Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We're in Portland!!

We could not get internet service last night so I was unable to post before leaving home. I was so bummed and of course worried about it while trying to sleep. Thankfully we have internet here- PTL!!

I believe I will be able to post on my blog while in China- we worked hard with a technician to get it going!! We will see!

We are so excited to going!! I can't believe our girls are only days away!! Thank you Jesus!!

We will be in HK in 20 hours!! I'll post then!!

Thank you Jesus!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Moving On Over??

We have tried to get the computer working for blogger but have failed. We will continue to work on it. I am losing hope at this point. I had hoped to have it all set up so when we left I would understand what I was doing. I know that many say it is easy BUT nothing on the computer is easy for me. I was also hoping that daughter Katie would be so driven to be on facebook that she would have it all figured out. I guess maybe the fact that she can't be on FB is a good thing!?! What do ya think Kate?

Next time we travel to China we will have our own website- unblocked!! BUT for now I am moving over to "Journey to Me"- once you get there click on Adoption Journals. Our journey is public so just look for Journey to Emma Joy and Ella Mei! That's our girls!!

I just have to ask for your help with this!! I am downloading Christian music onto my nano and I cannot find a song that I need to bring. It sounds like an Irish ballad with the bag pipes playing- It starts out "In Christ the Lord... I NEED to bring it with me- I love it and it speaks to my heart! I cannot seem to find it in the itunes store and I don't really know the official name of the song or who sings it.?! Can YOU help me?

It has been interesting preparing for this journey! Already we have had a plethora of feelings going on at our house. I'm sure it does have a lot to do with adding two girls BUT it also has a lot to do with breaking the home routine. Mom is getting ready for China and not able to do the usual schedule- that alone throws them off. Honestly, once we get on the plane we will be just fine. The waiting will be over, the long awaited China trip will have arrived! Oh yes and we will have new challenges! Bring them on!

Praise the Lord!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Okay, Okay- I get it... no one is traveling when we are BUT it is okay! We will have fun and bond with our girls!!

Actually I have talked to a few fams that will be there at the same time and we are meeting up with them! Two families have gotcha day in Nanning just hours before us and they are staying at the same hotel. Then there are a few families that will be in GZ and we will meet them, too! Not to mention we are hoping to see a very special family in HK as they head home- we will see what can actually happen, as I am sure they are exhausted and will be anxious to get home. Everyones focus is on their children- as it should be!

So here is the itinerary-
June 30th- we leave for HK (by way of portland and Tokyo)!
July 1st - we arrive in HK
July 2nd - sightseeing in HK
July 3rd - sight seeing in HK
July 4th - relax in HK and travel to Nanning in the evening!
July 5th - get settled and get ready for Gotcha Day 5:00 pm!!!
July 6th - Sign papers for our girls! Sight seeing in Nanning!
July 7th - Take a train to Guilin!
July 8th - Sight seeing in Guilin!
July 9th - See the orphanage! Take an overnight train to GZ!
July 10th - arrive in GZ. medical exam and visa pics!
July 11th - sightseeing
July 12th - yadda yadda
July 13th - yadda yadda
July 14th - CA- yippee!!
July 15th - swearing in!
July 16th - Pick up our visa and take a train to HK!
July 17th - Fly Home from HK!! WooHoo!! Arrive Home!!

I will fill in a few of the blanks soon and make a few changes when I get more info! It seems to be raining a lot in southern China right now... Please pray for decent weather! Only 57 hours until we leave!! Thank You Jesus!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

China Travel - ROLL CALL again!

Since we are traveling one week later than we hoped I thought I would try again to find more families traveling at the same time!

If you know of anyone traveling to China (that hasn't left yet) or if it is you- please let me know!!

I will add your blog to my sidebar!! I will also hopefully see you in China and give you a huge hug!

I'm feeling a little bit like the party is happening without me (right now in China) so I would love to hear from you!! We will make our own fun! (and support group)

Thank You Jesus!

