped it even though it is not her property
she swears at us and slams the door on our face if we mention that a shrub needs to come down because it hides the children from the cars going down the driveway. We want to protect the children.
She has told her handyman, who told us, that she is trying to take it over by imminent domaine...

For these reasons we feel it is our responsibility to take care of our own yard. We feel it is reasonable and the responsible thing to do...

My husband went over there to let her know that we will be taking care of the property from now on.
Soon after that we had window peepers (this is not the first time). We told her child and friend that it was against the law and they needed to go home now. It made me feel vulnerable and weird knowing someone was looking in our windows watching us as we made dinner...

Then we got a phone call from an irate ex husband. It was not a friendly call and was filled with swear words and threats. Scary threats, really scary threats- threats that were not true about us and threats of what she/they would do to us. And then he told us they have already had us investigated...

and they know about our financial problems from the past. I have to be honest with you- we have never kept that a secret but we have also never shared it with them...

(we share it with others, if we think it may help them)

I don't know if your stomach is turning but mine is...

The ex husband hung up on my hubby leaving him with the words- "she will make your life a living h___..." My husband looked at me and said your hunch was right she is worse than I thought.

At first I felt the fire rise in my soul. Do not threaten us. I knew I could count on you to flood the gates of heaven with prayer. I knew GOOD would win over evil.

But God sent me an angel at just the right time- his timing, his perfect timing... only God!

She told me to retreat, that Satan would enjoy bringing us down and that GOOD would prevail but is the cost of a fight too high. Yes, the cost of a fight would be too high...

Dear friends, I am so grateful to God. The message was heard loud and clear. Getting entangled with evil is much to high a price. God will deal with this person in his own way.

We decided quickly to "retreat into the arms of our Lord". My husband tried to go over to the house (the ex was over there now) and tell them she can care for it as long as we live here but they did not answer the door. That was probably a good thing, for I did fear for his safety. Instead he left a message on her phone and his cell phone.

We need your prayers dear friends- honestly we have seen the damage an angry meter maid can do. We have seen this type of anger before and after trying to fight for what is right and good we turned to our Lord and gave it to him. We vowed to spend each day doing something good and praising our Lord. We decided to turn away from fighting evil and cling to our God, cling to what is good and right.

Tonight we did that but we are still in danger. This person is unstable and we need your heavenly prayers to surround our home and protect us.

She has haunted us all last summer with threats and calls to the city for unsubstantial reasons.
(like having 3 dogs, putting in a basketball hoop and having a portion of our yard unsodded)

It may seem petty but it is not- we are being attacked by the opposition and we so humbly ask you to pray for us.

I do not cry easily but tonight has brought many tears...

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Here!

I am officially a Mommy to 9 children, although 2 are not home with us, yet. We got our LOA today! It is signed and will be sent out this week- thank you Jesus!! It is so nice to have our agency right down the street! As soon as we found out the good news we zipped right over there!

Our agency has estimated that we will get TA in 2 months and then travel 3 weeks after that! Which puts us in the beginning of June which is perfect for my travel companion- Katie. She is teaching and will be done on June 9th! Guess what day we are hoping to leave? You got it- June 9th! I can't believe it is actually time to plan our trip to China to get our girls! Yippee Jesus!!

It feels like spring is here in MN! The last 2 days have been beautiful! In the sixty's partly sunny and the smell of spring in the air. The only snow around are a few filthy leftover snow banks on a few corners! I don't want to get my hopes up though because we usually have plenty of snow in the month of March.

Dear Friends, I want to thank you for your prayers for Matt! They are doing the trick! We saw Matt on Sunday eve and talked to him today. He is doing good, the pain is not as bad and he is having an attitude change! In other words thinking positively about healing instead of worrying what may be wrong! We are so grateful for your prayers!

Happy Birthday to our Billy! Today he is 22 yrs old! I am hoping to post a few pics from our party last night! It feels so good to have children that age and to have the little ones! I feel blessed beyond belief!

Celebrating in MN!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's what... daylight savings time?

Poor Mark wakes up this morning and realizes it is day light savings time! His parents(that would be us) didn't mention it to him because they(that would be us, again) didn't know either! Thank goodness we went to church last night or we would have arrived as everyone else was leaving today! He was supposed to catch a plane home- yes, I used past tense! He missed it...

It is his spring break and we are so excited to get him home! We are hoping the airlines will be understanding and helpful and get him on another plane! I am guessing he won't be the only one that misses a plane this morning!

An update on Matt- On Friday he tried to get in to see his Dr.- No appts were available so he went to the urgent care in the office. The would not order an MRI because it needed to come from his own Doctor who did I mention was right in the hallway at the time. He was told to toughen up and come back on Monday. He is going back on Monday and hoping she will order an MRI so we know what is going on with his back. I have heard for people in their twenties with a herniated disc- nothing is done, they just give it time to heal. That is fine with us but we need to know if that is the problem or not. He will also need to know what to do to help it heal and what future activities to stay away from.

I hope and pray they will give him better guidance, follow through with the MRI and treat him respectfully. This may sound silly but if this doesn't happen- this boys Momma will be attending the next Dr appt with him! I remember when I was in my 20's- it was hard to get any respect and be listened too (I'm sounding like Rodney D*ngerfield) - it got better with each decade- too bad you have to get old to get respect!

Praying that his Dr appt goes well! That they order the MRI! Praying for God to heal Matt's back! Praying that Mark gets home today!

