Friday, July 30, 2010

Last 2 Questions Answered!

Jenny asked -
The one question I would like to ask is about homeschooling as I am also homeschooling my daughter who is almost 10. We are adopting a little girl who will probably be close to 7 by the time we get her
and I've thought about the possibility of letting her go to
school for a while to help with the
language issue and maybe catch up on her reading skills. Do you have any thoughts on that?

My answer -
Keeping Sarah home for the last 19 months has been the best decision we could have made! I advocate keeping them home for more than just the academics but for bonding and attachment. Sarah was in an orphanage for 8.5 years. She had a tendency to parent shop and could superficially bond with anyone that was nice to her, or that would give her food, candy, pop, a smile, etc. She could have easily thought that her new teacher was the cat's meow and would make a good Momma for her. She needed to be stuck with me and too me for a long time. Our bond also grew through home schooling her and knowing where she was with everything- it made for good conversation and appropriate expectations. Sarah learned her English just through everyday life, homeschooling, family, activities, etc. I also felt that at school she would find the kids that did not behave and be with them, instead of the kids that would be a good influence on her. After only 18 months she was at a solid 2nd grade level through homeschooling we were very happy with her progress.

You just start with pre-k and k type activities and move forward as they learn it! We focused on language arts- alphabet, phonics, reading, comprehension and light math and didn't worry about the other subjects.

Hi Mary Kate!! She asked -
I am wondering what size clothes the girls are?
I think you have dogs, how is that transition for the girls?
How is their bedroom arrangement going...Are you glad they are in the same room? Are the Bunk beds working out?
I guess I would just LOVE updates about bonding and attachment as often as you write them...
Are you thinking of adopting again, or is it too soon...Also what age would you look at next (If you are thinking about that)!!!
I know you homeschool, but what grade level do you think the girls are at????

I answered -
We got the girls ht, wt and foot measurements and went off of those. It worked pretty well except Ellie is a little broader and may need a new size soon. All the clothes with a little stretch fit her okay. Ask for her measurements and even add in what is her waist, hips and chest- if you can. I am guessing that Sha Sha is about the same size as Sarah (not as tall though). Sarah wears a large shirt in Gap kids (I may buy her XL for the fall/ winter) and a 10 or a 12 in the bottoms. Sha Sha is strong and has muscles but she is not overweight- she looks very athletic. I don't think she would like the overly frilly clothes (but I could be wrong). We found some of the clothes we brought through- Lands end, Gap Kids, Gymboree and Hanna Andersson (size 140). Emma and Ellie are a 130 in HA, an 8 in Gymboree, an 8 in Gap and a small/8 in Lands End. Sarah is a 10/ 12 in Gymboree, 10 /12 in Gap kids, Med./ 10 in Lands End and a 140 in HA. Shoe size for Sarah(10 yrs old) is 3 or 4. Emma is a 2 (9 yrs old) and Ellie(8 yrs old) is a 1. Every child is so different and it really is a guessing game- For shoes Crocs worked great- they fit a pretty good range!!

We have 2 golden Retrievers and Katie has a multi poo. The girls screamed and laughed when they first saw them. The go with the flow with the dogs- it hasn't been a problem. Our dogs do not run the house- they are in the mudroom or outside. Sarah was afraid of them but she got used to them quickly and now it is her job to feed them everyday.

Bedroom arrangement is great!! All 4 in one room was a good choice!! Thank you bloggy friends for your help!! Bunks are fabulous and easy and don't take up too much space.- let me know if you want more info on them!! They were a great price!! around $700- $800 per set and includes the mattresses.

Yes, we are going to adopt again! Details are uncertain! There will be more to come on this topic!!

We are thinking that Sarah(10) is a 4th grader, Emma(9) is a 3rd grader and Ellie(8) is a second grader. As far as HS- we start at pre-k and k and move along as they are ready! Sarah is doing 2nd grade work now.

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Thanks for giving me the "heads up" on this post...I didn't see it!!!!
You are so wonderful with all your detail on the sizes/brands!!!!!