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Zoo, The Ants, A Storm and Preparing for China!

This morning we went to the local zoo with our FCC play group! We had a wonderful time with the families! They are all excited to meet Emma and Ellie once we get home! I am trying to do fun things along with preparing to go but it is challenging. The summer will fly by! We have had a rainy month of June and July will be getting the girls in China and getting home. August is often getting ready for school. At this point I want to just close the suitcases and hop on a plane! Soon I will post our itinerary!

So ya know I posted about sticky girl and the ants. We called in our local exterminator- it may have been over kill because the day I made the phone call they stopped visiting us (the ants that is). Well, he came out 2 days later- his idea was to make the ants a lovely meal of sugar, dog food, and poison for them to chow down on. Of course they now have completely disappeared instead of enjoying their gourmet meal. We of course are left with sugar, crumbled dog food and poison on our floor. We have dogs and children- not a good combo with the poison. I am supposed to leave it for 3 weeks... I think not... I'll try it for 2 more days then it's getting cleaned up...

Packing... oh my... I think I need to just shut the suitcases. I am second guessing myself over and over again. We have now added another suitcase filled with the gifts, the girls backpacks, snacks and things for us "to do". I may be getting carried away!

Today I brought Anna into the pediatrician to have her ears checked. Is it wrong of me to say, I was actually hoping she had an ear infection? It would have explained "why" she has been so whiney lately. Her ears looked great- no ear infection! I think both Sarah and Anna are nervous to go to China. They have loved everything about it from afar, but now, China is staring them in the face and I think they want to run the other direction.

I am guessing we will be having many challenges during our time in China. I really appreciate the honesty of the families that are there now. It is a wake up call to me - this will not be easy. We will be a family "full of feelings"! (I will be posting more on this in the near future)
I am concerned about the heat, the fears and the attitudes. We tried to talk about it this evening, they were fine with the talk but then Anna didn't want to go to bed (that never happens) - we may not be talking much about it for the next 5 days. Sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do! So China, here we come ready or not!!

This week we have had people working on our landscaper. They did a beautiful job and we have admired it for the last 24 hours! Of course at the 24 hour mark came a horrific storm. Golf ball size hail, torrential rains, 50 mile an hour winds, trees down, along with tornado warnings and sirens blaring! The landscaping is not quite what it was... bummer... we are a little disappointed but it is a good reminder to have our priorities in the right place. Our family is fine, no one was hurt!
Oh well, the landscaping will be okay and perked up by the time we get home from China!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feeling Thankful on Thursday!

I'm feeling like our dear Lord is involved in so many more things in our life than I realize. I feel incredible gratitude toward Him. So many pieces of the puzzles are fitting together. So many thing are happening that are way beyond me. I am in awe of Him.

The other day our air conditioner shut down- it is electronic and it said to call a technician. Okay, we can do that except it was Friday night. We put a call in on Saturday morning and they came out to repair it. As it turns out the landscapers had unplugged something and the A/C reset wrong. A few minor adjustments and he was done! While he was downstairs he noticed a possible gas leak- sure enough he was right and he fixed it for free! Thank you Jesus for a missed disaster!

I often wonder how could we be adopting two lovely new daughters at our age? It is a miracle only He could have engineered! How could we be traveling to China at the perfect time. (I wanted to travel earlier, but this is so obviously his doing)! I am mourning that I will not see my BFF in China, that Sarah will not meet up with the girl from her orphanage and that we will not get to meet the incredible families that are their NOW! Hubby has made it clear that in his opinion this is God's timing. He had projects to wrap up at work, a necessary bonus for the orphanage fee for two lovely new daughters and airlines tickets where we finally get to sit together! Yes, this is HIS doing- and for that I am so grateful!