Did anyone else miss daylight savings time?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Asking for prayers!

Please pray for our son, Matt. He was in a skiing accident 2 weeks ago. He rested for a week and then went back to work but was unable to stay for more than a few hours. He nearly fainted from the pain and had to go home. The pain is unmanageable with out major medication. They are wondering if maybe he may have a herniated a disk. He has not had an MRI yet but needs one, NOW.

His job requires him to sit at a computer much of the day and it is nearly impossible for him to do that.

Please pray-
That he will get the necessary test done to find out if more is going on. ( he is 26 we cannot do it for him, he needs to do it)
That the Lord will heal him. That the Lord will hear our prayers and that Matt will be touched by the Lord through this situation and answered prayer.
That very soon he will be able to stop taking the strong pain medication.
That he will be able to return to work in some capacity and that his employers will continue to be understanding of his situation.

Thank you so much for your kindness and prayers! They mean the world to us!
God Bless,

Still Waiting...

I know of two dear girls that need to get home! They have watched their friends leave their home town one by one. It is their turn to have a forever Momma and Babba! It is their turn to have a family and a home to call their own! We are day 77 and praying that our LOA will come soon!

I am making it harder on myself by counting each day and anticipating it's arrival. I need to just trust our Lord that it will happen in his perfect timing (BUT, it doesn't hurt to storm heaven with a little old request- so please pray with me)!

The pictures we have recieved of them are of two girls transformed. The are smiling and happy.

Four years ago these two little children were found together in a courtyard of a government building. They did not speak a word to anyone. They did not make eye contact with anyone. I believe they were in shock. In an instant their world had changed drastically. It is our belief this was done out of love and in order to save their two precious daughters.

Between Hope and Grace foster homes and HTS preschool the pictures alone tell us their story. We are so grateful to these organizations. They gave our daughters everything they needed to grow and put smiles on their faces. Now it is time for them to take the next step and have a forever family. We are so thankful the Lord has chosen us to be their family! I can hardly wait to love them, teach them and just be with them!

They have a family waiting for them! Especially two very excited sisters that are ready to welcome them home!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Tip Of The Iceberg!

Okay- no one was staying in this room so it kind of gained a bit of clutter!
Now, no talkin about me behind my back!

Yeah, I may have a little problem but if you need a box! Just give me a call! This comes in very handy a Christmas time and for Birthdays! FYI- I got rid of half of them!

I didn't take a pick with all the clothes out there- that was another, oh my!

Yes, wrapping paper my also be an issue with me. Have trouble throwing it away! It seems so waistful! Again, I did get rid of half of it!

Slowly making progress!

Now where talkin!!

It's lookin comfy and homey!

It even has room for the big bros!


Oh My- this is not a small project! Instead of fixing up a room for the girls we are changing around 6 rooms- ugh!

It was so easy with Anna. We had an extra bedroom and took my own sweet time getting it ready. When Sarah came Johnny moved to Mark's room and Mark moved downstairs. It was a natural move since he was heading to college. We went through some things but not too much. Again, I had a nice empty room to fill!

This time- oh my, oh my, the junk! It never ends! One little project leads to another and another and another... Matty went to college 8 years ago. He only stayed n the basement room a little bit but we found some of his things in there, along with Billy's and Mark's. It all had to come out there if there was any hope of Johnny feeling like it was his room and if there were any hopes of him being able to keep it clean! So we decided less is better! Many of the things from his other room were from middle school and elementary sports- that all goes into storage- another ugh!

It was kind of emotional for me to move him downstairs. It wasn't until things started to come together that I thought this could work out. We still have the bathroom to clean and get set up. With the 4 girls running around upstairs I think this should work out good from Johnny and Mark (during the summers)!

Next on the list-
1. Johnny's old room becomes the school room.
2. Emma and Ellie will get the pink room until more join us. Then they will move in with Sarah and Anna and free up a room for the new kids!
3. The old school room/ exercise room becomes the girls playroom. It is an upstairs bonus room and the girls do not like to be far from Momma during the day!
4. The downstairs playroom becomes the exercise room and we put in a Ping Pong table- ya'll know my son's team is 3rd in the state for Ping Pong!!

Lots of movement going on here in this house!
Have I told ya'll how much I hate doing this- going through old junk, wondering how in the world anyone can collect this much stuff. It should be against the law! The fun part is getting the rooms ready after the "junk" is out but we have a lot more work ahead of us! Did I mention the master bedroom closet- that needs to be done, too. Oh my, oh my, oh my!

I think this is a form of nesting!! It's some where between nesting and purging! Our garbage was emptied Friday morning and now they are both filled again- already!

Tomorrow is day 74 as we wait for our LOA- I am praying it comes this week!! Please Lord!

Also, please pray for baby Luke from Morningstar Project. I heard he is off to Israel for the surgery that he desperately needs. Linny wrote about it on her blog!

Thank you!!
Bless you sweet bloggy friends!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah!

On March 5th Sarah turned 10 yrs old!

I can't believe she is 10!

Everyone was able to be there except Mark- he is in Denver. We missed him.

We ate at Sarah's favorite restaurant!

Everyone had a wonderful time!

This little girl is such a blessing to us!

Mystery guests!

I am one happy Momma!

We went back home for cake and presents! (these are the kids at home- so far!)

Happy Birthday Sarah! We love you!

For her birthday she got matching PJ's for her dolls and for herself!

Thank you Jesus for the gift of this incredible little girl!