Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Giving Encouragement!

Thank you so much bloggy friends for your kind words- It is so encouraging to read them! They are day brighteners for me- seriously it makes me happy inside to read your nice words!

I was thinking about this the last couple days and how important it is to say nice and kind things to people. We never know what challenges others are facing but a smile or a few kind words to a stranger or friend can mean so much.

Some times when I'm driving down the road and experiencing some ones road rage I think "why?"- what has happened that has ruined their day and they want to spread the negativity. I try not to get involved but it is a challenge blocking out others horns, finger gestures or revved engine.

On Friday's our local radio station does Drive thru Difference- I love it! They encourage people to do nice things for others and then call in and tell them what someone did for you. Mostly it is buying someone's meal, or coffee but the kindness can come in many different ways. This winter during a snowstorm a woman and her 3 children were stuck at the speech therapists office. Her car broke down and was being towed away for repairs, her husband was out of town and her sister couldn't come to get her. I felt the drive thru difference challenge and thought I have the perfect vehicle for this weather and for her family to get home. God was encouraging me to do it. So we drove them home after Anna was done with speech. It just felt good!

Yesterday was a so so day. There were a few things that came up that changed the schedule and were a little burdensome. To avoid another so so day, I started praying for today- yesterday evening! I knew the Lord would hear my prayers and he did- he gave me the attitude change I needed- he is so good!! I am so thankful for him!!

I need him in my everyday- I can't imagine being on this journey without him. It is filled with twists and turns and somehow he straightens out the path! It is so incredible to share it with HIM! I feel very blessed! He helps me to see the tiny progress we make each day and to enjoy the present!

Friends, give encouragement freely- it is an easy gift to give another person. Your kind words can make a difference in someone's life- thank you for making a difference in mine. I am grateful and so appreciate it!


Sophie said...

May the Lord bless you every day with hope and a sense of His presence in all you do Jean.
This is a great post.

Susan A said...

Thank you for making me smile today :) YHWH bless you and keep you in His path :)

Shonni said...

I guess I’m fussin’, but I had a really hard day! I could give all the reasons, but I know that many mothers feel like I do...some times are just hard and tiring!!!!!
And today, I am tired and wondering how to get through the next few weeks.
Thank you for this encouragement!!!

Holly said...

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.
May the Lord refresh you as you refresh others!

K said...

Jean, Since your post is about giving encouragement, I just wanted to say that I LOVE reading your blog. I have enjoyed following your journey to your daughters. We are also in the process of adopting an older child from China, a 9 year old precious little girl. I appreciate your honesty and your inspiration. You have a beautiful family!

Holly said...

I just left you a lengthy message and it wouldn't go through! ugh!
Would you email me sometime at your convience
I would like to share something with you.
Our family code for the Hip Mom fundraiser is MCDAN10
Thank you so very much.

Sarah said...


I love this post! We have so much and so many people to be grateful for! Why not let them know? It's really so easy to encourage others.

And on that note, I sure do appreciate you, Jean! I love the way you share your heart and I love how you want to know Jesus more and more.

Blessings to you,

Lynsay said...

'Bout pee'd my pants laughing so hard. (BTW people, I didn't laugh about this post, I'm laughing about Jean's comments on MY BLOG!)

No memo, guess my peeps just aren't that talkative! :)

Love and hugs, the girls are all BEAUTIFUL!

Janet and Kevin said...

Jean - sweet post. You are an encouragement to others. I know because you have left so many wonderful words of encouragement to me on our blog. Thank you dear friend for being the amazing person you are willing to trust God with everything.

Janet and gang

Jboo said...

Bless your sweet heart! You are such an inspiration to so many others -- including this sometimes cranky mama! Hope you have a great day!