I feel so very blessed and down on my knees thankful to Him, to our Heavenly Father! In just 6 days we will be on a plane to China! The girls, that were only a dream will become reality! They will be our Emma Joy and Ella Mei!

Lord - thank YOU!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sticky Girl!

This girl is a messy eater and she prefers not to wash her hands after eating!

She often wears most of her food ... in her hair. She does not like to get her hair combed... at all.

She cries when we make her wash her hands...
She cries when we comb her hair...
She cries when we give her a bath to wash out the food in her hair...
Sometimes we have not made her wash her hands after eating...
Sometimes we don't comb her hair...
Sometimes we don't give her a bath to wash the food out of her hair...
Because she cries...
She's smart...
Were not...
We're onto her...

So are the ants...
Yep, I said ants...
They only go to where Anna sits...

We are making some changes! So the ants don't visit us (Anna) anymore!
We're washing hands after every meal!
We're washing food out of hair!
We're calling an exterminator!

(we're wiping down the counter after every meal... and the floor - my bad)
It's not a huge problem BUT I hate bugs... of any kind!
Especially if they are in my house!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Project Reef Awareness!

Our son Mark has started an "Awareness and Fund Raising Project" for the coral reefs. He will be going to Turks and Caicos for a semester abroad and will be studying the coral reefs.

I had never heard of Turks and Caicos before but with a short geography lesson I now know where he will be heading this September! We are very excited for this opportunity for him and that he has such an interest in the coral reefs- they are absolutely beautiful and they are in danger.

This world that the Dear Lord has blessed us with is so full of beauty and wonder. Thank you Jesus!!

He would love it if you visited his site!! The tee shirts are awesome!

In Two Weeks!

In two weeks our darling girls will be in our arms! They will be ours forever! I can't believe it- the time is drawing near!

We are coming soon dear girls! We are packing and getting ready for our travels! Our itinerary is being figured out now! It looks like it will be an awesome adventure in many ways. We will be seeing new sights and our family will grow from 5 travelers to 7 travelers!

We are all getting so excited! Sarah is counting down the days!! She is looking forward to have 2 new sisters and playmates!

I am thinking about using Journey to Me for our China journey. I like to see what I am doing. The e-mail works but I like to look at it. I will let you know when I have it set up! We are trying to find ways around the block but we will see how that goes.

WooHoo!! China here we come!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sweet Little Signs of God! A Thankful Thursday Post!

Two simple sweet signs of God!

And two more!! Thank You Jesus!

I just love it when throughout my day I see our God at work touching lives. Often times it is just the little things- but it is the little things that are so sweet and so comforting! How wonderful to know that our God is near!

The other day I was zipping down the freeway (I was not speeding just zipping). I pulled into the right lane because I was nearing our exit when it cam over me that the car next to me may need to get into my lane. I looked over and it was a sweet elderly couple (every elderly couple reminds me of my parents- that have passed away). He did not have his signal on but I felt like I should slow down and give him room, just in case. Sure thing he changed lanes and exited with me. I just felt like- thanks God for letting me know!

A couple days ago I was running errands. You know the "to do" list before going to China. Many things make it on that list even when they are not necessary to get done- this was one of them! We had a lamp that was broken- it needed to be fixed and the local electrical repair shop near us closed so I had to find a new one. I knew the general area it was in but not exactly and couldn't find the address. I drove over to that little town and figured I would find it. That was a mistake ... once I was there I knew it would be very hard to find, I couldn't even remember the name. I pulled over into a parking lot and skimmed through my calendar and notebook- nothing. I said a little prayer and felt a bit foolish. As I was about to back out I looked to my right- there was an electrical repair shop, it was the one I was looking for- thank you God!!

We have felt God's hand regarding the situation with our yard and the fact that our neighbor was trying to take it through adverse possession. I buried St Benedict medals in the property and have been praying over it- for peace and resolution. God came at just the right time and told us to retreat. He then came again at just the right time and placed someone in our lives to help us with the issue. He is a wonderful person and lawyer who specializes in real-estate law. He was an old friend of Hubbies that we had not connected up with for about 20 plus years. It is no longer being handled through unreasonable emotions but instead fairly through the legal system. We are at peace with that. Hubby and I are choosing to serve the Lord other ways and now we no longer have to worry about this- praise the Lord for bringing appropriate people into our live for situations like this.

Lately I feel like I have asked a lot of people to pray for us regarding various situation. The prayers have brought us such comfort and we have felt the hand of God a long the way. This last week a I have had the privilege to pray for others in need. I am so grateful to God and honored to pray for them. Please let me know if you have a prayer request.

We would have loved to travel the week earlier but things just didn't work out. During a meeting with our agency I felt the hand of God. It was a moment of peace that came over me- I knew that God was sending us to China, but in his perfect timing not mine. It felt good to know HE was in control. Some of the burden of trying to do everything right was lifted because it was out of my hands and in his. Although we will miss seeing some incredible wonderful families we are traveling at a time that God has chosen for us. It also worked very well for Hubby and his business and his bonus came in just in time to pay for our flights and the orphanage fee. We would have been gnawing on our nails had it come this close with earlier travel dates. Thank you God for your perfect timing!

As little challenges arose I found myself missing my sweet Momma even more. I wanted to talk to her, to share and to process the events over the last couple months. God occasionally brings my parents to me in my dreams- I love it when he does that. It is so deliberate on his part and I know he orchestrates it- praise him! I got a bonus visit yesterday! Kate and I were shopping- getting ready for China and there at the store was my Mom's best friend! We hugged and chatted and talked about how much we both missed her and wanted to talk to her. My Mom was a great listener and would chat to us about things that others might find silly or uninteresting. This was again orchestrated by Him! This is not the mall near her home and she was in the G*P, not a store you would expect to find her in- it was surreal and wonderful! After parting the tears wanted to flow- I knew God held me together during our visit. Thank you Jesus for that incredibly special moment!

Are you seeing God in simple sweet things throughout your day? I hope so! Look for him, he is there!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The girls are going to VBS At our church! They absolutely love it! They are there from 8:30-12:00 Monday thru Friday this week! This is Anna's first year! No problem separating- I thought she'd have a tough time... nope, she's doing great!

Soon we will be inseparable for 17 days, so a little time away right now is working out nicely!

I'm not gonna lie... I'm lovin my time each morning! I had coffee with a friend this morning! I'm getting tons done, but there is still tons to do!

VBS is a highlight in our summer! Next year I will have 4 little dumplings going to it! I waited to sign up because I thought we would be in China. We got the last couple openings- next year I'm not waiting to sign up- they love it to much. I wouldn't want to take a chance of missing out.

Sarah did let me know today that she prefers VBS school to any other schooling options and would like to continue with it for next school year! Sorry honey... not an option...

In case you haven't noticed Sarah is sitting nicely and Anna just can't seem to be still- too excited!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Yahoo!! We are going to China! I am one happy Momma! We couldn't get the CA appt we had hoped for but now that is a distant memory - we have a CA appt for July 14th! We are takin it and runnin with it!

I am sorry we will not be able to meet all the incredible families that will be there during our hoped for dates. Sarah will most likely not be able to meet her orphanage friend Janelle and we will all miss Sally's family, along with Leslie's family and Pam's and... the list goes on. You all are such wonderful support- and I appreciate your friendships- it would have been great to give you all a big hug!

Right now- I'm all business- I have to be- I just have to go get our girls! It feels good to have a date!

Thank you Jesus!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Really Hopin!

Hoping to hear about our CA soon! It is one of the most exciting moments of the journey. To know it is for real- we are going to China to get our daughters- it will be music to my ears!

It feels like it has been a long journey. We saw the girls on the waiting child list in March of 2009. By God's grace everything fell into place and we were able to officially accept the referral on June 5th. At that time I-800 was being figured out and things were slightly longer than they were with Sarah so our social worker gave us a little dose of reality and said don't plan to travel until May or June. We thought that sounded okay because we wanted Sarah to have time to adjust (but we were also happy we had begun the process early)!

Now my heart aches- it aches for our daughters that knew something was up years ago as they had picture after picture taken of them. Then more pictures and movie clips of their dear foster Mom saying hurry up Momma and Babba come and get us. Tears welled up in their eyes and I am sure confusion ran through the minds. Who is this Momma and Babba she is talking about?

Well dear daughters your Momma and Babba have worked as hard as they could to get you home as soon as possible. I never thought we would not have them home before their birthdays- July 20th and 21st. When I posted on that before- I was actually kidding. There was no way they would not be here well before their birthdays. But times in the adoption world have changed- as they often do and now I really don't know when we will go to China and when we will have our girls home.

Since you may be wondering (and even if you are not)- we are planning to give them American girl dolls for their b-day. We thought they could each pick out their own doll and accessories. We have an American girl doll store in the area. If they seem easily overwhelmed they can do it from the catalog and we will go get it for them. I am sure big sis Sarah will be happy to help them out!

We went ahead and bought them a bike and a scooter (and a helmet of course) so they could enjoy them over the summer. Sarah loves hers and I know they will want to practice at it with her and Anna!
I can't wait until they can ride a two wheel bike- it is such an exciting moment!

I think I am feeling a little melancholy because I have tried so hard to do everything right by everyone in my family and my agency. I tried to communicate with everyone I was supposed to about his journey. I tried to plan, to think ahead, to be prepared, to be able to meet everyones needs- that's my job- I am Mom. Somehow when things don't work out as planned the Mom thinks she has failed.

So to you dear Lord I offer this up- that you will have us go to China just as you have planned. That I will relinquish control to you. That my heart will be to passionately serve and love you.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Praising the Lord!

I have some good news for you! We have our TA! We are so thankful!! Yippee Jesus! China has given us their approval in every way and now we just need to bring our girls home! Praise the Lord!

Now they will be trying for our CA - please , please pray with us for July 5th, 6th 0r 7th. It is beginning to get late for those dates so we really need your prayers!

We planned ahead (leaving ample time so as not to mess things up) in hopes that it would all work out. So many changes would need to be made if it does not- so please pray for our CA.

This has been quite a week- I am emotionally exhausted. God has been there every step of the way. I am so thankful for that - I can not do this with out him. He has comforted me and wiped away the tears. He has shown me in small ways and in big ways that he is right there with us. It is so comforting to know how much he loves us and that we will never be without him.

There is a song that I just love but of course I can never remember the name or who sings it. It says "I don't wanta go some where knowing your not there, cause I know that me with out you is a lie. I don't want to walk that road, be a million miles from home."

That pretty much sums it up!

Just feeling like I need to stay really really close to Him.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Really... huh... really?

Yesterday for the first time in a long time I was able to give God my concerns, the things that were weighing heavy on my heart. It felt good, really really good. I could feel his presence and the burden was being lifted. Today, I continued to give it to him and he willingly took it again. His peace is with me and I am so thankful for that. No TA, no CA but I have his peace and his presence to carry on!

Now, let me make it clear- God was always there, he was always ready to take it but stubborn me wouldn't give it to him. I kept it for myself and made myself miserable. I wallowed and grumbled in my personal misery for quite awhile. Until, I realized the truth- how incredibly blessing I am. We are happy, so happy, everyone is healthy, Hubby likes his job, we are close and deeply love each other. We can afford food, we have a home, we love the Lord and we love to serve him. What more could I want? What more could I possibly ask for- he will send us to China as he planned and we will meet our 2 new daughters/sisters... in his perfect time.

Well, let me just tell you - I am very thankful that the dear Lord saved me just in time because today another bomb has dropped. A year ago we had problems with our local clearances- a meter maid got mad at my husband and towed his car and had him arrested. It was pretty crazy and ridiculous but we dealt with it and it was cleared up. We just renewed our local clearance and guess what hubby's did not come back... it was sent to FB*I. Nothing has happened in the last year- nothing, so it must be this past situation, we don't know? Honestly does the opposition ever stop? Weary is one of the many words that could be used to explain my feelings. We are trying to figure out what is going on and what we are supposed to do...

TA has not arrived yet... today but they are still waiting for the mail and there is a chance it could come tomorrow. I feel like a little kid on a long car ride- "Are we there yet?"

Now I just have to share this last tidbit... I have spoke about my neighbor before. I don't like too, it just doesn't seem right but prayer warriors this family needs you, big time. The attacks from the opposition continue. Along with calling the city on us 3 times last year and threatening us lawsuits and bodily harm if we so much as care for a piece of property near her house (but is actually owned by us)- we have now found out that she is currently trying to take it over through adverse possession. Yes, I know some of you warned us, we thought she couldn't do it BUT guess what she is trying to do exactly that.

So please dear Prayer Warrior, dear bloggy friends, dear lovers of adoption and serving the Lord- please pray for us.

Please pray that hubby's local clearance gets all cleared up so we can leave for China as hoped- July 23rd.
Please pray for our TA to arrive.
Please pray for our CA on July 6th or 7th.
Please pray for my neighbor- that what ever it is that is causing her anger will subside and she will be filled with the Lord's peace.
Please pray that the Lord will protect our property.
Please pray for God's peace within me and that I give these issues to him- he knows exactly what to do with them.
Please pray for my husbands peace and timeliness in dealing with these issues.
Please pray for the Dear Lord to protect us- big things are happening in our life, things the opposition does not like and he is attacking us.

Thank you dear friends. God bless you! You are so kind!

On Thankful Thursday I am very thankful for you!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Helloooo, out there? Have you seen my TA?

It must be lost because it is not finding it's way to me. Just wondering where they may have put it? It will be 4 weeks tomorrow, 4 long painful weeks since art. 5.

It supposedly was sent on Monday or Tuesday. It was supposed to arrive today or tomorrow... today is all done and no TA. I'm guessin tomorrow will be the big day! If it's not- ya better come and check on me (and pull me out from the gutter).

Since we kind of are thinking it will arrive tomorrow... the next big thing is- we need to get our CA! We have already booked our flight so it would be super helpful to get the CA we were hoping for! If we get it we will be able to see some pretty cool families in China which would be so awesome and just make it all that much more special! Please, oh please dear Lord!

So today I am a little cranky, tomorrow I am so hoping to share some joyous news with you!

Praying for our TA and CA! Girls- your Momma wants to come and get you NOW!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nothing Yet...

I am really struggling. It has almost been 4 weeks since our art. 5 went to CC*A. We waited 4.5 weeks for or art. 5 to even get to CC*A. I cannot lie- I am weary. Just feeling like it is never going to happen. Feeling like we won't be able to travel when we had hoped- which is now a month later than we had originally hoped to travel. I don't like posting when I am down in the dumps but it is, what it is. CC*A did say it would come last week or this week- so hopefully we will see it soon...
We have asked our agency to check on it again...

Sarah just asked me how I was doing and what's wrong- I told her I want to hear from China and go get the girls. She suggested we pray about it- that's one smart girl!

We did get new pics and measurements for the girls. The good news is- I think the clothes will fit! The bad news- their feet grew? So we went back and exchanged a couple pairs of shoes- we are all set now. I cut off the tags and it's all packed and ready to go.

I tried to post on Sunday and visit some blogs but my blogger was down so I could not post or leave any comments. It was out of action for 24 hours, glad to have it back. I am really going to miss not being able to see other blogs while in China but I guess we will be busy. Daughter Kate is desperately trying to figure out a way to see blogs and facebook. She will go through withdrawals if she can't get on facebook for 17 days!

We are so completely in love with these two precious girls waiting in China for us. We are hoping and praying to post good news soon!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Wouldn't it be fun to know of everyone that is traveling to China in June and July. I feel like I am hearing of so many families that have just gotten their TA or are waiting for it (me).

If you are traveling or you know of another family that will be traveling to China soon please leave a comment! I would like to know-
The name of their Blog!
The travel dates if they have them!

If you don't have all that info- give me what you have and I'll check it out!

I will list them here on the sidebar of my blog so we can have fun following their journey!

(BTW- please keep praying for our TA- Thank you!)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What would you do? And how do you do it?

It has been a year since we have had our daughters referrals. After reading all the information and much prayer we knew they were ours.

To be honest their condition was much different in their referral. We really didn't know what was happening with them- they didn't speak much, they couldn't be separated, they had difficulty moving their hands and basically they were in a state of shock. Since then their referral has been updated. Our daughters were reunited, they went to a foster home(together), they have attended Half the Sky Preschool and a China school. They are doing well. Thank you Jesus!

When they were found they revealed no information- no birthdate, no family info and definitely not their previous name. They were examined and a birthdate was assigned to them. Already having a child from China born in the year 2000- We really thought they were off on the estimation of Emma's birthdate. She is 20 plus lbs lighter than Sarah and 4 inches shorter. She is shy, reserved and cautious. Hubby and I immediately felt she was younger than the date given to her and decided we would change her birth year to 2001. We felt that having an extra 6 months to a year would be helpful to her and it would give everyone their own spot or birth year within our family, so to speak.

One major problem? HOW DO WE DO IT?

When do we change it? In China and when? In the USA? When and How?

We already think of Emma as 8 and going to be 9- we forgot we need to do this officially.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Any advice? Do you know of anyone that did this?

Would you change it or leave it as is?

Fwd: Trying to post through my e-mail!

I am practicing for our China trip! This is one of the things on my list to do. I am hoping that it works!

As you may have suspected a bunch of TA's came in. Ours was not one of them or maybe they just haven't come to our agency yet.

I am thrilled for our friends that have gotten TA. There should be many families traveling to China soon! Which also makes it fun for those at home- I love following the journeys to forever families!! It is so incredible to see families united!

I know ours will be coming pretty soon- but I am praying my brains out for it. I want to make sure it is not lost on someones desk! So I am asking the dear Lord to take special care of it and help it get delivered, soon.

I would be so grateful if you would pray with me!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Day Brightener!

We sent the girls 2 cakes and a few gifts hoping they would be able to celebrate with some of their friends and foster family (Ann @ Red Threads). We were so blessed to get a couple pics of them with their cakes.

I have this feeling that the girls are hesitant and scared. I can see it in their faces. The closer it gets, the more apprehensive they get. I think Ellie (younger sister on right) is smiling through it all, I think that is how she reacts to stress. Emma (older sister on left) is not sure what to make of all this, she looks quiet and reserved. Our daughters have been through so much in their short lives. So many huge changes for them- we will be their 3rd family.

I want to wrap my arms around them and never let go. I want to let them know their journey will soon be done- no more changing families. Their forever family is waiting to come and get them.

I look forward to starting the long and rather awkward process of becoming a family. I am sure they will be shocked at how we look. We are not Chinese and we are unfamiliar in every way to them. Hopefully they have looked at their photo albums and they will somewhat recognize us. Sarah did when she saw us through the picture window on gotcha day.

So many questions enter into my mind. Will this journey be easier or harder or just different. How will siblings differ from a single child adoption. Will having Sarah and Anna help the girls adjust? How will they grieve?
The questions go on and on. Soon enough, we will have our answers and believe me I will be sharing our experience with you!

Please pray that our TA arrives soon!